Best Swimming Pools: Heavy Duty Plastic Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer Swimming Pool Rake

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Heavy duty plastic swimming pool leaf skimmerlFits to standard telescopic pole Best choice for swimming pool cleaning kits Size: 19 x 12 inch Replacement pool net,fits to standard telescopic pole

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Exactly what I needed.
exactly as described
It's ok...does the job. Would be better if it had some sort of weight attached to the inside bottom of netting (like some other leaf skimmers do).
It works great for getting those fall leaves out of the pool. It seems well made and am very happy with my purchase.
This works so well for anything on the bottom of our pool. Leaves, bugs trash it picks it all up easily and dumps out as well.
works better than my last one from a different retailer. Mays getting leaves out of the pool a lot easier.
These are one of the better leaf skimmers around. They do a fairly decent job of picking up acorns and leaves from the bottom of a pool.

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