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If you want to buy an affordable and feature-rich portable outdoor spa or inflatable hot tub, we’ve reviewed some top rated of the best-selling hot tubs. Inflatable hot tubs are generally portable, though they do require some care, just like a traditional hot tub. While a permanent hot tub fixture is expensive to set up and maintain, an inflatable hot tub purchase can be a cheaper alternative.

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SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

Last update was on: July 13, 2020 5:28 pm
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Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

Last update was on: July 13, 2020 5:28 pm


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Coleman SaluSpa 4 Person Portable Inflatable Outdoor Spa Hot Tub, Black

The Coleman Inflatable Miami Spa is an inflatable hot tub that seats 4 people and is completely portable so you can take it with you on your vacations or relax at home. It has massage jets and a ...

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We absolutely love it. Very easy to put together. It gets very hot, and provides a great spa experience for such a great value. I agonized over which model and brand to get, and I'm happy with my choice.
August 13, 2016
This thing is awesome. I just created my own vacation spot. It set up in 30 minutes but it will take about 24 hour to heat but I love it love it love it.
July 11, 2016
This is a product that offers bang for the buck. We were looking for something portable that we could put under the awning of our patio. We live in WA State. The box arrived on time. We put carpet pad and a waterproof carpet type of material on the patio to allow for more cushion. The instruction guide was sort of easy to follow - mainly just photos, so did require some intuition to accomplish. I did the initial check to make sure we had all the parts. I was worried we were missing some until we discovered that some of them (mainly covers for filters etc.) were already attached to the tub. It took us about an hour to get ready to fill. Inflation was pretty quick. It then took about an hour to fill with water from the hose. It was a warm 85+ degree day here, so didn't take quite 24 hours to get to 104. Things we have discovered through experience: The bubble action is pretty powerful. It's noisy, but the main noise comes from the movement of the water. When we filled the tub, we stopped halfway between min and max lines. We decided next time that we would keep it closer to the min line as we sit pretty deep in the tub and when the bubbles are activated, we get splashed in the face from time to time. I am 5'6" and short waisted. my husband is 5'8". Another thing we decided is that is the perfect size for two people. Neither of us would be comfortable with a 3rd or 4th person in there, as we both like our space. When we pull the cover off, I dry the inflated inside off with a towel, as I read some reviews mentioning it gets slimy. I did order some one inch chlorine tablets (wish this order had come with at least a starter packet) and ph strips to help keep the water clean. One of the best things about it is how cushioned the floor of the tub is. It's painful for me to kneel for any length of time (knees with surgery), but, in this tub, it actually feels GOOD to kneel. They say the sides are strong enough for an adult to sit on, but honestly, I prefer just kneeling in the tub if I get too warm. The water, at 104 degrees is really warm, at least at this time of year, but will feel great when it gets cooler. We've only been using it a couple of weeks, but we love it so far...a great spend!
September 14, 2017
Follow the directions and don't forget to inflate the bottom. I did and had to drain it and refill. Under 24 hours to reach 104'.
December 12, 2017
I love this hot tub. It works well. It does take about a day to heat up after first filling it but after that is easy to set to heat up for wjen you want to use it. I also bought a 6 person dome tent and put the tub inside it so I have a roof and privacy
July 10, 2017
these spas are the best investment I have ever made for the money you cant beat it we use it almost every night and in the summer sometimes we use it when it gets dark if you like spas I highly recommend one of these
July 12, 2016
i love it have had it for over 1 year and use it at least twice a week. Has been very easy to drain and refill. Yes it is an inflatable but i have only had to refill the air twice in one year. the maintenance is easy and the filters and chlorine are cheap. I feel like this is a great bargain for someone who wants a hot tub but doesn't want to spend $4k and $60 a month for electric.
April 26, 2017

Goplus 4 Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub for Outdoor Jets Bubble Massage Spa Relaxing w/ Cover & Accessories Filter Cartridge...

DescriptionThe Goplus Bubble Massage Spa provides simple maintenance with an easy-to-replace filter cartridges for lasting enjoyment for up to four people. A carry bag is provided for easy storage ...

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I absolutely love this thing!! I work in a mill on concrete floors all day. I'm in it before and after work. Its a two person tub at the most, but four ppl would be a tight fit. But for the price, its a super deal. Was super easy too get going. Affordable and relaxing. My girlfriend can't seem to keep her swimsuit on in it though....LOL!
September 27, 2017
Great spa! We had been looking for an inexpensive spa and found this one on Amazon. Arrived quickly via UPS. It is sturdy, hot, and easy to put up. We are in the tub every night to relax and melt away the stress of the day.
September 7, 2017
Nice....We purchased at the wrong time of the year. But the time we used it was perfect!
December 11, 2017
Set this up this weekend in my basement with drain and 110 outlet. You have to plug in directly to outlet, no extension cords. It's so nice and sturdy! The cover snaps down but wish this had an inflatable cover too. Highly recommended (so far) and worth the money!! Buy it!
October 15, 2017
Great hot tub. So easy to put together and to set up. It takes a couple of days to heat up but now it runs perfect!!
October 3, 2017
I set this up, filled with water & had it heating in about an hour. I totally love it. The only thing that I disagree with is they call it a 4 person, however, 2 adults is about the limit, which is OK with me. The filling water was 77 degrees F. & in 18 hrs. The temperature was 104 degrees. I recommend this spa.
October 26, 2017
This was even better than expected! My husband got one for me for my birthday. We took it with us to a beach house for a week and set it up overlooking the ocean. It was fantastic! It was easy to set up and to fill. The bubbles work great. It also deflated easily and was able to have it back into its carrying bag so we can put it back up at home. It does lose heat faster than a normal spa , So I would set it hotter than I usually set my spa at home. Love it! The owner of the beach house next-door to our rental was so impressed he said he might get one for when his family comes. He doesn’t want one for all the guests (too much maintenance) that rent his house but to be able to set one out just for him and his family when they come was an interesting idea.
December 9, 2017

SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

Always dreamed of having your very own hot tub? The Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub is the affordable, go-anywhere spa which can comfortably accommodate up to 4 adults! This fully portable, ...

