Cleaners & Chemicals: Zodiac Baracuda W70328 G3 Automatic Pool Cleaner Foot Flange

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Zodiac Baracuda W70328 G3 Automatic Pool Cleaner Foot Flange

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Mine cracked and replaced it with this. The hardest part was pulling out the new one. Basically make a C out of you hand and use your thumb to push on the release and fingers in the hole, as you push your thumb in rotate your fingers up and towards the relase. There are some Youtube videos on it as well
The old part was still in serviceable condition but had a couple of worn spots and a small crack in the middle of the part. It still worked OK, but I figured that a replacement was in order. The new part was delivered in a couple of days, and was a breeze to install (after seeing a YouTube video on getting the old part out). Genuine part as shown by the molded part number on it. The new foot pad fit like a glove, and re-installing in the Zodiac was literally a 'snap. Back in tho pool and working perfectly.I strongly believe that you can't go wrong with ONE replacement parts.
I , like many of the other reviewers, have been rebuilding my Zodiac part by part and this is the only one that has given me an issue.The part arrived promptly and looked pretty much like the original. I did notice that the circular plastic area was paper thin and also that the forward latch seemed to be a bit shorter than on the OEM. However, it went together easily. Into the pool and voila, it worked, It worked for several days until I noticed that this piece, the foot and the pad were in one part of the pool and the Zodiac was in another part. Okay, take it and reassemble. While holding the Zodiac in my hands, this again fell off. Reassemble and jiggle a bit and the foot falls off.On inspection I see that the plastic ring has cracked....well, I should say tore since it's so thin. This might allow the part to move backward enough that the forward retainer slips out of the body. It appears to me that the two problems stated above cause enough slop that they allow the whole assembly to move enough so that the foot falls off the body. I should state that the two body halves are new so it can't be any where there. I'll try one more time now that the pool has been remodeled and filled but suspect that I'll have to buy another part elsewhere.
fast service. perfect fit. put the little pool monster back in service very quickly. A little hot water softens up the fixture that this piece fits into and the old one comes out - new one slips in. Back in service.
I've nearly completely rebuilt our G3 from parts. This was one of the last pieces to go. Happy to say the thing is working as good as new. Funny - you can build one of these things from parts cheaper than buying one new.
Good price on a quality product
Perfect part

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