Best Swimming Pools: Intex Smiley Giraffe Inflatable Baby Pool, 44 x 36 x 28.5 Inches

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It's hard to resist an adorable smiling giraffe! Laugh and play as you make a splash in the Smiley Giraffe Baby Pool by Intex. This cute baby pool includes two colorful inflatable rings and two dangling noise makers to play with. Age grade: 1-3 years. Approximate inflated size: 44" x 36" x 28.5". Water capacity: 14 gallons (4" of wall height). Includes: Two inflatable dangling noise makers. Two inflatable rings. Repair patch.

User reviews

Great pool, my one year old loves it and so do I! It's bigger than I expected which is great. Definitely recommend it.
Sooo perfect! Perfect size! I want to take it in a flight and it's small and light enough to fits my suitcase! Amazing gift to my niece! Live it!!
My 7 month old loves this little pool! It is perfect for an infant who can sit unsupported and crawl. It is small enough that we can empty the water and bring it inside to the basement without having to blow it up every time. It took less than 20 minutes to get the pool inflated. It is such a cute swimming pool. It should last all summer and maybe even next year.
This is the most sturdy little kids pool I've ever seen. We inflated this 2 weeks after Easter this year and it's still inflated now. It lasted nearly the whole season in the backyard through bi-weekly water dumps, dogs walking through it and our daughter playing in it. It was perfect for our 6 month old and she'd still play in it now if we needed to.
Have tried two of these pools, and both have failed within a day. While the design is great and playful, both pools failed at the seams with the seams separating and letting the air out.
Excellent pool for my lil one:) perfect size,good quality, easy to inflate,easy to deflate.hours of supervised fun! I set it up on the lawn I wouldint suggest using on pavement but I wouldint suggest anyone use an inflatable pool on pavement. Great rattle toys and inflatable rings that he still plays with even weeks after use. Worth every penny for road trips or home.
I did not receive this product for free or any endorsements for my review.This is a fun and entertaining kiddie pool for our 10month old son. We wanted something for him to be able to splash around in and has the balls on the side with bells to keep him entertained if the bath toys are not enough. I would purchase again.

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