Available: In stock
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I bought this as a soak after work or over the weekends. At this price it's about the price of a 2-3 day hotel stay with a professional spa, but lasts a LOT longer than that.As to the negatives: there is no seat, no "jets" that you would imagine in a professional grade tub, no lights and the temp gets to only 104, and takes a while to get there.As to the positives: cost. As another reviewer pointed out, most people want a lounger, with jets for your neck, back, arms, legs and feet but to get that you're talking $8-10k AT LEAST. This has an easy set up and easy fill, with easy operation. I set this up in my basement and with a large dehumidifier can keep the humidity to around 45% which is more than safe. While it doesn't have "jets" that you would picture at a professional jacuzzi it does have a LOT of rolling bubbles and when you lean back against it gives the same effect. Not the "flesh pounding" you'd get with the professional grade but feels like a light massage on your back and neck. The lid does a GREAT job of not only locking in the heat but the humidity also. Make sure you keep up on bromine etc just like with all hot tubs and you'll have no problem. Even with the drawbacks listed above, I would highly recommend it. Underwater lights are a bit tacky (IMO), and I was on the fence about the bubbles and no jets but they come out and foam up at such a rate it does the job and I'm happy with it. The temp gets to only 104 but I have found that sufficient. With professional level spas they can get to 115 and while I have found it feels nice, I can only do 15 minutes and usually get out a bit dizzy. At 104 it's about right. The heat penetrates the muscles and when you get out you're not dizzy from the heat and no "temperature shock" from leaving it. I would like to say the temp goes from 104 to 100 within 10 minutes but I have not found an issue with that as the heater will kick on and keep it in that range.One warning I would like to say is that if you have any images of sitting in it with snow falling on your hair etc...forget it. As with all hot tubs it injects ambient air into the water to create the bubbles and what do you think happens to 104 water when you inject 28 degree air? That's right, the temperature tanks faster than the heater can heat it up, real quick.While the professional level tubs can hack it, this one can't. I don't have a problem with that because this runs off a 110 v circuit and professional tubs require 220 or more and come with an electric bill to match. This tub will add about $8 /wk to your bill while a professional level tub will jack your bill by 20% or more, easy. Probably close to 30% if it's outside in the winter (I used to own one at a previous house I lived in).All in all, for the price point it outperformed my expectations. If you're buying it expecting professional grade, you're going to be disappointed. You won't get the pounding jets, lounger and broiling hot water, but you won't be paying $8-10k with a 30% jack in your electric bill, forever and ever Amen, either. On the other hand, if you're up for a hot soak after work with a light massage, this is for you.
May 8, 2014
I bought it after reading reviews and I like it. It's not a lot of things, but what it is, is great for the price, especially if it holds for up for even one year. I would prefer it a couple or four degrees hotter, but it's adequate at 104. I really wanted to use this winter, so this is what I've done... I put one inch builder's Styrofoam insulation under it, I put R19 insulation wrapped in mylar and wrapped it around it, also made a insulation stuffed muffin top for it. Hopefully it is well insulated and the heater won't have to work too hard and it will last outside all winter.
December 22, 2014
I've had this for a solid couple of months now, so probably a good time to evaluate it. I'm going to start out by noting that this is the third one that I bought over the summer. The other two had slow, and not so slow punctures, so I returned both of them after a little bit of use, and I've been using this one since the middle of August.I've used it pretty much every night. I've had a visitor use it, and my son has done too. It's a decent size for me and an eight year old, and I guess if you knew the folks, or wanted to, you could get in with 2 others, but you'd be in contact.As you can see from the photos, I decided to create a bit of a platform for it. That's because the small patch of lawn I have is very hilly/ bumpy, and I wanted a more level pool.So the good things you can probably get from the other reviews. I've loved using it, and am now thinking of moving it into my garage for the winter - I enjoy using it, but it will go below freezing soon enough and I know that the pump can't handle that!The things I've learned are hard to find information on but here's what I got.1. I'm still not sure about balancing the chemicals. I used bromine tablets, used something at the start to supposedly produce a bromine reserve, but every time I've measured the chemicals using a test strip, it registers almost no bromine. I don't know what to do about that.2. Probably related to that - despite using bromine, a bromide solution as above, clarifying solution and cleaning the filters regularly, the water still went cloudy and then foamy. The first time it was after about 6 weeks, the second time after 2 weeks. Both times I was tempted to apply a shock treatment, but instead just drained the water to start again. When I refill the pool in the garage I'll try to be more on the chemicals, but it just may be that I need to just change the water every two or three weeks, especially if it's used as much as I use it!3. I don't know if it's connected, but the punctures both appeared after I pumped the hot tub up quite a lot. Maybe it's better if it's not too rigid. Like I say, I don't know if it's connected, but slightly less pressure in the tub now and I haven't had a leak!4. To inflate the tub you use the same pump that you use for bubbles. If you need to inflate it at all later, it's a real pain to disconnect, inflate, and reconnect. I found it way easier to use a plug in inflator - something like 120 Volt AC Portable Electric Air Pump for Mattress Inflatables with Three Nozzles,5. I also used hot water from the house to fill the tub up. Personally, I think next time I'll just fill it up from the hose and allow the 2 days for it to heat up (which is how long it took here in eastern WA, even in the summer).6. The final thing I learned was...well actually I didn't learn this. I expected it, and it was true. It is brilliant to just sit in the hot tub looking up at the stars. When I was there with my son we saw the meteor showers this summer, and generally this works well and provides an excellent experience for around 10% or less than the cost of a 'real' hot tub. It's a bit redneck, but I'm OK with that and I haven't regretted buying it for a second!***UPDATE OCTOBER 2016So, I kept the hot tub in my garage, and it has given pretty much flawless service. I started using a non-chlorine shock treatment on a more regular basis, kept an eye on the bromine tablets, and subsequently have been getting a month or more between water changes. Quite happy about that. So happy in fact, that at the end of the season, when the price of the spas went down, I bought another one to keep in reserve. What I did not know at the time was that the model has been updated, and there is one quite significant change.The new hot tub is shallower. I'm 6'3" so that is not fantastic as far as I'm concerned, although I can deal with it! It's probably going to be better for kids and people who aren't that tall. Another change is that the walls of the hot tub are thinner - not the material, but the distance between the outside and the water. This means that although it's shallower, there's more leg room in the tub, making it more comfortable I guess when you have more than one person in the tub.They've also updated the heater. I only used the basic functions, but it does seem to have a couple of updated features. Another thing I noticed is that the power cord is now thicker. That's probably a good thing! It's still highly recommended...but...the one I received didn't do so well on its test run. One of the connections between the heater and the pool (that goes to a filter) was a little askew, which meant that it was a real PITA to attach. Really quite difficult to get it tight enough that it wouldn't leak. Also, the bottom surface of the one I received wasn't properly glued to the base of the tub, so it kind of filled with air. I spoke to Bestway about this, and they have told me that they will replace the tub. I'll update this review as needed.***
October 12, 2015
This is by far the best purchase my husband and I have ever made through Amazon. We were a little hesitant at first because there were not many reviews but we gave it a try and are SO glad we did. Easy to set up, easy to turn on, keeps clean (buy spa chemicals not costly but worth it) and the customer service with this company is OUTSTANDING. We had a power surge, the pumps electronics went a little haywire, I called (got a person right off the bat) and within 1 hours (3 emailed pictures) we had a fed ex tracking number with our brand new spa sent our way. They provided the best service and assistance I have ever come in contact with. Back to the spa - the jets(bubbles) are really outstanding, they push and roll up your body (better then a 6K standard hot tub). No worries with this purchase, you will be happy.
May 2, 2014

Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

Pamper yourself in relaxing heated water surrounded by soothing bubble jets. The PureSpa provides relaxation at the touch of a button for up to four people. The easy-to-use control panel activates ...

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AWESOME! This was the best money I ever spent! My husband & I just finished putting it together and filling just heating the water. It is EXTREMELY well made. I was pleasingly surprised how easy it was to assemble. I LOVE that It came with an "assembly CD" (of course, "I" watched it - the husband would rather just fiddle with figuring out what goes where!!!. We rent a house & our yard is small. Our back patio is only wood slats so we put 2-8ft boards of plywood on top and it worked out perfectly! I thought the price was great and because of a bad back, I said "I have to have it"! It is so much more than I expected!!!! The jets are much more powerful than I ever thought they would be. I LOVED that it comes with everything you need except for the chemicals (i.e. chlorine tabs). The floating chlorine dispenser is ALSO INCLUDED along with 2 filters! The blow-up COVER, that's included, is great quality, has straps that connect to the sides to keep it from blowing or as a safety feature so no one accidentally falls in and it is so thick & sturdy that it will keep the water nice and warm. And if we move, it moves with us! Even if I wanted a regular stationery Hot Tub (for thousands of dollars) I would still buy this one instead!
April 26, 2017
