Cleaners & Chemicals: Taylor Replacement Reagent R-0870-J DPD Powder .25-Pound

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DPD Powder for use with Taylor DPD test kits.

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We have a inground pool and a hot tub that we sanitizewith liquid chlorine so we are testing free chlorine every day. In the winter, we test the hot tub, summer we test both the pool and hot tub so we go though a lot of DPD powder. I transfer powered to a smaller vessel to avoid getting moisture in the larger bottle. As the small container runs out, we add more, very simple, works great and saves you a ton of money!
There is no better chemical for testing pool free chlorine and combined chloramines outside of a laboratory than this, FAS-DPD powder when combined with the correct liquid reagents.
Product works as expected. No issues. Loving the big bottle. Even if it’s half full.
This along with the R-0871-E are the two reagents I use most from my Taylor pool kit. The results agree with the readings obtained by my local pool store. Nice to have a larger container like this one on hand.
Just what I needed.
When I finally received the .25 lb version instead of the 10g version that Amazon sent me the first time, I was quite happy with it. The grains of the chemical are smaller and dissolve better than the 10g version. There isn't much else to say about it. It works. It's far cheaper to buy in bulk. Store it with the lid tight and in a dark place.
If you use a lot of this stuff like I do it makes since to buy this bigger bottle, The small bottle costs $12, I can get 11 of these smaller bottles out of this one big bottle...Do the math it is a really big savings.

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