Cleaners & Chemicals: Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect Plus Phos-Free – 2 x 3 Liter

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Use this combination of two highly effective products for all-natural, powerful algae prevention. This unique formula combines the proven enzymes of Pool Perfect and the phosphate eliminating power of PHOSfree for a clean and clear pool all season long. Pool Perfect works to break down oils and non-living organic material while PHOSfree removes any phosphates that enter the pool water in between treatments for perfect, problem-free water! Keep your pool clean and clear all season long with one safe, easy to use product. Weekly Dosage: 1 capful (4 ounces) per 8,000 gallons of pool water. Phosphates must be lower than 100ppb before using Pool Perfect Plus PhosFree as part of weekly maintenance. Includes (2) 3 liter bottles.

User reviews

Would've given it 5 stars but both bottles' seals were broken making me think someone tampered with them somewhere along the line. I'm hoping the chemistry didn't get fouled in the process.
couldn't live without this product. If you use it weekly it will eliminate the algae in the pool and drastically changes the amount of time you'll spend on maintenance
Great product for warm areas like here in Arizona...cannot beat it for algae prevention AND that crusty white crud that accumulates at the water line. Also seems to keep my chlorine generator cell cleaner. You can find this product locally, but it's about 25% more expensive. It's cheaper for me to purchase it via Amazon and have it shipped.
I use this every week in my pool, along with chlorine of course, and my pool stays sparkling clear all season.
this is the only staff i used for my pool for the last 3 years so far i haven't got any problems ,very satisfied
Been buying this product for years and I swear by it! Not only is the product the best but the price is great!
Works as advertised. I will continue to use this product!!

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