I actually bought this from Wal** on sale under $400 with free shipping. Arrived in less than 4 days. Very happy with that part of purchase. Set it all up in no time by myself....less than an hour. I used a pool cover pump to transfer water from my nearby pool into the spa. The pool water is already chemically treated and substantially warmer than water from the hose. It was filled in about 3 hours. Turned on the control panel and everything worked! I was thrilled. Now I just had to wait for the water temp to get up to 98 or so....which would take overnight. (2 degress per hour is accurate). Next morning the spa was 98 degrees. Perfect. Put on the looked great. Appeared very impressive on my deck by the pool. My 8 year old daughter was anxious and wanted to go I let her go in for a little while. She went back and forth from the pool to the spa...numerous times. She got out, I turned off the bubbles and put the cover back on. A little while later I came back outside and heard the control panel beeping. I went over and the entire control panel was lit up. No buttons worked. I reset the panel (basically unplugged it and plugged it back in) and the same thing happened. All icons on panel lit up, beeping, and buttons unresponsive. My wife and 2 other children wanted to go in.....and here I am all bummed out that the thing is broken. I called the Intex customer service....and like others who wrote reviews.....was talking with someone who's primary language was not English. At least I wasn't on hold for more than 5 minutes....and the phone call was over pretty quickly. She just took my contact info, what the problem was, and told me I would receive an email to file my claim. I opted to go through Intex I could always return the entire thing to Wal**rt in the future if I have to. Within 10 minutes I was online and uploaded my receipt an filled out the claim form. The next day I received an email that I would be shipped a new control panel. Later in the day...I got a shipment notification and a FedEx tracking number. VERY impressed with the customer service so far. The only downfall is that the "estimated" delivery date is over a week I have to decide to drain the spa or not until it arrives. As for the overall experience......if it eventually works as well as it looks....this will have been, even with this hiccup, a great purchase. I have purchased Intex products before....having 2 Intex pools and related intex filter pumps....and have been very happy with their products. Intex is based in California and Canada.....but evidently some, if not all, of their products are imported. If you read the negative reviews....perhaps the people did not properly follow the instructions when filing a claim, or perhaps Intex knows that Wal**rt is a huge retailer of their products compared to smaller vendors on Amazon...and expedites claims. Who knows....but there hasn't been any issues with customer service delaying anything for me. In only took 1 day to get a FexEx tracking number from my initial claim. We will see....and I will keep posting to this review as things progress.UPDATE: a week passed and I got my replacement control unit. I had drained the before I replaced the new control unit...I filled it with my pool water as mentioned earlier. After a few hours it was filled. I replaced the control unit, plugged it in, pushed the power button and presto! A loud beeping noise, all the icons lit up, and nothing working. Reset the control unit numerous times....nothing. Another call to INTEX customer call answered promptly, and was over in 5 minutes. They will be shipping me a control BASE this time as they think the power supply unit or something electrical in the base is causing the issue. This was yesterday...and I got an email confirmation that my base unit was approved and will be shipped. If all goes well, I will be getting a shipping confirmation today or tomorrow. But then the week wait again...and deciding to empty the spa or not once again. Third time's a charm? We'll see. I have a 90-day return policy with WALM** I will play the game for now and keep my fingers crossed.UPDATE: been another week and the BASE unit is scheduled to arrive today. Weird thing is that for some reason I decided to reset the spa last night (I kept the water in it)...and the control panel beeped once and started working! I "gently" pushed the heater control up to 100 degrees...and the filter pump turned on. I pushed the bubble button and the thing started bubbling!! I turned off the bubbles and left the thing, checking from my window if it was still lit up every so often. I went outside before bedtime and the temp said 80 degrees. It was still going. This morning I got up, and it had died over the night. Control panel all lit up and unresponsive. What a roller coaster....up and down. I am so anxious for this thing to work. I will hook up the new BASE tonight and give a final do or die update in the next few days. Thumbs up....or back to Walm**t. No more chances with Intex customer support.UPDATE: BASE unit arrived yesterday and I immediately switched it out with the old one. I also attached the new control panel I received last week. Plugged it in, switched it on and.....everything seems to be working!! The hum from the base is not as loud as the old one, so maybe that's an indication in a positive direction. Water was at 76 degrees...and I set it to 100....which it was this morning when I checked it. Still going. Good. Hopefully this will be my last post. We will give it a try later today.UPDATE: 5 days later, and everything working well. Tub is great, and it looks as good as it feels. Everyone who sees it wants one. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will last a few seasons or more.UPDATE: Been 3 weeks since I hooked up the replacement BASE unit. Everything working fine. Had to clean the filters about 5 days ago, because of an error code indicating the filters needed cleaning/replacement. Last night I had my window open and I heard the spa bubbling. I went outside and sure enough, under the cover, the bubbles were going. Pushed the "bubbles" button numerous times....still going. Pushed the heat button and they stopped. Pushed the heat button again and the bubbles turned on. Now the bubbles go on every time the heat is on. NO GOOD!!! I reset the breaker, etc., and the same problem. I have the original control panel and will hook it up later today, but THREE STRIKES YER OUT!!!. It's only a matter of time this thing will crap out again. GREAT CONCEPT....but poor quality concerning the electronics on this thing. Still have over a month to return to WALM**T....but it looks like when I emtpy it for the winter (or the old control unit doesn't work) will be making that "RETURN" trip. COLEMAN just started advertising a spa on Amazon.....I may look into that.FINAL UPDATE: Hooked up the old original control unit and the same thing. Turn on the heater and the bubbles turn on too. I am so bummed that I am one of the few that isn't having luck with this.....but in the long run, it is probable that the lack of quality concerning the electronics will eventually catch up with a lot of these 5 star reviewers. My spa will be going back to the local Walxxxt in the next few days. Thank heaven for their 90 day return policy. Can't deal with Intex customer service again...even though they will send me new parts....they just crap out.Ok, Its summer 2015 and Walxxt has it on sale for $329 and free shipping. I must be crazy...but I ordered another one. It is sitting boxed in my garage waiting to be set up. Maybe I will be lucky this time around. It will be set up this weekend and I will post the results. Worst case scenario....another return back to the store. That's the good thing about purchasing it online from Walmxxt....if there is a problem (within return policy), you just bring it back to your local store,,,,no hassle concerning shipping it back to somewhere.8/10/15: Set up new spa with no problem. (Have had much past experience). Filled with water from hose. Was up to temperature (100 degrees) by the next morning. Been going about 4 days now. Had a BIG pool birthday party for my daughter 2 days in and out....many, many people commenting on how cool it is, etc. So far so good. I kept my eye on the kids making sure they didn't push buttons too many times, etc., and was yelling at them if they got too rough. I'm making sure it's babied for a while. Hopefully my over reaction will diminish the longer it keeps going without issues. You would think that Intex would beef up their products since there are so many returns. It costs them an arm and a leg to manufacture and ship out free replacement parts. Using thicker wire or bigger blower/heater would help cut back on most of the problems (In my case its all been electronics). Even if they upped the price $100.8/27/15: Been going over 3 weeks without issue. Drained it once and refilled with fresh water as the developed a strange smell. Noted in other posts that the rubber/laytex sides will leach out a bit since the product is new. This will go away with time. New water has been in it for 2 weeks and it is still clear without smell. Washed filters out last week and will again soon. Keep a small 1" tab of clorine in the little floatie and test water every 3/4 days. If clorine tests high, i take out floatie for a few days and keep in glass dish by spa. So far so good on this one.9/21/15: Still working without issue. Did note that those who complained about the sides getting slimey were correct. Even with the chemicals balanced correctly, there is a slight film (rubs off easily) that developes after a period of non-use. Especially on the bottom of the cover pillow that makes contact with the water. Not sure how to correct that problem....but can live with it for now......a quick brushing and its gone.10/15/15: The spa is still working fine. Getting colder outside, and my pool is covered for the season, so I guess this is a wrap for now. Time to empty it and put it away. Will report back next spring.February, 2017: Sorry for not getting back sooner! Spa got set up in late Spring of 2016. After inflating and filling with water, turned on the unit and everything lit up correctly. After I pushed the circulation button....nothing. After a few seconds got that familiar beeping noise with the code that indicated pump was not working. Tried a few times.....still nothing. I decided not to panic...and let it sit. After a day or two, I turned on the unit, pushed the circulation button and to my surprise....the pump started working!! Turned on the heater and had no problems at all for the rest of the season. I'm thinking that slight corrosion over the winter prevented the impellers from moving and caused the problem. After sitting for a few days, the water loosened up the impeller. I think. Who knows. At any rate, the spa worked flawlessly for almost 4 months until I packed it away in September. Keeping fingers crossed for next season.Finale' 8/5/2017: Got it out for 2017 season....everything prepared to inflate it. Control unit turned on and inflated the tub to the correct pressure. Didn't start filling it with water as I didn't have time. Returned later in the day and the damn thing was deflated. Checked everything, hooked back pump and reinflated it. A few hours pass and its soft again. It's out to the curb. Good riddance.
August 27, 2014
I bought the deluxe bubble / jet version and it's impressive. But the first week I had it I noticed the spa was losing air slowly and I had to top it off with air every day. I called intex support and they shipped me a replacement tub. It arrived in less than one week. The new one works great so far. I had a great support experience from Intex. Maybe they've made some improvements.Update: living in California and running the spa 24/7 @ 104 degrees, it has been costing me upwards of $130.00 a month in electricity. I monitored it's consumption using a kill-a-watt.So I put together a propane powered water heating system and it heats the spa at about 1 degree every 2 or 3 minutes so it only takes about an hour or two to get it up to 104 and costs me pennies. I've attached some photos of it (without the propane tank inside the container). Now I just flick the switch on the front, an LED turns on, pump stars up, heater automatically fires up and the spa starts heating. Couldn't be easier. And now I don't need to run the filter all the time either. Much nicer. In case anyone is interested here is the parts list, all purchased from Amazon except for the 20lb propane and hoses I got at Home Depot all hoses are 3/4" clear so they are barely noticeable going into the spa:Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water HeaterFlojet 2.9 GPMKastar LCD AC Adapter 12V 6ABond 67635 Tank Hideaway30 Amp 12 Volt LED ON-OFF Rocker Switch20 lb. propane tank
July 18, 2015

Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

Package also includes: DVD detailing spa setup and maintenance, Heating System, Insulated Cover, Filtration System with filter cartridge - type VI, Ground Cloth, Inflation Hose, Chemical floater, ...

Available: In stock
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I’ve owned the hot tub for about a month now and can make some comments and recommendations others might find useful.1. Setup is fairly easily and straightforward. Another reviewer commented that the directions are terrible, but I don’t think they are. It took about 30 minutes to get everything setup and ready to inflate, then another 10 to inflate it. I don't think the manual mentions it, but place the "insulation blanket" (which is essentially a sheet of heavy duty bubble wrap) with the bubble side face down under the hot tub (and obviously before you put water in it). This will prevent rain, snow & crud from building up in the little voids between the bubbles.2. As another reviewer pointed out, you can buy a connection for an indoor faucet that connects to a garden house (I got one at Home Depot for $7) and allows you to fill it with warm water. This is a big time saver in that you don’t have to wait for the cold water taken from an outdoor spigot to warm up, especially if you’re chomping at the bit to use your new hot tub. According to the specs, the tub holds 254 gallons at 80% filled. There are two lines drawn on the interior wall – “min” and “max”. I believe the 80% line is the “min” line. I filled mine from my kitchen sink in approximately 4 hours. The flow rate from my sink (measured using a 5 gallon bucket and a stopwatch) was about 1 gallon/minute. I have fairly weak water pressure so others may be able to fill up faster.3. If you don’t fill the tub using warm water, you will have to wait until the tub reaches the temperature you want. The tub can heat the water approximately 2 deg per hour. So, if you used 50 deg water from your outdoor faucet, and you want the tub at 100 deg, you have to wait 25 hours.4. WEIGHT: Do NOT put this on your outdoor deck unless it was designed for it. It might not look like it, but a filled hot tub is incredibly heavy. Water weighs about 8.3 lb per gallon, so at 80% fill height this hot tub will weigh about 2110 lb not including the people that get in it. The specs say the “filled weight” is 2701 lb but this probably incorporates four average people and is a useful design number. Most outdoor decks are built to about 50 lb/ft^2. You probably need a deck built to 100 lb/ft^2 to hold this or any other hot tub.5. The tub can hold four average size people.6. ENERGY: As an engineer, I’m obsessed with how things are built and use energy. I measured the current draw when it’s operating. There are essentially four modes of operation: (1) circulating pump ON with heater ON (2) circulating pump ON with heater OFF (3) air pump ON (produced bubbles) (4) everything OFF. When I say “circulating pump” I’m referring to the pump that circulates water through the filters and through the heater. The bubbles are created by an air pump that pulls in outside air (which can be cold!) and out the little holes in the bottom of the tub. Note you can’t run the heater with the bubbles on as it shuts off automatically. When the pump and heater are ON, it pulls about 1250 watts (1.25 kW). When just the air pump is on producing bubbles, it pulls about 650 watts. Therefore, if you have the temperature set at its max of 104 deg, you may find it running all the time with the heater on. As a conservative example of cost, at 15 cents per kilowatt-hour, you’re looking at it costing $4.50 per day (24 hours x 1.25 kW x 15 cents), or $135 per month. The temperature setting is everything and I would suggest keeping it at 100 deg all the time (particularly if you live in a cold climate like I do) and if you know you’re going to use it later, crank it up to 104. It will take a couple of hours to reach that. When you’re done, set it back to 100 deg. Another reviewed mentioned it only cost them about $20 month. I’m not sure how that was possible, but maybe. I’m expecting mine to cost about $100 per month in electricity.7. ENERGY TIP: Putting some kind of blanket over it during the day will vastly reduce the amount of heat loss. I stitched together two moving blankets and have been laying them over the hot tub inflatable cover when I’m not using it. I need to figure out how to put the blankets in some sort of waterproof wrapping so they can be out there in the rain and snow. Another suggestion is to find some sort of insulation (preferably waterproof) below the hot tub. The supplied “bubble wrap” liner they give you to put under it probably isn’t sufficient. Mine sits on my deck (yes, I designed my deck to support a hot tub weight) and the cold air from below is obviously sucking out some heat. This is similar to the effect on bridges where they freeze before the roads do since their underbelly is exposed and cool off faster.8. Bubbles cool the water off fairly quickly. As mentioned it pulls in cold outside air and pumps it up through the nice warm water. It’s not ridiculously fast however, just something to keep in mind. I would estimate it cooled off from 104 deg to 100 deg in 15 minutes or so where the outside air temp was about 45 deg.9. SOUND: It's very quiet when just the circulator pump and heater are running, like a low frequency hum. When the air pump is running it's about as loud an average vacuum cleaner. It's really not bad at all and you can have normal conversations sitting in the tub.10. Educate yourself on the chemicals by reading about them online or going to a pool/hot tub store and speaking with someone who knows what they are talking about. After reading about them online, I went with Bromine tabs (over Chlorine). I bought some pH increaser, pH decreaser and some "Shock". And don't forget the pH testers (that also test for a number of other things). The chemicals will set you back $60-$100. Having the right pH, Bromine level, Alkalinity, etc. is imperative to keeping the water useable.11. The filters clog up pretty quickly, so I would order a bunch of them just to have. Some people have said they wash theirs in the dishwasher. I have only rinsed my in the sink so far, but make sure you rinse them often. I’m not a chemist, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the chemicals that are added to the water work to (among other things) bind up oils. Remember, you’re essentially sitting in reusable bath water. The filters look like they get filled with a light brown sludge that must be the stuff its binded up. Keeping the filters clean is essential to keeping the tub clean and having the heat pump work effectively.12. TIP: make sure you take a shower, and ask your guests to take a shower if possible before they get in your tub. Also, rinse your bathing suit with fresh water before you get in as detergent is usually still in the fabric and will go right in the hot tub. Eventually, you’ll see lots of detergent bubbles on the surface.13. You don’t need a chair or cushion for the inside. When I was contemplating purchasing it, I wondered how people sat in it since there obviously weren’t built-in chairs like a real hot tub would have. The floor is cushioned enough that it is very comfortable. You CAN buy a cushion to sit on or even for your head, but you don’t NEED it. The water height is about 3’, so a normal size person (I’m 5’ 10”) can sit in it and put their rest their arms over the side.14. ANNOYING FEATURE: This is the single complaint I have about the hot tub. The heater & pump shut off automatically after 72 hours. I assume this is a “safety” feature, although I don’t know how it makes it safer. Bottomline, you have to always check on it to make sure it’s still running. Otherwise you come home from work wanting to get in your nice warm hot tub and you find its 70 deg because you forgot to reset everything that morning and it shut off while you were at work. Super annoying! If anyone knows a hack for this, please let me know.In summary, the tub works GREAT considering its inflatable and relatively inexpensive. I’d rate the tub 9.5/10 for value and only misses a perfect score because of the annoying feature described above.Hope this helps!
November 19, 2015
Purchasing a hard tub is an incredible commitment in time, chemistry, and maintenance (never mind the thousands of dollars to purchase and install). After seeing this Coleman steeply discounted on Black Friday at another retailer, I decided to give this inflatable a try.The Coleman is a branded variant of the Lay-Z Spa, and other than color, it appears to be identical to the other Lay-Z Spa sold. However, it appears that it holds about 50 gallons more water. It plugs into 120V, which makes it extremely easy to plug and play. Just be careful what else you have on the circuit with this tub, as it *will* consume an entire 15A circuit when you take in account safety margins. I have a Kill-a-Watt connected in series so I can monitor its power consumption (more later).The little green ovalish box is the brains of the operation. It contains the heater, a blower (which doubles as both inflator and bubble maker), and a membrane control panel. I have found it difficult to read during the day. The dark LED segments show bright white while the red is dimly lit.Setup:The instructions are not the best. Warnings are randomly scattered all over the place, making it difficult to read. While physically using the inflator works great, the pressure gauge is not even to the right scale needed to properly measure the correct pressure required. The first marking on the gauge is 2 psi and there is no 1 psi marking! Expect it to move a couple of millimeters and not point anything in particular when you reach 1.2 psi. The main air chamber has a very nice locking connector with a high quality one way air valve, so it is not like blowing up a pool inflatable. The sides are very firm once inflation is complete.*Pro Tip* While inflating, its very likely the keypad will auto lock before you are done. Make sure you unlock it again ahead of time, otherwise you'll spend a minute trying to figure out why the heck it won't turn off and overinflate your pool!There is a ground pad that looks like thick bubble wrap. There is still bits of snow on the ground, and it felt warm sitting on top of it. Although the instructions mentioned nothing of this pad, I faced the flat side down and put the pool on top of it. Do this before you put in the water!The hoses connect up nicely and it took me a couple of minutes to finish the connection. Expect it to take an hour or two to fill up the tub with your hose. I'd imagine, the warmer the water, the better. I couldn't find my sink adapter, so I just used whatever bitter cold water came out of the garden hose though.Operation:People complain about how slow 120V systems are to heat up. This is because you are physically restricted by the number of watts you can pull through a typical house plug. The tub has a two stage heater and can pull between 700 and 1200 watts. It apparently decides to use full wattage if the water is cold enough. It will switch to 2 elements after about a minute from my observation. When heating, it also runs the pump. This means only 1-2F degrees an hour of warming per hour. While they made a good effort to insulate the tub, it still is an inflatable.The bubbles are surprisingly large for just blowing air into a holed ring in the bottom. It looks just like a typical hard tub. Just remember: the amount of power required to create the bubbles takes away from the power needed for full heating capability. My tub is not at temperature yet (57F), but as it stands now, it turns off all heating in order to make bubbles.Sound:The heater + pump does not make much sound. Its a quiet hum, around 50 dB (or what is called a "quiet street" sound level or maybe a refrigerator hum). Obviously bubbles make a lot more noise, and there is a slight vacuum cleaner sound. But I would imagine a lot of other hot tubs have similar noise levels.Chemicals:You need proper chemicals in your spa. Not putting any in because its "just you" or randomly throwing in a tablet into the floater are not good ideas. You can get sick or chemically burned. The manual is completely useless and tells you to "go to a spa store" to learn about some "chemicals". Thanks guys. Just what I need is another salesmen who will try to sell me a hard tub. Searching on the internet is not much help either, as it is full of snake oil additives, unsound science on forums, etc.Make sure you buy a pack of test strips, as blindly adding chemicals can be very dangerous. You will want to know pH, chlorine/bromine level, and alkalinity.For the type of chemicals, there are two routes to go: Bromine or Chlorine.Bromine is a little bit more work but has some purported benefits. It has less odor, can be restored using a shock, etc. People in our hot tub notice little to no odor.Read the directions, but typically one will add Sodium Bromide (granules) to bring the Bromine levels up to an initial value. After that, you will likely use a Bromine tablet in the floater (1"). You will have to apply a "shock" to convert all that Bromine into free Bromine if your granules do not also include a shock.Pick up some pH Up and pH Down. Its cheap. When I initially filled it, my water was around 6.8 (too low). My Alkalinity is slightly low as well, and usually pH Up will boost this incidentally. Your water will be different.You can use the bubbles to mix chemicals as needed.Energy consumption (from Kill-A-Watt):Standby: 5-8 Watts (electronics only)Pump: 27 WattsBubbles: 650 WattsHeater: ~700 Watts with one element, ~1200 Watts both elements (automatic)Bubbles + Heater: Doesn't appear possible** Update - 1 week of usage **In the Seattle winter with 40F days, this hot tub typically takes around 24-30 hours to reach temperature from cold hose water. It burns around 40kWh of electricity to heat this water up, so the initial startup costs can be costly. (40 * $0.10 = $4.00). I also noticed that it takes a lot of energy to maintain 104F (it runs 100% of the time), and you might be looking at $90 in electricity over the month! This is likely an insulation issue.* however * I have discovered that simply lowering the temperature a couple degrees when you are not using it makes a huge difference. Backing off the temperature, to say, 100F, practically quartered the power consumption. I should have some better numbers later, but this is the way to go. It only takes about an hour to go from 100F to 104F in the worst case, so not much is lost.We have used it quite a few times over the week, and it was very enjoyable. The tub is soft and comfortable, much more than a fiberglass or tile tub. I actually prefer it. The surround is still very firm and has not lost inflation.** Update - 6 months later **The inflatable vessel has developed some problems (leaks) and I have now engaged the warranty process. I am waiting for my RMA to be approved. I could not tell you if this is normal for this hot tub or not. I got my first leak on one of the seams. It was a small hole and I easily patched it. But then another developed...then each case I noticed the internal ribbing completely failed. Eventually, a large section failed and it was hard to keep up with batching all of these holes as the hot tub slowly tore itself apart. These holes developed while nobody was using the hot tub. I will keep this updated with the progress on this. If the customer support is sufficient, I am not going to dock any stars on this review.**Update: Post Warranty**Everyone has delt with crappy manufacturers on warranties, but this company is not one of them. I had to cut out the serial number from my tub (don't be scared) in order to get a full replacement.The new "vessel" is working geat with no issues.I also have a comment on temperature: while low temps create long duration of full heating cycles, I've consistently kept our tub at 102-104 in the 20F range. Extremely low temps make it work harder (almost 2 days to acclamate!) but reasonable temps will hit temperature within a day.My biggest issue with this tub is the auto shutdown. If no key presses are hit, it will turn off in 3-4 days. Unfortunately, this is the length of our Seattle rain spells. You have to babysit the console every few days. You just need to unlock it and lock it to make it happy.This tub features an Atmel 328. I happen to be an expert at programming these. I am considering a mod but curious if anyone is interested.. WiFi or Bluetooth 4.0 is also possible.
December 3, 2014
We were so eager to receive this Inflatable Hot Tub that once it arrived we started setting it up immediately. I'm so pleased with it I just don't know where to begin. My husband went to the Coleman website and watched an installation video. We pretty much put it together step by step watching the online video. Yes.... we had to set up our laptop outside to put it together but it was totally worth it. All in all, it took about 45 minutes to put together from start to finish including filling it up with water. Once it was filled, we let it sit for the recommended 24hrs for the temperature to reach 104 degrees. This took about a day and a half. When we were finally able to get in, we pressed the button for the jets to come on and we were totally mesmerized and i t was actually too hot! Also, when both my husband and I got in, the water rose almost to the top wanting to spill over, so my husband got a bucket and took some of the water out. I'm so pleased with this purchase I feel it was definitely worth the investment.
April 10, 2017

SaluSpa Realtree MAX-5 AirJet 4 Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

The SaluSpa Realtree MAX-5 AirJet Inflatable Spa is a great choice for an affordable, go-anywhere spa. It will look perfect set up on wooden decking or on the lawn. The SaluSpa does not require tools ...

