Best Top 5 Reasons You Must Install a Sneeze Guard at Your Restaurant

Sneeze glass, also referred to as food shields, are plastic barriers or glass that protects food from airborne contaminants. This post will address the best top 5 reasons you must install a sneeze guard at your restaurant.  Due to a new mandated requirement, all self-service food bars and buffets must install and maintain a suitable food shield because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The emergence of Covid-19 has changed the way we do things; social distancing is now a must to help reduce the spread of the virus. Talking about social distancing, you may trust yourself to do a good job but what about the people around you?  Your colleagues, clients, your employees, do you trust them 100%? I guess the answer is no.

To ensure the safety of everyone, installing the sneeze glass guard at your workplace is one of the best ways to cob the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The sneeze guard will act as protection from anyone who is showing symptoms of the virus, it also acts as a barrier that reduces the exposure of your workers to health hazards.

Sneezing glasses are made of clear glass to keep the food they protect insight. Apart from its protective abilities, the sneezing glass offers the following advantage.

sneeze glass sample

  • Durability: The sneezing glass guard is significantly stronger than standard annealed glass
  • Hygienic: It has smooth surfaces that are easy to wash and sanitize
  • Appearance: The sneeze glass is always seen in modern-day restaurants. Apart from the fact that it gives your restaurant a modern look, it also serves as a show-glass to showcase the available food.

Where to use Glass Sneeze Guard in a restaurant?

At a restaurant, the sneeze glass guard is not only used to protect the food from airborne contaminants, but it can also help protect the workers and customers. Before the Covid-19 outbreak, food buyers and food sellers can interact freely and touch each other without any fear or worry, but now, the reverse is the case.

We’re no longer allowed to do that because there is a virus on the loose killing people in their thousands. One of the best ways to protect ourselves is by installing the sneeze protection glass to help separate food sellers and food buyers. Alright, back to the question – where to use glass sneeze guards in a restaurant?

At the point of food purchase: use the glass sneeze guard at the point of food purchase, where customers go to be served their food. It doesn’t just protect the food from contamination it also creates a barrier between customers and workers.

Where workers and customers interact: Even with the social distancing order, some workers would still like to say hi to their favorite customers and vice-versa. Putting a protective barrier between the buyers and the sellers is a good way of reducing the spread of the virus.

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Why should you install Sneeze Guard at your restaurant?

Cycles of Sneeze Glass

1. Serves as a protective layer to avoid the spread of COVID-19

The global problem caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is unimaginable. Schools, banks, establishments, and even markets have been closed down to help reduce the spread of the deadly virus.

Every possible measure to end this pandemic is the number one priority of every country in the world and everybody has a part to play including restaurant owners – which is why the use of glass sneeze guard at restaurants is now made compulsory.

The Covid-19 virus is airborne and can enter into our food when we sneeze or cough. But with the protective glass layer in play, our food is well protected from any kind of airborne contaminants including the Covid-19 virus.

2. FDA made it mandatory for food guards in America


Woman shopping for groceries

As mentioned earlier, the Covid-19 problem is a top priority for every federal and state agency and the FDA is taking appropriate steps to see that we come out from this pandemic in one piece. In the US the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made it mandatory for every restaurant, coffee shop, buffet, and any food outlet to have a protective food guard. Complying with this order is for the best and should not be taken for granted.

3. Shows your professionalism in serving your clients

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When you take your business seriously, only then can your potential customers take you seriously. Nobody would like to buy a meal with possible contaminants in it especially in this pandemic.

Not using protective glasses to cover the food you sell doesn’t just mean you’re unprofessional, you’re also putting people’s lives at risk by doing that.  But when your food is properly covered and well protected it shows you’re professional and you care about your customers and your workers.

4. Enhance your restaurant reputation

Professional Looking Restaurant

By the singular act of using glass sneeze guard in your restaurant, you can boost the reputation of your restaurant.  This is because people now know that you have their best interest at heart. Trust is something that is earned and cannot be bought, you can make your customers and workers trust you by making them feel safe.

5. Serves as a decorative piece for an elegant restaurant

Professional Looking Restaurant


Installing a sneeze guard will create a professional looking aesthetic glow.  This glow will also increase the market value of your restaurant if you’d like to sell it in the future. The sneeze glass guard comes in different types; you can get the ones that have inner lighting to give your restaurant a classy look.

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Final thoughts

One tip to help you reduce the risk of contact in your restaurant is to create separate entry and exit points. When people come use different doors it reduces the risk of unnecessary contact. Plus this creates ease of movement which will help reduce the spread of the virus.

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