Cleaners & Chemicals: Natural Chemistry 3121 Pool Perfect Concentrate Pool Water Cleaner, 3-Liter

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Natural Chemistry's Pool Perfect gives water a silky feel while removing organic material that can cause water to look cloudy. Pool Perfect reduces the demand on sanitizers and chemicals, reduces unpleasant chemical odors and also reduces scum line and surface oils. Saving you time and money.

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Amazing product, accident caused a small spill of mineral oil into the pool, this product managed to isolate and eliminate the oil. Not sure if it would handle a larger volume of oil or something like motor oil, but it did a great job for me, water was perfect after use.
I first started using this product five years ago and was so satisfied with the results that I have continued to purchase it as my regular product for keeping my family's pool water clear. I use this weekly in a 33,000 gallon pool and Pool Perfect does a great job of keeping the pool water clean and clear.
This is NOT a product designed to remove stains, it doesn't state that it will and that's not what it's intended use is for. What it does is break down inorganic materials that get into your pools from suntan lotions, hair sprays, various petroleum based skin products..etc that chlorine doesn't have any effect on. The enzymes in the product attach to the inorganic molecules and break them down into a compound that is biodegradable rather than collect in your filter and become an awful gunk that you can never remove.If you have a cartridge type filter or even a DE filter, one thing the pros use this product for is to soak the grids in when you clean them to cause the oils to release the sediment. If you have a large trash can, drop your grids in it, add about half of one of these bottles of Pool Perfect and the rest water and let it soak. The longer the better, then rinse off as normal.If you have sand filters and you ever pull the tops off and reach into them to find the sand either full of gunk or the sand is all caked up, regular use of this product will help keep that from happening.It's a great product if you know what it's designed for.
Love this stuff for my pool. I use it weekly and it maintains the pool better then anything I've tried. Very hard to find, most places run out quickly.
Been using for years, makes the pool water feel like silk. If you swim in someone else’s pool who does not use pool perfect you’ll certainly feel the difference.
We have been useing pool perfect for quite some time and are very happy with the results. Onlly three capfulls every other week in a 18 x 36 inground helps keep the place looking and feeling good. Priced better here than local pool stores.
Use this in our swimming pool as recommended by our local pool company. Our pool stayed in great shape all summer!

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