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Fun for all at this toddler pool party. Includes two molded-in seats, umbrella and funnel cups and spinning wheel for endless sand fun. Features two molded-in seats. Designed to hold a 40” (101.6 cm) umbrella that nests nicely on the side of the pool providing shade for your little one at play. Includes 3 funnel cups and a fun spinning water wheel that attach easily to the umbrella post for added play. Molded-in designs at the bottom of the pool provide traction for little toddler feet. Minimal adult assembly required.

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I cannot get over how perfect this is! Some reviews state that the pool is too small. I mean, it's certainly not intended for big kids. That said, it's wonderful for my 3.5 and 1.5 year old. There's room enough for both of them, and they are equally entertained with the toys and water, while sitting comfortably in the shade. We were out in it for almost 3 hours yesterday after it arrived. Well made, sturdy, and cute. I think we will get more than our money's worth this summer. Now I can sit in the deck and read while they play contentedly (within arms reach, of course) - excellent product thus far.
My grandson loved this for his second birthday gift. We were missing the two plastic screws so didn't get it quite put together as it should be on our first try, but that didn't stop my grandson from enjoying the pool! It's solid, tough plastic, has little seats that can be a place to perch while splashing and splashing. Umbrella provides a nice barrier from our intense Florida sun. Lots of good clean fun for our 2 year old water bug!
I got this in 2011. So far it has held up to 6 summers of use by my 3 daughters, youngest are now 6 and 7. I love it. Before this, I had a series of inflatable pools, that always broke and caused tears and a lot of work to puff up. This is small, but sturdy. It doesn't leak. It's not big enough for lots of kids to sit in together. But my kids and their friends still enjoy it on the back deck, along with squirting the hose at eachother. I hesitated to buy this because it costs more than the inflatable ones, but it really has held up better. Glad I got it.We broke or maybe lost the umbrella a few years ago. Pool still fine without it. The umbrella was nice while it lasted, though bigger kids couldn't fit under it well.
always watch a child in a pool. this is an adorable pool but this is for babies that need to be watched. It is a sitting pool, not for swimming. It is an adorable first pool for a baby. It comes with the umbrella whichnbis a big plus to shade the baby.great item.
I bought this for my grand babies to use at my house this summer. It is pretty small but is just the right size for small children. I love the umbrella and the water toys. It has give us hours of water fun at grandma's house this summer.
This was a birthday gift for my 1 year old. We keep it on our deck. It's a great size for him but would be a bit small for an older child or multiple children. The umbrella comes in handy from time to time but usually we don't use it. You could get the same function for less money with a basic kiddie pool but the small diameter and shallower depth of these one is nice for keeping on our deck.
It's too small to be effective for a toddler. Maybe a 1 year old but our 3 year old can sit but that's about it. Worst part about this product is that there is no drain at the bottom. You have to lift and dump the water out each time and it's not that easy. The pool gets pretty heavy and you have to pry your hands under the edges and flip a wobbly pool over. My wife always makes me do it because she doesn't want to deal!

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