Best Swimming Pools: IG Premium Staypoollizer + Valterra Water Regulator Combo

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The perfect combination 1 x IG Staypoollizer 1 x Valterra A01-1120 Protecting your pool water level is what we do. The Staypoollizer Was Created For Use With Professional Pool Cleaning Companies In Mind. Tested By Professionals, The Staypoollizer Has Evolved To What We Believe Is The Market's Most Durable And Dependable Solution For Maintaining The Water Level In Your Swimming Pool. Quality And Dependability Have Been Our Goal Since The Inception Of This Product And We Streamlined The Designed Of The IA851025 Staypoollizer By Eliminating Complicated And Costly Electronics, Adjusting Needle Valve And Auxiliary Basin Systems, With The Mind Set That You Can't Break What's Not There. The Result Is A System That Offers Unmatched Durability And Years Of Dependability. Quite Simply, The IA851025 Staypoollizer Is Commercial Pool Technology Designed For The Average Homeowner’s Swimming Pool. All It Requires Is A Standard Garden Hose And A Quick And Easy Adjustment To Automate Your Pool Water Level Maintenance.

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Comes completely assembled. Very easy to install, no rocks or weights to deal with. I haven't had it for more than 2 weeks but it seems to be working GREAT! It is so much better designed than my previous pool fillers and is easier to adjust the water level. Also I have a lot of leaves and twigs in my pool and this unit doesn't seem that it will be affected by them. Not sure if I needed the water pressure regulator but it doesn't hurt to be safe.
I like this device because it is so simple and dependable. I can leave town with it connected and know that my pool water will maintain the proper level.
This is a simple little contraption that does what it says it will do. I was topping up the pool manually every couple of days, and there were a couple of times I forgot about the running hose and overfilled the pool. This was easy to install and calibrate for the desired fill level. Easy to take out when swimming, and even if you leave it in while swimming, it's small enough to be out of the way.
This is the best product for the pool. I have used this for about 3 months no problems at allIt works just as described
This is just what I wanted and needed. It has only been in use for several weeks but is working well, Happy so far!!
Genius idea! Because I live alone and am out of town often, I had to ask neighbors to check the water level of my pool daily. (I think there is a leak, but nobody can find it.) I continually worried that the pump would be in danger when the water level became too low. This inexpensive little device is so simple! I leave it hooked up all the time. It does not look all that great with a hose attached, year round, but it sure beats having to replace a pump! If/when this one wears out, I will definitely replace with another one!!! LOVE this product.
it's been a few months now and seems to be doing its job. I wanted to wait through winter to see how it handled the freeze and so far so good. I tried others and returned all. It did work better without the pressure regulator.

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