Cleaners & Chemicals: Polaris Pool Cleaner 3900 Automatic Swimming Sport Tune Up Rebuild Kit R0543200

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This Polaris 3900 Sport rebuild kit significantly improves the mechanical drivetrain inside the unit. The design improvements provide a much more reliable cleaner. This kit improves the drivetrain of the 3900 Sport cleaner. Many of the components have been redesigned to give improved ruggedness and durability over older 3900 Sport models. This rebuild kit includes: Part Number Description Qty. 39-006 Vac Tube Feed pipe (improved design) 1 48-141 O-Ring Feed Hose Connector 1 C40 Screw 10-32 x 3/8″ 10 39-126 Chain 1 39-420 Wheel Sprocket with Bearing 2 39-120 Chain Tensioner (improved design) 1 39-430 Rear Axle Block 1 39-440 Front Axle Block 1 39-200 Gear Box Assembly (improved design) 1 39-004 Bottom Housing (improved design) 1 39-401 Single Side Wheel (improved design) 1 48-045 Screw, 10-32 x 7/8″ SS Pan Head w/Star Washer 4 R0537800 Chain Guard (new to 2012) 1 39-602 Wheel Spacer 2 39-311 Bumper 1 48-036 Wheel Lock Screw 1

User reviews

Easy to install, and way less expensive than replacement. Comes with detailed instructions and basically this one piece replaces all the internal workings of the Polaris 3900. It was amazingly easy to follow the instructions and install. Once complete, and in the pool was like we had a brand new Polaris. Very pleased with this purchase, saved us $600-$700.
This works great! They ship the updated model so it has improvements built in so that the chain doesn't fall off like it did on the original model. VERY NICE UPDATE! This completely refurbishes your Polaris 3900 and it runs like new. All we had to add was the little tail scrubbers and a new bag and our sweeper worked better than it did out of the box. We kept having to take ours apart and put the belt back on it in the old model.
My local pool store said our Polaris was worn out and needed to be replaced - $700-$800, NO THANKS. I bought this and it replaces the entire mechanical section. Works great.
Was having trouble with our Polaris 3900 all season and after reading the reviews I decided to purchase and see how well it preformed. Not difficult at all to swap out the parts between my original cleaner and this such as the tires, bag, etc. Cleaner worked like a new one after doing this and saved a lot of money over buying another new Polaris 3900 Sport for between $700 and $800.
Our pool bot is like new. Before installing this it was lethargic and never made it to the shallow end. Now, voila super bot. A must buy for those with a slow pool bot.
Built much better than the original and runs great. Great price for what you are purchasing. Instructions were very detailed and easy to follow. The way it was shipped was unacceptable. The item was just placed in a box with some very thin bubble wrap just laid under it. Box came with several holes in it where the item was knocked around. Would recommend the item to other people. Hope the packaging issue is fixed on future purchases.
This cleaner is working super. Afraid of needing a new pool cleaner, I am happily surprised of this tune up rebuild kit. So far so good

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