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My first hot tub.I ordered this from another high street super store (W) because it was on sale. It arrived within a week and was well packaged. 1 large box, on opening, inside there are 2 other boxes. One contains the plastic/fabric tub itself, the other box contains the pump and accessories.The instructions are extremely easy to follow - mostly pictures. It states it'll take 20 minutes to set up but I took my time since I didn't want to make mistakes, it took me about an hour. That's from opening the box to fully inflated.First, preparation. I have placed my hot tub on my wooden deck which is about 2 to 3 feet off the ground (crawl space). I therefore needed to reinforce my deck to be able to take the weight of this tub. Fully filled with water and 2 people is roughly 2000 lbs. I placed 8 posts underneath my deck as well as 2 car jacks! So, yes, it was overkill but I'm taking no chances. I then purchased 6 front door mats which were on sale at Lowes. $5 each! I then placed them upside down on my deck in a square shape. The tub sits right in the middle. The front door mats provide additional cushioning and being upside down now have a smooth black rubber surface for my tub to sit on.I unfolded the tub and placed it in the middle of the prepared area. Following the easy instructions I connected the hoses etc from the pump to the tub. Easy. I then plugged in the pump. The tub was fully inflated within 5 minutes! The tub material feels strong and sturdy. The camo colors look great and really blend in with my yard. Inside the tub is a blue and white tiled pattern, like a swimming pool....that looks great too! There are 2 filter ports inside the tub (2 filters are included!). I then inflated the cover/lid. This comes in 2 pieces....kinda like a bicycle tire. Advice! - place the inner tube or inflatable piece inside the actual cover, then start to inflate! Much easier! You'll know what I mean when you do this. This inflates within 2 minutes! The inflated cover (sturdy fabric) fits great! Ok, so now you fill the tub with water. Using my standard garden hose this took me around 2 hours. Inside the tub are marking stating minimum water level and maximum water level. The temperature (which is shown on the read out on the top of the pump was 55 degrees. Once filled, I switch on the heat pump (it's all the same pump). It took 23 hours to get the temp to 104 which is the maximum. You can heat the tub with the cover on, which it recommends and of course speeds up the heating process.Now it's use. You can set the temp, max is 104 and 104 is hot. I've never had a tub before so getting in really surprised me. It's plenty hot! Once you switch the jets on, they will stay on for 30 minutes. A built in automatic timer switches them off after 30 minutes. Nice! The jets run around 3/4 of the tub which is a great idea, so you don't have to sit in the jets area if you don't want too. They are surprisingly strong! and certainly work you back muscles! feels amazing! The pump itself is very quiet in heat mode, kinda like a very low hum. When the jets are on the pump is a little louder but of course you don't hear the pump at all since the bubbles are bouncing around. The pump itself has many features. A timer, temp up and down (max 104), jet on and off, heat on and off, filter system on and off, lock on and off. C or F reading. Great features for this price ($299). If you have the heat on, it will automatically switch off after 72 hours, another great feature so you can save money. When not in use I just switch the whole system off at the plug....but I've sometimes just turned the temp down to it doesn't take too long to warm up.I purchased a 2 pack of underwater lights ($10 on Amazon) and they came with remote controls. Highly recommended! It makes your hot tub at night look like $5000! You can fix a color or have them fade in and out. Awesome!I'm loving this tub! So does my girlfriend and daughter. It's quiet, hot, great jets, love the lights I bought (only need to use one in the middle of the tub on the bottom) Oh, I'm 5'9 and when sitting down my feet don't touch the other side. Plenty of room for 2 people and yes, you could easily fit 4. The flooring is well cushioned, you can sit in this for hours! having the floor mats underneath I'm sure helps. I've even sat on the side on the tub and it's fine. I think if you're 180lbs or less you should be ok doing that. I'm not sure how using this effects my electricity bill...hopefully not by much but it'll be worth it! So much fun! One last thing - comes with a floating tub cleaning device - you place 2 bromide or chlorine tablets in it. I'm using bromide.Good Luck!UPDATE - 4/13/17Still going great! Amazing hot tub!It has no leaks (fingers crossed). Last week I had to re-inflate the lid and tub a little. Kinda makes sense that over time the pressure will go down. I don't inflate it too much since the hot weather is here now and the tub expands (of course) when the sun gets on it.The heat pump is still going strong. Of course depending on where you place your tub (mine is on my deck) and the outside temp/weather - effects how long it takes to heat up the tub. I live in NC and the weather varies from 70 to 80 degrees right now. I'd say 2 or 3 degrees an hour. I use the tub 4 or 5 times a week and my electricity bill (for a month) has gone up $30.....which is amazing! Well worth it.Once in the tub at 104 degrees....again depending on the outside stays at 104 for at least 20 to 30 minutes!!! :o)I've cleaned the 2 filters twice...I use a mix of water and bleach 50/50 and a toothbrush....I give them both a good scrub and put them back in. I've just ordered a pack of 6 for $18 but these original filters will last me another couple of months I'm sure.One of the best investments I've ever made, love it !!!!11/20/17 - Last update. Tub is still going strong! Only last week the outside temp was 26 degrees...I put the tub on a Friday morning and by Saturday night it was ready at 104 degrees! Felt amazing being outside in a tub. I'm still using bromide and the water is amazingly clean. So clear. I swap out the 2 filters every 2 months (clean the used ones ready to use again). I've noticed that the tub itself slowly deflates....and I mean slowly. Nothing serious like there's a leak....but every 2 months or so I'll put air back into the tub and the top cover to keep it tight and strong. I love this thing! I can't believe it's lasted this long and I'm using it once or twice a week. I'm still not noticing any significant increase in my electric bill, so that's nice. I'd definitely buy again and the camo coloring looks great too!Thanks
March 1, 2017
Excellent product. I put those exercise mats below which made the base extremely comfortable. Inflated it, filled it up and plugged it in. Within a day it was at 90 degrees and 100 by the evening. Absolutely amazing product. Can't say enough about it. Relaxed my muscled and was fun to sit in and chill. This spa is made by salu spa so is identical to other models possibly including coleman.
April 2, 2017
I was pleasantly surprised! It's not a big hot tub but it certainly does the job. I have neck and back issues and the jets blow hard enough to relax the muscles.
December 30, 2016
I am really happy I bought this product, it was so easy to set up and even easier to maintain. I have had it for about two months now and have been in it almost every day. I spent about $70 on chemicals but it's only about 190 gallons so it's doesn't take much to keep that much water under control. I also already emptied it just to keep the water fresh just because. I recommend this tub for anyone for the price .
May 1, 2017
bought on about a month ago and love it. Set it up in the garage so we can use it in the winter. Very relaxing to use.
January 16, 2017

Coleman 71" x 26" Inflatable Spa 4-Person Hot Tub with 6 Filter Cartridges

The Coleman SaluSpa is an inflatable hot tub that seats 4 people and completely portable so you can take it with you on your vacations or relax at home. The SaluSpa has 120 massage jets and a ...

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Set up was as expected. Getting the chemicals right has been a bit of a challenge but after a week I seem to have it figured out.The tub holds its heat well. Drops to 90 over night and we run the heater for 4 hours in the early evening to get it to 100 for our dip. Very comfortable with relaxing bubbles. Pump is very quiet. Bubbles are louder as expected. Perfect size for 2 adults with room to stretch far seems like a great addition to our outdoor oasis.
July 6, 2017
i loved this when we first set it up for my birthday, it immediately sprung a leak and disinflated, I ordered a patch kit and spent over three hours patching it. then filled it back up and lost more air. it's flat and overall a very expensive failure 🙁
June 27, 2017
Purchased and used for 2-3 weeks.Easy to set up and use.Not the luxury expensive Spa but just good enough and the enjoyment for all of my family.Two adults and two kids, Maybe bit bigger one is better.This was very good investment.
October 9, 2017
Everything I expected. Easy set up.
August 17, 2017

SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub

Pamper yourself in the warm, soothing water of the Hawaii HydroJet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub. With its 8 adjustable hydrojets, soothing bubble jets and digital control panel, a relaxing massage is ...

