Best Swimming Pools: Heavy Duty Deep-Bag Pool Rake & Swimming Leaf Skimmer Net with Medium Fine Mesh,Fits Most Standard Pole for Cleaning Swimming Pools,Hot Tubs,Spas and Fountains

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FITS MOST STANDARD POOL POLE Compatible with most standard pool poles, effortlessly handles clean ups the pool.POND LEAF & DEBRIS REMOVER Designed with a sturdy hard plastic frame with strong netting allows even extremely small debris to be captured.STRAIGHT SIDES Curved sides will not scrape debris from the pool-side very well Straight sides ride flush against the pool-side to remove stuck on leaves.Pacakge included 1x Deep-Bag Pool Rake 1x Shallow Swimming Pool Leaf Net

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They work, but are not "heavy duty". The flat rake is pretty small and not very effective in cleaning leaves. The deep-bag rake is better, but I wouldn't rate it as anything more than light to medium duty.

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