Best Swimming Pools: H2OGO! My First Frame Pool

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Bestway's My First Frame Pool is a wonderful way to introduce small children to the water and is large enough to entertain a few of their friends.  The above ground pool is extremely easy to fit together and take apart, making it absolutely perfect for busy parents. Kids will be splashing around in no time!.

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Great pool with a dog. Only problem is empting it. We bought a small pump wish it had the plug in the bottom
This was the perfect pool for us because it was just deep and wide enough for me to get in with my 3 year old son and teach him how to float and kick. I had no problems with holes and when it got dirty I used the water for my garden.
We got the pool for our puppy when we discovered he loves water. It's held up great so far, highly recommend for dogs.
Not quite as deep as I expected (My own fault for not reading the description), but it is very sturdy I am surprised that the poles used for assembly were metal rather then plastic. I bought this for my two dogs ( a Shepard and Rot) So far they have not tore the liner and they love it.
Excellent as a Puppy Whelping Pen. What a dream to raise a litter of Collie Puppies! 🙂
It got green color from the grass underneath, other than that is working fine.
This little pool has worked great, fits the area perfectly, Its nice they make high quality pools at this little size!!!

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