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So here's my review after just a couple days. Amazon ordering was easy as always. Said 3-4 months but took 3 weeks and now they have some in stock. Shipping was freight cause the box is like 150-200lbs. I went and picked it up instead of there delivery 4 days later. Assembly was pretty easy, manual and CD. You need to buy the salt for it and chlorine test strips. I bought a 40lb bag of salt for 9 bucks. Instructions say to use 4.4lbs the first time. So it don't take much. The hot tub it's self I compare to a basketball type material that not blown all the way up but still soft. Feels very durable and we like the pillow feeling. It's deep enough for me to sit on the bottom and the water comes up to my neck. The motor unit is nice, controls are easy and it's 110. The jets are nice but there not all the same pressure. I could do without them. I do like the air bubbles but I didn't think I would of but they do cool the water faster. You can only run one thing at a time cause it only 110. So jets only, bubbles only, or heat only. Does come with a top also. If you live in a colder climate you'll have to keep it in a garage or sun room. The manual says don't operate under 40 degrees. I like the salt water system tho its easy to keep up with and better for your skin. If you don't want the Jets then get the new Palm Springs one is a little cheaper and is salt. Overall were very happy with it and was well worth the money so far.
October 27, 2016
We've had this for just over a week so far and have been in it every night since it heated up enough. Very satisfied so far.Delivery: the first one we ordered got 'lost' in transit. I think some truck driver in Indiana is probably kicking back in it right now. Amazon reps were very helpful though. We got some compensation for the delay and the tub arrived a week later via Pilot Freight. Came in on a pallet and in total weighs about 200 lb (according to the manifest). it came in a large carton containing two smaller boxes. One was primarily for the pump and the other for the inflatable tub.Setup: moving the contents to the setup site took a while. I recommend a hand cart or furniture dolly as the pump unit especially is quite heavy. The first step is to inflate the insert for the insulated top. Everything you need is included. You use the pump unit and an air hose. Takes about 2 minutes. Next step is to lay out the thin thermal mat that goes underneath the tub. Then connect the air hose to the tub itself. There's a pressure gauge that goes between so you know when to stop inflating.Filling: filling is easy using a garden hose. Time depends on water pressure but took us an hour or so. There's a minimum and maximum line on the inside of the tub. I recommend keeping to the minimum for a couple of reasons. I'll explain why later!Salinating: autocorrect changed it to salivating but that would be gross! We have not used chlorine or bromine tabs so far. We used regular old sodium chloride (granulated salt), about 2 kg or 4.4 lb. The built in chlorinator converts the salt to chlorine. It's much better for your skin (my daughter has a chlorine sensitivity) and you feel much lighter with all the salt! The timing for the chlorinator can be set to 3, 5 or 8 hours. I recommend turning it on overnight.Testing/chemicals: we used Nature2 testing strips to check the MPS, alkalinity and pH of the water. We used Nature2 non-chlorine shock to manage the MPS level. We are still working on finding the right balance. We have also used calcium carbonate to increase pH and we had to use a little defoaming agent after a few days of bubbles.Soaking: the fun part! We couldn't wait for it to get up to 104F/40C (assume about 2°F temperature increase per hour) so we got in at 95, which was a bit low but still nice. I'm 6'4" but the other family members are more vertically challenged. I found the water level very comfortable for me, but the girls felt at risk of going under. I have since invested in a couple of Intex spa chairs (basically booster seats) which sit at the bottom and should do the trick. The heater cannot be used at the same time as the air bubbles or the water jets but we have found that the temperature stays pretty stable for at least a half hour or so after the heater is turned off. Max temp is 104F/40C. But beware: there is an overflow valve on the outside of the tub near the pump inlet. This valve is closed when the bubbles or jets are on, but open when off. So, if you just want to soak in the tub and listen to the sounds of nature or the TV or whatever, remember Archimedes. You will displace a certain amount of water when you are in the tub, and if you have a similar experience to me, you could end up with several gallons of water leaking silently through the overflow valve and onto your floor. Not a problem if the tub is outside but most definitely a potential issue that is not talked about in the user manual!Maintenance: as we have only had it for a week, we have not changed the water or filters yet, so I can't really comment on that aspect. Some dirt and scum does build up from, well, people in the tub, so I definitely recommend a pre-soak shower. Wiping around the edge every couple of days helps keep things clean. I've ordered a "scumball" to help out with this. We have added MPS, pH-up and defoamer as needed but the water still feels good. I expect to have to change the water completely every month or two. We'll see.Summary: overall, very satisfied. Still getting the hang of the water quality but very much enjoying the tub so far. Great family time and fun for having friends over. Plus, about 10-20% the cost of a permanent tub.
April 16, 2016
Not even three months into gentle use the pump started kicking off. We bought new filters and changed them frequently. The hot tub is set up inside our sun room so it is not exposed to hug temperature changes. The pump has completely given out by November and it had been purchased in March! I called the company and they gave me these directions to follow before I can file a clam. It included cutting off the power cord and showing them with a picture of it cut off. After doing so they proceed to inform me that they are not replacing that pump because they are having too much trouble with it. They offered to send me a Colman hot tub with a partial refund if I cut out the batch number from the liner and send it to them. Or they could send me a total refund once they get the liner cut up. We bought the hot tub because of the jets and bubbles feature. If we wanted just a bubbler we could have saved a lot of money and headache by buying one to begin with. We still do not have a hot tub or a refund. I was told today that I will need to wait at least 2 to 3 weeks for a refund. I sent them the first information a month ago. FINAL BLOW: I SAID I WOULD JUST BUY OURSELVES A NEW ONE. THEY SAID THAT WOULD BE FINE BUT THEY WOULD NOT WARRENTY THE NEW TUB BECAUSE I ALREADY KNOW THE PUMP MIGHT GO OUT!!!!!!!!!
December 11, 2017
Did not work as salt water hot tub but appears to be great as regular hot tub. Love the jets!!!03/26/17 pump died and waiting on replacement. Is going to take about you weeks. Only good thing is that customer service was great much better than with a previous Spa company.Almost July and still waiting on part. Don't buy.
August 12, 2016
Chlorinator never worked. I'm using chlorine tablets while waiting 3 months for a pump to arrive. Then bestway gave me a call needing a picture of the receipt and model number. They then wanted me to cut the cord on the pump which will render the spa useless. Very disappointed
July 17, 2017
We really liked this spa and it was a great price. The jets worked well, until the heater died and killed the whole thing after about 5 months.
November 11, 2017
I love this jacuzzi tub. So much nicer than the Intex I purchased first. Love the jets. Only complaint is that it takes a little big time to heat up. They say rapid heating system, however it's kinda slow. Takes 24 hours to get to 104 from mid 70s. Other than that, it's nice.
July 30, 2017

Intex Pure Spa 4 Person Inflatable Portable Hot Tub with 6 Filter Cartridges

Relax and indulge yourself in the Intex PureSpa Portable Hot Tub. With the touch of a button activate the 120 soothing bubble jets that surround the interior of the spa or adjust the temperature that ...

  • Last reviews
I've had this spa for 3 months, got a good deal at the big box store. Though I like it and enjoy having a hot tub, it does have issues.The good:It's relaxing, easily set up and take down, stores easily, very inexpensive compared to hard-side hot tubs, kids love playing in it.The not so good:The heater really is undersized/underpowered. The manual states it can heat the tub at 2 degrees per hour, which is exactly what mine does. That means to heat its water from 80 to 104, it takes 12 hours. That means if you're going to use it, you need to start heating well ahead of time, unless you plan to keep it at temperature. Additionally, the heater can't hold the spa to 104 once the air bubbles go on because the cold air bubbling through the hot water cools it; it drops from 104 to 98 in 1/2 hour, per the bubble timer. That is summer nights in Sacramento, so we're not talking having to keep the spa hot in cold temps. 98 is not hot enough for me, and I'd like the option to stay in more than 30 minutes.Using a kill-a-watt device, I found it cost about $40 dollars a month to keep the unit at 100, with my kw cost at 10.5 cents per. Again, that's during the Sacramento summer when evening temps are at least 80. Online reviews of inflatable spas note their lack of insulation, so I know the cost to heat this thing when temps go to the 30s and 40s is going to be a lot more. It will cost you more for one year's heating than it cost for the spa.I considered a number of alternatives to reduce the heating costs, heat blankets, insulation wraps, various heating scenarios, but they didn't do anything for lag time on heating up the unit, or keeping the water hot while I was in it. Because I often go 5 days or more without using the spa, I don't want to pay to keep it heated for that time, and I don't want to wait 12 hours or more to use it. It's a waste of energy and money.On the other hand, I didn't want to spend another $2k to get a more user-friendly tub.My solution: So as is consistent with my character, I modified my purespa. My franken-spa now heats primarily with a propane Ecotemp L5 camping shower unit. I pull the water from the spa's drain, through an intex 1000 gph pump-filter to the heater. It's not elegant. But it only takes 1 to 1.5 hours to heat the spa from 80 to 104+, and it holds the temp once I get in. Cost is about $1 to $2 per use for propane. I also have a bypass that take the water directly back to the tub without going through the heater, again filtering at about 1000 gph, which is WAY more efficient than the unit's filtering system, a bonus. The Ecotemp is a bit flakey, but once you understand its issues, it works like a charm.Cost-wise, the purespa was still a good buy for me, with modifications. It does need chemicals and maintenance. I think intex could improve it with a better heater, even if it added $100 to the cost. As it is, it is either expensive to operate or inconvenient.
July 31, 2014
My sister had one of these and talked me into using it when I was at her house. I was totally sold. One week later we had ours! Easy set up! We have used it every day since. We used 1 tsp. Granulated chlorine dissolved in careful!. Our test strips came out perfect! We filled it to the first fill line because we are large people. Good lo relax in! Do not over fill air either... Use the air gauge that comes with it. You will love it!!
June 3, 2016
Bought this as a Christmas present for my wife. We are both at the age where aches and pains bother us more each day. I thought it would be a nice way to help out that situation. We have only had it a short time, but we both like it a lot so far. The setup was easy and I did all of it by myself. I even built a platform for it in one room( we call it our Dungeon) of our unfinished basement. I wanted to keep it a secret from my wife as long as possible so I worked on the platform and setup when she was at work. I filled it and it was ready the following day.We spend about half and hour to 45 min.( bubbles run for 30 min.) at a time in it mostly just before bedtime. It really has helped both of us sleep better, and after being in the hot tub and then crawling into bed shortly after you feel warm and relaxed. It does cool to about 98 by the time we get out, but I think it would stay hot longer if we didn't run the bubbles continuously. Maybe 10-15 min. at a time. It makes sense that it would cool down faster with the bubbles going as you are pushing air through the water. So far no real complaints ,and this is a good spa for the money. We are really enjoying it. I don't know yet what it cost to run as we haven't had it long enough yet. We have an old comforter we throw over it which I know helps keep it warm. So far so good 🙂
January 7, 2015
I haven’t actually gotten into mine yet, but I’m very excited for when I do. I liked that it was pretty easy to put together, but I wish it came with the chlorine tablets. The hot tub itself is very steardy and perfect size for 2-3 adults. It would also be nice if it came with seating inside. The hot tub does take a very long time to heat up, so make sure you plan to heat it up at least 24hrs ahead of time of use. The only other thing I wish was different so far is the maximum heat amount. I’d prefer it if the hot tub could be higher than 104.
December 12, 2017
This product is amazing. I sold my large spa, ya know the big 8'person seater plastic shell hard wired beast. This thing inflates itself! I literally had this up and filled with water in an hour. Easiest and nicest jacuzzi I have ever owned. Although the air bubbles take some getting used to with cold air hitting you in the butt 😳 But this is a great buy, highly recommended!
August 12, 2016
We haven't been able to enjoy it yet because the controls module was defective when we received it. We have a new control unit on the way to us now.
July 16, 2017
Worth every penny after a hard day working! Easy to use, easy to maintain.
September 13, 2015

Coleman SaluSpa 6 Person Inflatable Outdoor Spa Jacuzzi Bubble Massage Hot Tub

Long day at the office? Relax in the Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub. It's everything you love about hot tubs, but inflatable and portable.The hot tub inflates in minutes and the rapid heating ...

