Coast Spas and Hot Tub Brand Review

Coast Spas is a company that specializes in the construction, design, and sales of spas and hot tubs that will match any lifestyle and any budget.

Traditional Coast Spas Series

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In reviewing the models that are currently available through Coast Spas, you will find that the units exhibit the highest level of skilled craftsmanship, are engineered using the highest-quality and most durable materials, and are backed by a high level of innovation which integrates all of the latest and greatest features available in spas and hot tubs. It does not matter if you are searching for a hot tub or spa that is designed for the frugal-minded, or a high-end luxury model, Coast Spas has the ability to assist you! In this Coast Spas and Hot Tub brand review, you will be introduced to the styles, features, and enhancements that Coast Spas offers on today’s market.

The Styles

When visiting the Coast Spas website, you will find that the company has made it exceptionally easy to browse their selection of spa and hot tub styles, which is absolutely immense. Outlined below, you will find each of the styles that are currently offered, as well as a brief description of each:

  • Traditional– This style represents the classical design that has been popular since the induction of the original cedar-barrel type units in the earliest days of the hot tub; however, these units are advanced in that each contains the special Hydro Cyclonic Filtration® System. Examples of the models that are available in the traditional style at Coast Spas include the “Omega”, “Zenith”, and “Mirage”.


  • Curve– This style steps outside the conventional design associated with the traditional models and provides you with a raised back feature that is exceptionally stylish.


    Not only does this feature optimize your protection from the elements, it increases the warmth of the unit – as a whole – and provides you with a higher level of privacy. A few of the models available in the curve style units at Coast Spas includes the “Journey Curve”, “Radiance Curve”, and the “Vantage Curve”.

  • Cascade– This style is unique in that every unit has a specially-patented edge that seemingly vanishes. In addition to this, these units have zero water displacement, a special design that includes a no filter grate, and they possess the absolute largest skimmer. Examples of the cascade style units included in this series include the “Edge”, “Horizon”, and “Phantom”. 
  • Media– This style combines today’s technological advancements with the highest level of hydrotherapy comfort. These specially-designed spas and hot tubs are designed to allow you to watch television while lounging in the unit. Individuals that have a passion for sports and movies will find that this style is absolutely suited for them! Examples of the models available in the media style hot tubs and spas offered at Coast Spas include the “Unity”, the “Pacific”, and the “Mirage Media”.

  • Soundwaves®– This particular style at Coast Spas comes with a built-in, technologically advanced Bluetooth Stereo Unit. Not only will you be able to listen to your favorite tunes, but there is a mounted microphone that is waterproof that will allow you to make hands-free calls while lounging in your spa. You are sure to enjoy the sound and quality from the vertically mounted speakers that are part of the unit. The model that is currently available at Coast Spas is the “Lanai”. 

  • MicroSilk®– If you are searching for a spa that will help you look and feel your absolute best, this is the style for you! This uses a special and completely revolutionary skin treatment feature that encourages oxygen to stimulate the production of collagen within your skin. The models that are part of this style include the “Omega”, “Vantage”, and “Zenith”. 

    Zenith MicroSilk®

Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System

Coast Spas offers a unique feature on each of its hot tubs and spas. That is, the specially-designed Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System. This is a special, commercial-grade filtration system that is pressurized that will keep your hot tub exceptionally clean, at all times. It includes a comprehensive filter canister that includes an oversized skimmer. Once the filter captures the dirt and debris that has circulated from the unit, those contaminants will not re-enter the unit.

Furthermore, because of the 175 square foot media filtration, the system is highly efficient and will not place any amount of strain on the components of the spa that you own. Furthermore, you will find that this unit produces a superior level of water flow.

What Customers Are Saying

In reviewing the Coast Spas and Hot Tubs brand, you will find that the individuals that have ordered their products from the company are exceptionally pleased. The following highlights many of the reviews offered by customers:

  • “Allow me to say this was one of the best investments I have ever made. I always brag to my family and friends of the total relaxing feeling by being in the tub….I always recommend the “Coast Spa” to anyone interested….” –Mike
  • “We’ve had our hot tub for a little more than a year now and we use more than we expected we would….It is worth every penny we spent.” –Judi
  • “It has been almost one year now since we purchased our hot tub and we absolutely love it and we wanted to thank you again!!! Our entire shopping experience with your store was very enjoyable as everyone there was friendly, relaxed, and professional.” –Betty
  • “I wanted to tell you we are very happy with our new tub and the service from Coast Spas.” – Skinner

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As you can see from the information contained in this comprehensive review, Coast Spas has a large variety of high-quality styles and models to choose from in their store. Furthermore, each system includes a comprehensive filtration system that is designed to keep your unit sparking clean, sanitized, and safe for extended use. Individuals that have purchased these units find that they are an exceptional value. When it comes to the best in hydrotherapy, high levels of entertainment, and lavish relaxation, Coast Spas has the perfect product for you and your needs. By choosing Coast Spas today, you are sure to enjoy quality, comfort, and relaxation for many tomorrows!

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