Can You Use Bath Salts in a Jacuzzi Hot Tub?

  • By: Adam
  • Date: July 1, 2022

 A jacuzzi tub is possibly one of the most relaxing ways to take a bath.

The merging of a traditional, calming bath with the luxuriously stimulating jacuzzi features makes for a truly decadent experience.

As relaxing as this is, we humans are always wanting more, right? For this reason, lots of people will already be thinking of ways they can make their jacuzzi tub experience an even more relaxing and luxurious one.

You may well have visions of glasses of champagne, chocolate, and facemasks whilst in the tub. You may well have thought about products that you may be able to use to improve your experience even more. 

You know, just like we would add certain bath oils and bubbles to our generic baths to make it more relaxing? You may well be wondering if you can do the same for your jacuzzi tub. 

What are bath salts?

One of the most popular products that people try to add to their jacuzzi tub is that of bath salts. Bath salts are undoubtedly a very relaxing addition to any bath.

bath bombs

They can come in all sorts of scents, suitable for lots of ailments such as backaches, headaches, stress relief, relaxation, and positive thoughts, depending on the ingredients used in them.

Salts themselves are known for their many benefits on our bodies, such as softening the skin, exfoliating, and improving the texture and appearance of your skin.

It is no surprise then, that many people ask us if bath salts are suitable to be added to their jacuzzi tub. 

Are both salts suitable for a jacuzzi tub?

Whilst this is a popular request, and certainly, we can see the appeal of adding bath salts to your jacuzzi tub, the answer to this is: it depends.

In most cases, we generally have to advise against using bath salts in a jacuzzi tub. 

Yes, you read that correctly. We do not advise the use of bath salts in your jacuzzi tub. In general, commercial bath salts often have other ingredients added into them, rather than being purely made from salt.

The more relaxing of the commercial bath salts that are marketed towards buyers tend to be the salts that are scented with various essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, and more.

Whilst these essential oils and their properties are certainly beneficial to us, they are actually the exact opposite for our jacuzzi tubs. 

Why might bath salts be bad for your jacuzzi tub?

To understand why we generally advise against the use of commercial bath salts in your tub, we first need to understand that some bath salts contain ingredients such as oils, emollients, and substances to make them foam. This can be harmful to your jacuzzi tub. 

Jacuzzi tub manufacturers will often have different advice on this, depending on what manufacturer you buy from, and even depending on what model you buy.

One thing that all of the manufacturers tend to agree on is that you should not use oils and foamy ingredients in your jacuzzi bath. This is because they can have a harmful effect on the jets used to turn the jacuzzi tub into…well…a jacuzzi. 

Oils, soap, bubbles, emollients, and many other substances that are good for our skin can get built up in the jets of your jacuzzi tub, causing lots of grime, grease, and dirt. This can, over time, cause your pipes to stop working resulting in damage that will need a professional to repair. 

Bubbles in your jacuzzi tub, although inviting, should be avoided. Jacuzzi tubs get bubbly without the need for a foaming bath soak or bubble bath because of the sheer speed and power of the jets.

Imagine how bubbly the water would become with even just a drop of foaming substance!

Whilst the bubbles may not cause damage in the same way as oil, they can create lots of mess and risk getting your bathroom covered in water too. 

Because of the additional ingredients that are put into most commercial bath salts that cause bubbles or add oil, it is best to avoid them.

That being said, it does not mean that all bath salts should be avoided. 

What are the exceptions?

Some manufacturers state that actually, some bath salts are fine to use. However, there is not much choice when it comes to finding suitable salts.

The salt that is most often recommended is Epsom salts. It is important that you choose plain Epsom Salts which is just pure salt with no added ingredients such as oils and foaming agents.

Add them in a small amount to gain the skin and body benefits and to ensure the salt cannot build up in the pipes.

Dead Sea salts are also beneficial. Both Epsom and Dead Sea Salts, as long as they are bought specifically without fragrance and added essential oils, will be able to dissolve easily, not leaving behind an oily residue that will cause a gummy build up in your jacuzzi tub jets. 

Not only will these salts be beneficial for you, but your jacuzzi tub will also thank you (not literally, of course….).

They can help with muscle pains, body aches, and can even be helpful in the reduction of inflammation. They also have softening and naturally exfoliating properties for the skin. 

If you are using these plain salts, it is important that you clean the tub and the jets well after each use. Follow your specific owner’s manual which will tell you how best to clean your jacuzzi tub model.

This will extend the life of your tub and ensure any salt that did get in your jets is washed away before it can build up, harden, and cause damage. 

Final word

To conclude, we want to draw attention to the fact that commercial bath salts that claim to be relaxing with added bubbles and oils should be avoided at all costs for use in your jacuzzi tub.

However, you use small amounts of natural, pure salts such as Epsom Salts and Dead Sea Salts, ensuring you check carefully that they contain no added oils.