Available: In stock
  • Last reviews
Fantastic buying experience from start to finish. Item even arrived a day ahead of schedule much to our delight! Free Shipping too! Spa was easy to assemble; took us about 30 minutes before we started filling it. The spa is remarkably sturdy, considering it is an inflatable. Even if one sits on the sides, it does not have any impact or make an impression. It keeps its pressure up too (no deflating). It takes at least 24 hours for the water to reach the max temperature of 104 degrees, so don't expect to use if the first day! We figure out what time we want to spa and then use the timer to start heating the water at the appropriate time. Be sure to read up on keeping your spa healthy with the right chemical balance. The "Hot Tube Bible" available through Amazon/Kindle was also a great source of information to get us started. The bubbles are strong, effective and awesome. Friends and family are amazed by this spa. It has really enhanced our lives (and popularity)!
May 9, 2017
Was worried the air bubbles wouldn't be anywhere near as good as true hot tub jets. Actually , they're pretty good and make it well worth the money.Tub is well made and a nice size for 2 adults to have fun in.
November 20, 2017
hottest things since sunburn, use it daily feel much better for it
October 29, 2017
This is a great portable hot tub. Easy to set up, maintain and take down.
October 29, 2017
I purchased mine awhile ago so i feel i can give a worthy review it is easy to set up and durable, if you are unsure if 104 degrees is hot enough it kinda burns when i first get in i run it at 102 not much difference but doesn't burn as bad when i get in, i put mine on a concrete slab indoors in my back patio, so i don't get temperature loss like some reviews, i can be in mine as long as i want and it stays at 102, when it's time for bed i set the timer to turn on in 3 hours filter and heat for 3 hours, i get up for work and do the same thing again, when i get off work it is at the right temp and crystal clear so i feel i will save on the life of the pump not running it all night and day, my wife loves it, we soak for a bit before bed each night i feel more relaxed and when my head hits the pillow i fall asleep much faster than i used to, so over all it has many benifits to get besides just wanting to spoil yourself, if you are unsure or scared to buy this for some reason, i was to, but now i have no regrets and feel very happy to have it
July 7, 2017
Relatively easy set up. Water at temperature in a days time and very active water circulation. We have enjoyed this spa very much.
November 16, 2017
Love the Spa. We've spent almost every night in it since we got it. Excellent seller as well. 👍👍
March 28, 2017

SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub w/ LED Light Show

Easily set up either indoors or outdoors within minutes, the Lay-Z-Spa Paris is a great choice for an affordable, go-anywhere spa. It will look perfect set up on wooden decking or on the lawn. The ...

  • Last reviews
Save your $60K and don’t put a jacuzzi in. This is the best.Pros:- once hot, just like a jacuzzi- the bubbles are great- the heat is great. Gets to 104°- really nice cover. Safe, secure, keeps the heat in- quality materials- truly a bargain for what you getCons:- didn’t come with extra filters- it takes several days to heat up- instructions are terrible. We had to us google to figure out everything for install, etc.
December 10, 2017
The best purchase 2017!Only issue is some mold inside the air chamber, because the chambers are transparent, the stains are visible from outside, how can I clean there??
December 12, 2017
Pump stopped working after 7 months. Cannot find a replacement pump.
December 2, 2017
Pleasanly pleased with this item.
December 4, 2017
I was skeptical about purchasing an inflatable hot tub, call me a hot tub snob if you will, but let me tell you, this is my little slice of heaven. I couldn't be happier with this purchase! Seriously. The tub was extremely easy to put together, inflate and in just a few hours (most of that time is adding the water) you can be floating in paradise. The tub and outer liner are thick and heavy and this is a good thing. The tub comes with a ground cover mat that reminds me of bubble wrap, except you can't pop it. I used a couple foam mats as a base because where I installed the tub (under my car port) it was gravel. So, first the foam mats, then the bubble wrap ground cover mat then the tub. And it is so cushion-y! I was also skeptical about the bubble effect. Would it be like sitting in a high end spa? The answer to that is a resounding YES! Maybe even more relaxing as the walls are cushioned because it's inflatable, and not hard plastic. The ring surrounding the inside of the tub that produces the bubbles is very effective! The reason I purchased this tub is because I have spinal arthritis and this spa has been a god send. I can relax in the warm water, do some very simple stretching exercises and sleep like a baby each night. Did I mention the lights?! What a fabulous idea. There is a strip of LED lights that goes between the spa liner and the outer cover which lights up to any color or cycle through a range of colors and how much fun is that! I installed this toward the end of summer when it is stifling hot here in the South, so it's sweet I can control the water temperature to be cooler during the heat of the day and warmer at night after the sun goes down and the air temp cools, you can turn up the heat. I don't usually recommend products, but in this case I would recommend this to anyone, you won't be sorry. PS - it also comes with a top cover that can be locked down for security and keeping out debris.
August 17, 2017
It is a great buy ,the only thing I was surprised by is that the water heater is slow it takes hours to heat up the water
June 22, 2016
Purchased this spa and had multiple issues owning it in the first month!Spa was very nice for a while and working without issues; however, had the following problem over the duration of ownership:First week, I noticed the cover was not consistently holding air and had to continually fill it up. I submitted a warranty claim for the cover and they told me that I had to cut out a piece from the cover and take a picture of the number cut out on my hand for them to send me a replacement. After I did this, they informed me that the item was not in stock?? So they said they could send me a different color and I said fine.Three weeks out, my wife and I had noticed a bubble in the bottom of the spa and didn't think this was right; however, went ahead and submitted a warranty claim for this and was told that there was nothing wrong and this was how it was supposed to be.A month and a half out, the pump fails and starts making this loud rattling sound that I proceed to report for a warranty claim. I am told that they will send me a replacement, but it is out of stock and there are none in??This is absurd to have this many issues with a product of this price within the first two months. I have returned the spa to Amazon and will not be purchasing another Bestway product.
July 7, 2016

Intex Pure Spa 4-Person Inflatable Jet Massage Hot Tub w/ Six Filter Cartridges


Relax and indulge yourself in the Intex PureSpa Portable Jet Massage Hot Tub. With the touch of a button activate the 4 high-powered performance jets that surround the interior of the spa or adjust ...

  • Last reviews
It was good but not for us. Customer support was very good.
August 30, 2017
so farso goid, we like the spa.
July 25, 2017

Intex Pure Spa 4-Person Inflatable Portable Hot Tub Ultimate Bundle Package

Relax and indulge yourself in the Intex PureSpa Portable Hot Tub. With the touch of a button activate the 120 soothing bubble jets that surround the interior of the spa or adjust the temperature that ...

  • Last reviews
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about this hot tub! I use it twice a day. It's wonderful for my osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia! It's easy to keep clean, no leaks, no muss, no fuss. Comfortable. TONS of bubbling action! My husband made me a Jamaican "Girl Cave" in the basement for it and we are having a great time with it. Portable, not expensive. How can you lose? Just buy it!
December 11, 2017
I have just finished getting the spa installed and filled, I did this by myself since it appeared to be pretty easy. The only problem i had was with the plug, i had had an electrician install a covered outlet in my backyard and the plug was too big for the box so until i can get a larger covered box (to keep it out of the weather) i am having to use a 3 ft heavy duty extension cord. Other than that it was easy install and easy to set up to heat the water but a little confusing on sanitation and filtration. Overall a great small spa for the money. Motor is a bit noisy.
May 9, 2017
Fast shipping, heated up quickly (from cold hose water to hot and ready the next day), all the accessories were a great bonus especially the cup holder! We couldn't have electric installed for a permanent hot tub but this has been a fantastic solution to my end of day back pain! Worth every dime!!
May 11, 2017
May 21, 2017
Yes I am very pleased with the spa. Easy set up and very strong structure. Heats well no problems yet.
June 27, 2017
Great, easy to get set up!
August 15, 2016
exactly what we were looking for! Easy to set up. Very nice.
July 5, 2017

Coleman SaluSpa 4-Person Inflatable Spa Hot Tub with Accessories & Cleaning Kit

The Coleman Inflatable Miami Spa is an inflatable hot tub that seats 4 people and is completely portable so you can take it with you on your vacations or relax at home. It has massage jets and a ...

