Cleaners & Chemicals: Poolvergnuegen 896584000-143 2-Pack Blue Front Tire Kit with Super Hump Replacement for Select Pool Cleaners – concrete pool

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This front tire kit replacement with super humps is designed for pool cleaners 2X,4X and Pressure. Used in pools with abnormally high main drains. It is used on the front tires to stop the cleaner from hanging up. Includes 2 tires per pack. Available in blue color.

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They were easy to put on, and keep our cleaner from getting up to the surface and drawing in air and making a huge noise. The funny thing is, our cleaner did not come with these originally. We've had it for years, and a guy we had over to fix some other stuff on the pool seemed aghast that we had let the tires wear down so far that the pool cleaner was getting to the surface. We said it has always done that, since the day we got it. The whole family calls it the pool monster. We didn't know any better.Anyhow, we ordered these, and only wish someone had told us about them years ago.
fast shipping. I started replacing worn out parts only to have the main body/chassis of "the Pool cleaner" break apart. too many years in the pool with chlorine and sun and it became brittle. might make more sense to replace pool sweeper with a new one which I will be doing, it will be cheaper.
My Pool Cleaner has run its wheels bald and I didn't realize until I tried to understand why it wasn't moving. New wheels and it flies like new even though 7 years old. Does a good job again.
If it wasn't so hard to get on I'd rate it a 5, easily, as the Poolvergnugen now runs like new. maybe a soak in hot water would help. Be especially careful with older cleaners as the frame or wheel hub can crack if you bend the wheel too much. I fixed mine easily with a little epoxy for plastic and some cotton fibers from a qtip, usead as an applicator, to hold it together.
I got really annoyed by the LOUD sucking sound this cleaner made as it climbed the walls and above the water line. and googled for a remedy and explanation. It seemed related to the revs per minute being out of spec and I reasoned that the worn tires with smaller radius had a higher RPM. So I replaced the tires with this. Success ! Haven't heard a peep out the cleaner since. Very easy to take off the old ones and put these new ones on. There's a youtube out there for that. Bit pricey but I'll pay that for peace and quiet.
couldn't be easier to replace just wish they lasted a little longer I had to replace them after one year
They fit. They work.

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