Caldera Spas Consumer Review

Caldera Spas is a company that, in their own words, sets out to “create the best hot tubs, the most comfortable, energy efficient and high performance spas on the market.” If Caldera has been able to get close to their goals then a Spa from this company could be well worth your money. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

What Makes a Spa?

Incorporating therapeutic benefits, a spa can provide a relaxing and luxurious retreat at your own home.

Modern consumers demand more than just a place in which to soak in hot water. Comfort is key, and this can be achieved with purpose designed molding and massaging jets. Styling is also a concern as modern tubs should feel a fully integrated part of the home. Finally, energy efficiency is a huge concern both for reducing running costs and protecting ecosystems. How does Caldera shape up?


Caldera’s Difference

Caldera offers a range of tubs from an affordable 2 person Aventine Spa in the Vacanza series, up to a luxury 8 person Cantabria model in the Utopia series. In total there are 13 models to choose from, divided into three price ranges. This allows consumers to choose an affordable spa that offers innovative construction and therapeutic benefits.


Caldera Spas Utopia Hot Tub


The therapeutic properties are not achieved with just the hot water itself, but with specially designed massaging jets built in to the hot tub. Take the Calera Spas’ Tarino model. This spa incorporates 23 jets in total, 2 of which are Adaptassage Jets. These jets provide a continuous rotating flow of water to provide a stress relieving massage. Coupled with 17 standard jets and 4 with adaptable flow, the Tarino offers fairly good coverage for a 5 person spa.


Energy efficiency in a hot tub comes down to thermal insulation and how well a spa can retain heat. Caldera has their own insulation technology called Fibercor. This insulation is made by densely compacting foam to 4x the level of urethane. Caldera claims this increases energy efficiency and reduces heat loss. They match this technology with Vinyl cladding that produces a tightly sealed enclosure. These points should benefit users in cold environments where maintaining temperature could be costly.


Caldera Spas Save Energy Save Money


Caldera provides contemporary styling with their technological and therapeutic benefits, and the vinyl cladding emulates a traditional wood finish, without the risk of rot. Ergonomic molding makes the spas comfortable and eye catching. Incorporated in select models are options for digital control panels, MP3 integration, and customizable lighting systems to adjust nighttime ambiance.

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