  • Last reviews
The package arrived quickly and was packed in two boxes (one was the additional Bluetooth speaker). It wasn't easy to set up, as the direction ls were vague and did not explain the cover well enough. I already have a hole in the seam, and am not happy with that fact, it's not repairable to my satisfaction.
November 18, 2017
The spa is exactly what I expected, easy to set up, easy to maintain and a perfect starter spa!
September 24, 2017
December 11, 2017
love it! The only down fall which we didn't realize was you can't have it up under 40 degrees. Other than that easy set up and a whole lot of family fun!
May 24, 2017
Love this! It is spectacular for my husband and I and a great opportunity to see if we want a full size hot tub. Great starter, and my friend is already negotiating buying it from me if we get a full size one.
August 3, 2017
I bought this unit in April 2016 when it was sold directly by Amazon u nervous the name Coleman Lay Z Spa. The flow sensor failed in January 2017 and the company replaced the pump unit. That unit failed in Augustv2017, but since it was out of warranty (1 year from date of purchase) they would only offer to sell me a new pump for $200.
August 25, 2017
I love my tiny spa! I have limited space and just needed and oasis for the hubby and i!
August 25, 2017

Therapurespa EST5868 4-Person Inflatable Portable Hot Tub with Storage Bag

TheraPureSpa Spa 4-person Inflatable Portable Hot Tub with storage bag and digital control panel for in doors or outdoor use.

  • Last reviews
Received the product quick, sets up quick too. It looks all great but then it won't heat up. Can't get the people on the phone. Hoping / worried I may have wasted $600.00 Will see how this turns out.
March 10, 2014
was so super excited to purchase this for myself for my birthday! after only 6 months the unit sits broken. the bubbles work but NO heat. 600.00 down the drain!
January 19, 2014
Only lasts through warrantyif that. The company, Esse Tranding, Inc, may or may not have even looked at the hot tub after we paid for shipping to send it back to them. You will have to pay all shipping. Our spa worked for just under 90 days and then out of the blue shut off. We tried to unplug and plug it back in to restart it. Plugged it into 8 other outlets and it still would not work. And we live in a brand new home so it is not "old outlets" as they like to claim. To verify, we had done nothing to it, it just stopped heating and completely shut off when we weren't even in it. We had read all the reviews and done our research on this hot tub and it seemed like this was a good hot tub but we were wrong. Someone from the company must be writing the good reviews. When we did send it back to the company to get fixed, we had to pay shipping both ways. They said they ran tests on it and nothing was wrong, it worked just fine. However, when we got it back it was in the original shipping and packaging that we sent it in and still not working. This is just a small account of my challenges with the company. I had several conversations with them, including the president Ariyeh Green, to get them to work with me and they refused. They also shipped it to the wrong address and charged us $20 extra to ship it back. We shipped it for $34 and they charged us $55. Bottom line, they outright lied about the hot tub being in working order and refused to fix it under warranty.
February 1, 2013
July 22, 2015
Not hot enough
September 14, 2017
bought this item on December 14, 2014.Heater went out February 14, 2015.Would like to know how to resolve 90 day warranty
February 14, 2015
I purchased this product because it was attractive looking and priced right. As always, a lesson I never seem to learn, you get what you pay for. The product is of very poor quality, I was not expecting something wonderful designed and built for $500 in the spa product category but I did hope it would last at least a year. This product has broken down three times in 4 months. My main problem is that the company indicated to me on the last issue that the warranty is only good from the time of purchase, not the time you received the latest replacement product. So, I have a completely new unit and in 6 weeks the plastic sides began to separate from the inner plastic air bladder. It is clear that this is a manufacturing issue. I provided pictures of the issue to the company but there response was that the warranty started when I first purchased the product even though I had received a completely new unit because the first one was missing all of the parts and it took over a month to have that one replaced. So, because of this delay I was out of warranty on the replacement. This is just very bad business and in my humble opinion ethically corrupt. If you are going to sell a product please at the very least stand behind it on some level.
July 14, 2013
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Things to Think About When Buying a Portable Hot Tub or Outdoor Mini Pool

If you do not want to spend money at maintaining that expensive fixed outdoor tub or pool and if you do not use it often, then you might have or just want a portable one and bring it out on summer and/or on special occasions.

There are plenty of portable tubs in the market like for a single person, for 2 persons, 4 persons, a mini pool, inflatable hot tub, portable spa, whirlpool bath and so on. You can even improvise the back of a pickup truck to turn into a mini pool. So many options to choose from and they all need proper care and the basic of sanitation.

What to consider when buying a portable tub?

Before you go and buy that inflatable hot tub for 4 people, go around the possible places in your house or property and see if it has available water source and power source. Here are other things you might want to ask yourself…

The place where you will put the tub – grass, concrete, wood, sand, soil, coble stone, so on. The important thing is that it will not rip from anything on the ground especially for inflatable tubs and those made from materials that can rip. If it can’t be avoided then use a tarp or any textile that can prevent your pool from being punctured or ripped by the ground beneath it.

Size when fully inflated or assembled – if it can’t fit in your property then don’t buy it and find something else. Also, there are those tubs that are big and in one piece which is non-folding, make sure those parts can fit through your doors and hallways.

How to assemble – not all portable tubs are assembled in the same way some needs pumps some needs a push of a button. Ask if needs electricity, screws, bolts, tools, power tools, and so on.

Storage – when you don’t need the tub anymore, make sure you got a place to properly store it and a storage container that can protect it from pests and bugs. No one wants to open a can of spiders or worms.

Pets and animals – when they want to destroy something, they will destroy that something. Make sure that the tub is made of materials that can easily pass through their intestines if they actually manage to eat some of the portable tub.

Strength and weight – do not buy flimsy looking and feeling ones, they tend to break very easily. Look for something with materials that can last long with proper use and care.

Replacement parts and repairs – some portable tubs filters and hot tub functions, ask if the parts can be replaced easily or if it can be fixed easily. This is the number one thing to mind when getting a portable hot tub or any tub that comes with some with some sort of gadget.

Accessories – there are plenty of add-ons you can get with your portable tub like removable water jets to turn it into a 4 person whirlpool bath.

Online or offline – you need to get that new house addition from a reliable source especially when buying online where there is only a description and some pictures.

Number of people and level of water – family use only or house party use? The recommended use and maximum capacity should always be followed or it will be doomed since it is not as strong as the fixed versions.

Water sanitation – consider getting chlorine, bromine, or ozoniser if the portable tub or mini pool will keep that water for a long time to keep the water germ and virus free. Do not forget to cover it from the elements after each use, it will keep critters and contaminants from polluting the water.

Cleaning before using and after using – you have to know how to clean it and how easily the portable tub or pool can be cleaned.

Budget – check your finances and find a brand that is selling quality portable hot tubs. You want to savour every cent you put into that new addition to your home or property.

People who will use it – not all people are going to use it with care especially children, teens, and the drunk. Chose the portable pool or tub wisely because you cannot choose who will use it.

Designed by insanity – and of course there are the portable tubs and pools insanely designed for those who are bored with generic things in life.

Kinds of potable tubs and mini pools

There are plenty of portable tubs out there to choose from and one or two can fit your needs and wants.

By size – there are products that are only for small kids, not so small kids and pets, single person, 2 person, 4 person, party size, and so on.

By material – plastic, see through glass like material, tarp, some sort of rubber, some sort of waterproofed textile, and more.

By assembly – inflatable, puzzle types, just press that button/self-assembling, just unfold and add water, build that frame and add water, and what else those designers can think of.

By use – hot tub, spa tub, whirlpool, Jacuzzi, kids, adults, pets, for specific seasons, outdoors, indoors, camping, and multi-purpose.

By shape – triangle, square, oblong, circle, cube, some shape that is not among the mentioned ones. Those designers can think of pretty strange shapes for their products.

By accessories and features – attachable slide, attachable lights, attachable filter, attachable water jet, fixed filters, fixed lighting, add-on seats, add-on steps; so ask the manufacturer what else they got for their product.


Asses your home and see which kind fits you best. Take your time going around the internet and psychical shops and scrutinize the product before buying it and take note of the price versus quality. Some product need minimal maintenance and some needs maintenance that rivals that of their location fixed cousins. Be reminded also of product and water safety.


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Buy Any of These Top Portable Inflatable Hot Tubs For 4 People

SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

$550.99  in stock
15 new from $550.99
Buy Now
as of July 13, 2020 5:28 pm


  • Enjoy the ultimate spa experience: receive total relaxation when you slip into this soothing portable hot tub after an exhausting day. 120 bubble jets soak sore muscles for a luxurious treat.
  • Dimensions: 71" W x 26" H | Inner Size: 52" W
  • Operate from inside the hot tub: The digital control panel lets you change the water temperature (up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and flow of the jets without stepping out of the tub. A power saving timer can even automate the temperature of the spa up to 72 hours in advance.
  • Superior strength and durability: The puncture-resistant tri-tech material and I-beam construction ensures your hot tub never loses its shape and stability even when people sit on the side walls.
  • Simple setup and maintenance: no extra tools are needed to setup This portable spa. Simply inflate and deflate with the spa's own pump! A cover comes with to provide safety, maintain the water's warm temperature, and keep the water Clean from debris, such as rain or Leaves.

Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

$799.99  in stock
4 new from $799.99
Buy Now
as of July 13, 2020 5:28 pm


  • The built in hard water treatment system makes water gentler on skin for a soothing experience
  • An insulated cover and lock is included to minimize heat loss and provides an added safety feature
  • Pure Spa provides simple maintenance with 2 easy to replace filter cartridges for clean refreshing spa water
  • Age Grading: 6+. Includes: Heating system, 3-way test strip, 2 filter cartridges, floating pool chlorine dispenser, thermal ground cloth, inflation hose, carry bag
  • Seating capacity: 4 people; Water capacity: 210 gallons; Water temperature range (68 Degrees to 104 Degrees)
  1. I have read good things about this one: SaluSpa Realtree MAX-5 AirJet 4 Person.

    I might have to give this one a try since I know a person or two with it.

  2. These prices are pretty good when you see what you are paying for. I have read reviews that talk about how long it takes to heat up and the some leak after only a few months. Either way, I am impressed with the product and might have to pick one of these up!

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