Cleaners & Chemicals: SeaKlear 90207 Halo Source 1040105 Commercial Strength Phosphate Remover Quart Bottle Spa Accessories

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Our most powerful phosphate removal treatment. This best-in-class SeaKlear Phosphate Remover - Commercial Strength removes 9,000 ppb (parts per billion) pH in a single dose, in 10,000 gallons making it the optimal solution for commercial pools, service professionals, and to combat extreme phosphate problems. Directions for Use: Be sure your filter system is clean or backwashed before adding SeaKlear Phosphate Remover - Commercial. Calculate the amount of product required using the dosage guide, located on the product label. Pour SeaKlear Phosphate Remover - Commercial into the deep end of the pool, spreading it over as wide an area as possible. 32 oz. removes 9,000ppb per 10,000 gallons. Follow up with SeaKlear Natural Clarifier, at a rate of 4 oz. per 10,000 gallons. Run your filter system for 24 hours. Check your phosphate levels to ensure they are below 125 ppb. Reapply if necessary.

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We have to use this every year when adding water or even topping off our above ground pool because our city water has the max phosphates- I have a phosphate test kit (same kind the pool stores use) and was having a major problem keeping the chlorine level up in the pool before someone finally suggested testing for phosphates- we tested our pool and our city water both tests were off the charts. My water was clear but not holding chlorine. This stuff works like a champ- Yes it does cloud up your water but depending on how much you add that will in most cases determine how long- 24 hours if you have a minimal amount of phosphates- but if you are adding alot of water- or opening your pool it will take 48 hours- and depending on how much water you may need another dose- Best product ever!! and invest in the phosphate test kit. It will save you alot of money on shock as well- Pool companies normally don't treat for phosphates unless you ask or have run the gamut of fixing the problem with holding chlorine, or getting rid of algae.
This review is for the SeaKlear 90207 Halo Source 1040105 Commercial Strength Phosphate Remover Quart Bottle Spa AccessoriesSeems to be a lot more powerful than the Phosfree I have been using for the last three years.The Seaklear will cloud your water but I find it clears up pretty fast.If you want the clouds to disappear faster just use some blue clarifier and its gone.
This product is excellent. I tried so many others that did not meet the results I was expecting. The review of other customers is what made me try it....And I am so glad I did. I have 27,000 gallons of water in my pool. The phosphates were at 2,700. I added half the bottle and it went down to 900. I just added another 8 ounces yesterday and that should do it. I recommend this product and I know now what to get if I need that again.
20000 gallons pool, has been trying to get phosphate level to drop for months without success, tried the other brand from Leslie Pool and also clean the filters multiple times. Gave this SeaKlear a try and even after a week of heavy rain, the phosphate is at 0 ppm. Deducted 1 star due to the bottle receive is not the commercial grade as advertised on Amazon.
Best stuff every to remove phosphate from your pool. Algae required phosphate to grow. Removing the phosphate was the only way we could beat our algae problem. We have a lot of trees around our property. The leaves fall in the pool, decompose, and release phosphate. This product was the only effective phosphate remover that we found. Great stuff!
This works really well at removing phosphates from my pool. Seems like I need to use less of this product than competitors product to get good results.
This stuff really does work to clear out the phosphates. It was recommended by our pool store.

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