Cleaners & Chemicals: Leisure Time E5 Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules, 5-Pound

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Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules. Specifically formulated for spas, this concentrated granular chlorine effectively sanitizes and disinfects hot water.

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I prefer to use dichlor in my hot tub. The leisure time granules dissolve fast and seem to be very stable and predictable. I keep my tub covered when not in use, so stabilizer can build up over time, but I find that it's less so with this brand over the others that my local hit tub dealer was pushing me. And this is probably one of the least expensive ways to buy it. 5lbs should last me over a year.
I'm buying my second bottle of this right now. It works perfectly to keep our tub ready at all times. We uses our tub daily, family of five. Every time we get out we put a few teaspoons of this in and cover the tub. We use one of those blue bubble wrap floating covers and a super thick 6" spa lid. Every day when we get in, it's a perfect spa with just the right amount of that chlorine smell that tells me it's clean. I love that smell. Before we used this it would always kinda smell like moss or a tinge of "froggie" smell.
The only choice for your spa or hot tub. This doesn't contain the chlorine stabilizer that is not needed in hot tubs. I've tried competitors brands and ended up with to much stabilizer after only a couple of months. I use less than a tablespoon per day so that's a lot of stabilizer build up in the competitors brands.
The best hot tub / spa chlorine EVER! I am completely satisfied. Great price; prompt delivery, as stated. Will purchase here again as needed.
We have purchased this from this seller in the past. Its a good product for our hot tub & a good value. I would recommend this product.
This stuff just works! And buying the 5lb two-pack is WAY cheaper than buying the smaller bottles over time at my local spa dealer. #savings!
Very happy with the product for my spa. Great customer service and shipped with no issues. I will continue to buy

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