Best Swimming Pools: Intex 12-Foot by 30-Inch Metal Frame Pool Set

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12'x30" Metal Frame Pool Set w/530G Filter Pump 110-120 volt DFCI DVD beautiful eay-to-assemble durable and designed for years of family and neighborhood fun. Ready for water in 30 minutes. Water capacity (90%): 1718 gallons.

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A great pool! I've owned a few Intex pools. We used to have an 8-foot inflatable ring pool until a curious cat sank his claws into the ring. It took me two weeks to figure out why it wasn't holding air.The metal frame pool set fixed the problem. Less than $100 for a nice, clean pool to have a relaxing soak is terrific. Kids love it and both I and my wife love to relax/float around in it. Great on a hot day or evening.The filters should be cleaned or replaced once a week and you'll need a little floating chlorine tab holder, but with those two, the pool stays very clean and clear. It's set on a large area of sand I spread out for the purpose. During the winter, I drained to about 1-foot of water (to hold it down), disconnected the filter and put it inside (a mistake I made on another pool was to leave it out all year) and then looped the filter hoses through the top of the frame. Come Spring, I drained the pool, washed it out, filled it up a couple feet and tossed in some laundry chlorine then scrubbed it. It's fine.At price of $100, even having it only one season is worth the cost. The fact I'm getting at least two full seasons out of it is even better.
Pool was the perfect size for my 9 and 7 year old and was more convenient for me than getting a summer pool pass. Trickiest part of putting the pool together is holding the horizontal bars at the correct angle to the t-bar in order to get the pin to fit properly. I struggled to get the first few in... but once I figured it out, it went much faster. You want to hold the horizontal post at a downward angle into the t-bar. That will make dropping the pin in easier. We also purchase pool cover, skimmer net, and chorine puck floatie. So for roughly $200, the kids had their pool for the summer. So my reward was hearing the laughter of two kids splashing and swimming around without a care in the world.... as their summers should be. If the pool only lasts one season, it would be worth it for me. But it seemed pretty sturdy once filled so I would say the quality is surprisingly good.
We enjoyed having this pool during the summer. The toddlers are able to cool off and since it is only 30 inches high, they can stand fairly easily. The sides of the pool are strong enough for the kids to run into the side. I'm not quite sure how the picture has so many people in the pool. It is only 12 foot in diameter.The filtering system was terrible and we ended up not using it. The pool does not come with a net or brush. I went to the local fish store and purchased the largest net/brush they had. It worked great.
If you want a good kids splash pool or are an adult wanting an affordable pool to float around on and cool off in this works well. I found it was cheaper than any other alternative like a stock tank. As with all Intex pools the pump/filter leaves a lot to be desired. I purchased a used sand filter and pump locally and a Hayward SP1091LX Dyna-Skim skimmer from Amazon and pool maintenance has been so much easier.
The one thing that would make this pool perfect would be some kind of struts that hold out the legs or beams to hold the legs together. That would also make it more forgiving on slightly uneven ground. Otherwise, it was easy to assemble (for one person even), instructions were pretty easy, not outstanding (required a little thought), but the materials are top notch and everything fit nicely. They even give you a couple of extra pins for connection.
My children are small 4 and 6 and they loved it. They learned how to float in this pool, and they especially loved that they could touch the ground. I bought a pool like this one at Walmart about 5 years ago and it lasted 3 years, it would have lasted longer but the plastic was pulled by the ladder and tore. This time we didn't allow the kids to put the ladder inside they had to sit on the corner and jump in. We put it away in the winter and set it up in the summer. It takes about 20 minutes to put together and a couple of hours to fill it up. We keep the water clean so that we don't have to dump the water and fill it up again. Great pool to just relax and cool down on hot summers. Our family of six fits easily inside with enough leg room to stretch and the kids to splash, wonderful summer fun.
Easy set up and perfect for up to 6 adults... can fit many more, but 6 is comfortable. 4 if you are using floats (yes it is deep enough to float around in an innertube or float-chair)FYI... the filter that comes with this pool is not powerful enough to operate the Intex Salt Water System (which is a must if you want to leave the pool up all summer), it auto-chlorinates your pool, once you get it set up, it's hands-free. You need to buy the pool filter one size bigger that pushes 1000 gallons / hour (it looks identical, but has a bigger motor). The filter that comes with it pushes ~500 and does not meet the 750 gallons/hour requirement of the Salt Water System.

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