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Can You Use a Hot Tub Without Heat?

Hot Tubs can be great in the summer too! Here are the best ways to get it to the right temp.

How Long To Wait After Adding Chlorine To Hot Tub?

Are you thinking about adding chlorine to your tub tub? Here are some things to consider before you do.

Why Does The Chlorine In My Hot Tub Disappear?

Chlorine disappearing in your hot tub? We have the reason why and how you can control this issue.

Should A Hot Tub Be Left On At All Times?

Is it cost effective to run a hot tub all the time. We have some advice for you here.

How Long Does It Take To Fill A Hot Tub?

Did you ever wonder how long it takes to fill a hot tub? Get the answer here plus tips on how to do it properly.

What Base Is Best For Underneath A Hot Tub?

Installing a hot tub? We have a guide for the best base for underneath your hot tub.

How Long Does It Take to Heat a Hot Tub

How Long Does It Take to Heat a Hot Tub?

Well, the length of time it takes to heat the hot tub might surprise you, so you’ve come to the right place

Jetted Backyard Hot Tub

A Beginner’s Guide For A Jetted Backyard Hot Tub

Do you have an affinity for water? Perhaps you love swimming pools, deep bathtubs, and the feeling of bubbling jets on your skin. If so, you may be thinking about purchasing your very first hot tub. Acquiring a hot tub can be a big decision, but it shouldn’t be a painful one. Here are some…

bath bombs

Can I Use Bath Bombs in a Hot Tub?

Each person’s dream bath set-up will be unique to their own tastes, but there’s something special about the specific type of relaxation you experience when using bath bombs. They add a luxurious, spa-like feel to your bath and can bring swirling colors to the fizzing water. Many are engineered to produce specific scents that promote…

Can You Put Epsom Salts In a Hot Tub?

There are many health benefits of Epsom salt and there are also great benefits to soaking in a hot tub. When you think about it, a hot tub is essentially a big bathtub and Epsom salt go in the bath so it’s natural to consider…can you put Epsom salt in a hot tub? As with…

Can You Use a Hot Tub in the Summer?

Hot Tubs can be used all year around. Here are some things to consider during summer usage.

What Should I Do If My Hot Tub Is Leaking?

Hot Tub leaking? Find out how to find and fix a leak quickly!


What Is The Best Way to Get Rid of Hot Tub Bacteria?

Bacteria can be found in any body of water that just sits. Read how to eliminate these types of bacteria…

How Often Should You Change An Inflatable Hot Tub Filter?

So you have recently acquired a hot tub or are going to become the happy proprietor of one? Congrats! However, you should know what a hot tub filter is, how you should clean it, and when it should be serviced. Irrespective of how much time you spend in your inflatable hot tub,  you need to…


Can You Get Rid of Hot Tub Foam Naturally?

Bubbles are entirely natural, but foaming is not. Although a bubble bath in a conventional tub is enjoyable, the accumulation of foam is an issue in a hot tub.  Several firms have professional de-foaming chemicals that may be mixed with the water. However, if you choose a more organic and cost-effective approach, there are a…