Best Swimming Pools: Intex 10′ x 30″ Metal Frame Set Swimming Pool with 330 GPH Pump & 6 Pack Filters

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At a full 10' wide and 30" in height, the Intex 10' x 30" Metal Frame Set Pool is ready for a big splash to help you enjoy the outdoors this season. Easy-to-assemble and maintain, this Metal Frame Set pool is great for having friends and family enjoy time outdoors. Plus, this set includes the Intex 330 GPH filter pump and an addition six Type "H" filter cartridge to help keep your pool water safe and clean all season long! - Includes an additional set of six Type "H" filter cartridges - Easy and conveniently draining - drain plug accepts a garden hose to drain water away - Setup and maintenance instructional DVD included to help get you started Please Note: Proper installation of any above ground pool requires an area, sufficiently larger than the desired pool, to be leveled flat. Uneven ground, hills or holes must be leveled before pool assembly begins. If severely uneven ground prohibits level ground, proper installation will not be possible.

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A friend saw my pool and asked me a bunch of questions about it so I thought I would post my experience, bromide acts like chlorine but doesn’t burn the eyes and is not as harsh on the skin, it is more expensive however.If you are using this pool on a hard surface, place some outdoor carpets ($15 a piece at Home Depot, I needed two) under the pool, when it’s filled with water, cut along the edges. If you place this on grass without a tarp, the grass roots and weeds will grow through the bottom and leave pin size holes.I purchased Brom tablets and a floater, three tablets is good for about 300 gallons of water, since this is about 1200 gallons, I place about ten or so in the floater (be sure to completely submerge the floater upside down in water before floating). Before you do this, you will need a Brom starter kit however after filling with water the first time to “activate” the bromide, if you don’t you will not see any brom levels on your test strips for weeks, if at all. Put in three packets (2 oz each of the Spa Brom-Start) into the pool, circulate, then add 2 1/4 cup of Clorox bleach (6%), the sodium hypochorite in the bleach instantly gets converted to hypobromous acid (bromic) and you will get a bromide reading on your test strips. Add or remove tablets in your floater through the week to maintain brom levels. If brom levels get too high, expose the water to direct sunlight and let it burn off. If you are in a real hurry, use 'In The Swim Pool Water Neutralizer' (Sodium Thiosulfate).Peel back your solar cover for enough room for your floater to get some agitation and dispense the tablets.During the day I leave a solar cover on top to keep it warm, and at night I wrap an Intex Pool Cover using bungee chords. Since I don’t want the pool cover to sit on top of the solar cover or sink in the water, I place the bungee chords over the top of the pool in a criss cross pattern.I have a three year old, so I enclosed the perimeter with some Playard fencing. This is not going to keep a curious child out of the pool, but it will at least buy you some precious time if the unthinkable happens and a toddler makes their way to this pool unsupervised.People complain about the pump, but at 330 gallons an hour it does a fine job of circulating all of the water about every four hours. I run it all day and turn it off at night.Here are the items you see posted with my photos:Leisure Time BE-06 Sodium Bromide for Spas and Hot Tubs, 12-OunceLeisure Time 45425 Brominating Tablets, 1-1/2-PoundHydro Tools 8715 Floating Mini Tablet Spa Chemical DispenserIntex Solar Cover for 10ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame PoolsIntex 10-Foot Round Metal Frame Pool CoverPack of (10) 6' Long 1/2" Dia. Bungee CordsNorth States Superyard Indoor Outdoor 8 panel Playard (requires two)UPDATE:My daughter's two year old friend neighbor I found out is allergic to both chlorine and bromide, so I emptied the pool and started over and found even a better solution:After filling, add ONE CUP of Leisure Time 45500 Leisure Time Free Sanitizer, this is a biguanide sanitizing system and is much easier on the eyes, skin and hair, but a bit more expensive. Get yourself the proper strips, Leisure Time 45020 Free Biguanide System Test Strips, and that is all I have to do to keep the pool clean, you may need to shock it once in a while, just use the Leisure Time 45505 Leisuretime Boost Spa Shock, again this is a more expensive solution, but it's the only EPA approved sanitizer for pools/spas other than chlorine and bromide.
We love this pool!!!! It is a generous 10 feet in diameter and it is a definite upgrade from the models with the inflatable ring.
It has been up for two weeks, the kids love it. No complaints. Easy set up, less than an hour. Took 1/2 day to fill with water.
It is probably too soon for a review of this Intex 10 x 30 metal frame swimming pool. This looks so good and quite well made with it's metal frame. We have purchased 10 x 30 before, but the "air pillow style". Over winter storage the pillow styles would leak air. We decided to go with this unit. It has only been a week so far. We did not purchase the cover, because we thought our old 10 x 30 would work. Make sure you get the cover too.The shipping was quite fast. My wife wanted to get a step ladder, We really did not need it. Maybe a vacuum cleaning system soon.
This has been the best investment in grandchildren entertainment we have ever made. The lay their devices down, quit watching tv or videos and go outside to play in 28 inches of water until they wear their little bitty selves out. It gets auntie outside and uncle grandpa too.Pros: Big big bang per buck. Easy to set up.Cons: Hey it's made for little people and calm big people so no cannonballs or diving as per instructions.Recommendations: get you a small pool test kit, some bleach tablets or liquid, baking soda, and read all the instructions and user discussion sites. Buy you a square tarp for underlayment. Make a big pitcher of ice tea and enjoy.
Plastic bottom is not real durable. We put the pool up on loose dirt and there was a small fibrous blade of grass that pocked thru the bottom. We had to drain the entire pool so we could repair it. Still haven't repaired it since it is now raining. Not real pleased with this product. Would considered returning it but now we have a whole bunch of chemicals and other equipment we purchased for the pool including a cover...
Didn't get here on time, a few days later but none the less great pool. Definitely helped purchasing a pad for bottom and we also used a piece of carpet as padding as well. Definitely takes two people to set up (we had 3 and that was even better), pump is okay as well. Overall great fun summer pool.

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