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Are the inflatable hot tubs any good

Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Any Good?

Just imagine finishing work and jumping into a hot tub in your backyard…the water bubbling around you

inflatable hot tub

Top Plug And Play Hot Tubs For Your Patio

Put me in a hot tub and I am a very happy girl – Ashley Roberts Life can be a whirlwind. Caught up in the frenzy of work and endless social commitments, sometimes it seems like we’ll never be able to find a spare moment for ourselves. Even if we do manage to stumble across…

Does a Hot Tub Increase Home Value

Does a Hot Tub Increase Home Value?

Sometimes a hot tub won’t make much of a difference to your home value, and other times it can really enhance it.

Are hot tubs expensive to run

Are Hot Tubs Expensive To Run?

One of the key things to consider when purchasing a hot tub is how cost-effective it is to run.  Hot tubs can be an expensive investment, and on top of the initial purchase, you also need to consider the cost of running the hot tub and maintaining it.  In order to avoid any expensive surprises…

Are there saltwater hot tubs

Best 2 Person Interior Jetted Hot Tubs

Daily stress relief can be available anytime of the day 24/7.  However finding the best indoor hot tub can be a challenge because of so many choices and options available on the market.

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Work in Winter?

Picture this, it’s freezing cold outside but a warm cozy soak is all that you can think about. What could be better than sitting in a hot tub sipping champagne, surrounded by freshly fallen snow? Inflatable hot tubs are a great way to achieve this life goal. There are many that can be used with…

How Often Should You Drain and Refill Your Hot Tub?

If you don’t own a hot tub, you might not be aware that you have to clean them regularly. It is a common misconception that, just like swimming pools, all you need to do is add a ton of chlorine to it and the water will clean itself. But this simply isn’t the case. While…

Best Hot Tub for Arthritis

What is the Best Hot Tub for Arthritis?

Climbing into a warm hot tub is a great way to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. But for those suffering from arthritis, it becomes more beneficial still. First off, it can reduce your pain – and that’s significant enough alone. It can also help you to reduce the stiffness of…

How To Build Hot Tub Stairs

What is The Best Way to Build Hot Tub Stairs?

First-time hot tub buyers often get a bit carried away. They buy the spa itself, the chemicals, the cover. They get it all set up and are about to hop in when they realize… No stairs. Damn.  Most above ground hot tubs need stairs. Unless you have Stretch Armstrong legs, you will not be able…

What Is The Best Hot Tub Handrail?

Hot tubs can be therapeutic in many ways, however, many users can experience challenges when it comes to getting in and out of the tub. This is where a handrail comes in handy and finding the right option can ensure that all users remain safe while preventing any accidents. When selecting the right hot tub…

What Is The Best Hot Tub Leak Sealer?

There is nothing quite like relaxing in a hot tub at the end of the day, is there?  Letting the hot water, jets, and maybe a cheeky glass of wine melt your troubles away is bliss. But have you ever noticed the water level dropping? Or perhaps some water on the floor next to your…

What's the difference between a hot tub and a jacuzzi

What’s the Difference Between a Hot Tub and a Jacuzzi?

The words hot tub and jacuzzi are often used interchangeably. Given this, many people assume that they are both names for the same thing. But is this the case? Are hot tubs and jacuzzis the same?  The answer to this question is a little more complicated than what it may first seem. While they technically…

What can I put under my inflatable hot tub?

What Can I Put Under my Inflatable Hot Tub?

Inflatable hot tubs are a great invention, aren’t they?  They are usually cheaper than other hot tubs, can be deflated if necessary, and offer flexibility about where they can be placed in a garden.  However, knowing what to place under them can be tricky. We don’t want anything that could damage our hot tub, but…