Best Way to End Your Rental Agreement and Clean The Property Correctly

Best Way to End Your Rental Agreement and Clean The Property Correctly

This post will help guide you as to the best way to end your rental agreement.  Change is one of life’s greatest certainties and is also quite unavoidable.

The greatest way that we can handle change is to pave a path through the jungle of uncertainty and ease this journey of transition. This article will help with the questions that arise when you are in the process of ending your rental agreement and the next steps thereafter.

Let’s begin our journey now with this quick step by step guide of ending your rental agreement.  Because most folks who have had this experience can attest to its many challenges.

End Your Rental Agreement On A Positive Note

So, you have decided to move?  Whether it’s financial reasons, noisy neighbors, or maybe better commute to work the first thing you must do is check with your landlord.  Find out if you have to give a notice.  If you do then how much advance notice will I need to give?

You will also need to ask questions about your security deposit.  Because more than likely you will have to give your new landlord a deposit to hold the new unit.  You will want definitely want to get as much money back as you can.

Even if you did not put down a security deposit,  you would surely prefer to avoid a misunderstanding.  Communication is key and misunderstandings between you and your landlord possibly could escalate into a legal matter.

To save yourself emotional turmoil, it would be wise to regard the expectations of your landlord as clearly as possible. Rudimentarily, it might be obvious to you that he or she would want the leased property in the condition that it was originally in when rented out to you.

Whether or not said landlord has been a pitchfork bearing, winged demon in the duration of your rental agreement it would be in your best interest to end your relationship on a good note.  Or that might just be the last straw falling on the allegorical donkey, breaking its back.


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Best Tips for Cleaning The Property Correctly


General Cleaning and Repairs

Repairs Handyman

Firstly, as you set out to clean it’ll occur to you how much there is to be done which will only add to the stressful situation that you are already in. Secondly, you might not have the expertise nor tools required to clean at the level which might be expected.

Ideally, you’d want to have the house cleaned in such a way that your landlord has no grounds, petty or founded, to accuse you of destruction or defacement of property. So it is important to discuss the terms of your end of tenancy cleaning.

You may want to consider hiring a repairman to fix any damages caused by you. Though, what is often overlooked is the actual cleaning of the house and furniture and it really goes beyond simply wiping down counters and vacuuming carpets.

The fact of the matter is that you, as an inhabitant, overtime, will leave signs of wear and tear.  Plus, you might forget the original color of the carpet and walls.

Or you might consider the small ketchup marks in the crevasses of the refrigerator door as insignificant in the face of many more important things to be done. But for your landlord, who’s immediate interest will be to find new lessees, these are no small feats.


Rugs and Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Carpets

There may be stains in rugs and carpets that will need to be removed and you might not be capable of completing this task. Once those stains are cleaned however, the rest of the carpet might still be laden in dust and dirt, leaving the carpet to look like a terribly mismatched outfit. Your landlord may give you a noddy badge for your poor efforts.

Alternatively, you could consider professional cleaning – especially professional rug cleaning (where the task is somewhat difficult done by yourself). Most of these services offer a thorough cleaning using hot water as an extraction method.

Not only is this far more effective than vacuuming, it really removes the carpet bacteria and microparticles – resetting the state of the carpet. Moreover, these professionals are trained to ensure that all areas of the carpet are cleaned and dried.

An untrained individual might just wet the carpet.  Without having the means to remove the water then it could in turn lead to mold formation.  This could consequently create more tension with your landlord.

The average cost of cleaning is around $2-7 per square foot. If you weigh up the cost against the time, effort and stress of doing it yourself-it would be much cheaper in comparison. Although the real winner is getting your landlords thumbs up approval and ending your tenancy without hassle.

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When all is said and done, cleaning is a nuisance and can quickly turn into a hefty, time consuming task. If you feel challenged to undertake the task, you may need to outsource these tasks.

Also, communication with your landlord is key to ending your lease agreement.  Make sure that all the terms are met according to the lease.  Most importantly leave the property in the same condition just as it was when you moved in.