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Can Hot Tubs Be Used With Cold Water?




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Despite being titled the name of a ‘hot’ tub, they can be used with cold water if you would prefer more of a cooling effect.

Particularly in the warm weather, some may find the heat of a hot tub to be a little overwhelming. 

While some may find it a little pointless to invest in a hot tub and then use it with cold water, others may find it preferable to have the option available to them.

If you live in a location where the climate isn’t very warm, then of course you are likely to invest in a hot tub to serve the purpose of warming you up on those cold afternoons and evenings. 

However, for those that are frequently subject to unbearably hot weather, a hot tub filled with cool water is going to be desirable in helping you to cool down to a comfortable temperature. 

A hot tub that performs well as a cool tub allows you to enjoy the same level of comfort and relaxation minus the warm temperature. 

Here’s what you need to know

What is the lowest temperature that my hot tub can reach?

A hot tub can drop below 100 degrees in temperature with some dropping as low as 40 degrees. A temperature of around 28 degrees is preferable as this resembles the average temperature of a swimming pool.

Allowing your hot tub to reach this temperature will create a cool environment but one that remains to be pleasant and bearable without being too cold. 

When you drop the temperature of your hot tub you are essentially turning the heat off so that it is only possible for cooler water to remain. 

The Cool Settings

Many hot tubs, particularly the more modern options on the market, are now designed with cool settings as well as hot settings.

This essentially allows you to control and maintain a temperature that is below 100 degrees. 

How this works is largely dependent on the settings that your hot tub is equipped with.

Once these settings are activated, some hot tubs will simply stop heating the water allowing it to reach your desired cooler temperature.

Others may be designed with cooling systems that function by lowering the temperature inside the hot tub. 

How can I cool down my hot tub?

If you would prefer a cooler hot tub, there are many steps that you can take yourself to achieve a cooler temperature.

One of the more obvious steps is to remove the cover of your hot tub as this is intended to contain the warm temperatures inside the tub.

Slightly pull back the cover as this will allow the heat to escape but will also ensure that your hot tub isn’t fully exposed to the outdoor environment.

When the hot tub has reached your desired temperature, you may then choose to recover it to prevent it from losing any more heat and getting too cold.

If your hot tub is located in an area that is subject to constant heat then, of course, this is going to make it much warmer and as a result, the hot tub is going to take much longer to cool down to your chosen temperature.

If you are likely to use a cool temperature tub more, it may be worth changing the location of your hot tub by instead placing it in an area of your outdoor space that is less subject to frequent heat and sun. 

This way it will reach a cooler temperature quicker. It is also worth allowing the jets of your hot tub to run beforehand. This will speed up the cooling process by encouraging the frequent circulation of the water.

If the water inside the tub is being moved around more often then of course it is likely to lose its heat as a result and this is going to make it cooler.

A functioning heater is intended to make the water warmer so it is necessary to turn the heater settings off beforehand.

This is going to come in particularly handy for those that have older hot tubs that aren’t designed with any sort of cooling setting.

You may also choose to add ice to your hot tub, and while this is a method that isn’t going to appeal to all hot tub owners, it does offer a quick solution to achieving a cooler temperature. 

Are there any benefits of a cold water hot tub?

Although it may not be the preferred way of relaxing for some, cold water bathing can have many benefits for your health.

Increased awareness, improved blood circulation, and faster muscle recovery are just a few health benefits associated with bathing in a cool water hot tub. 

It is also believed that bathing in cool/cold water can help to relieve stress and can deliver many skin benefits too. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, a hot tub can be used with cold water although this is going to be largely based upon personal preference.

While this may be an appealing way to relax for many, others may prefer to relax in a hot tub with a warmer temperature.

As mentioned, one of the main reasons that individuals opt for a cool water hot tub is due to the warm temperature of their location.

A hot tub provides a way of enjoying these temperatures while also being able to keep cool.

Others may choose to relax in a cool hot tub because of the suggested health benefits that are associated with it.

It is necessary to remember that your hot tub isn’t going to go from hot to cold within the click of the finger and so you will need to allow it time to reach your desired temperature.

Implementing the steps and methods mentioned above will help in cooling the temperature of your hot tub at a faster pace, after all, it isn’t going to get any cooler if it is located in sunlight with a cover on and the heater functioning.


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