Best Swimming Pools: H2OGO! My First Frame Pool Orange

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Bestway's My First Frame Pool is a wonderful way to introduce small children to the water and is large enough to entertain a few of their friends.  The above ground pool is extremely easy to fit together and take apart, making it absolutely perfect for busy parents. Kids will be splashing around in no time.

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Amazing pool! I can't believe how affordable it was. I've gotten so many compliments from other parents and they've all asked me where I got it. I did separately purchase a pump, a chlorine dispenser and a net. All are required IMO!!I purchased this instead of an inflatable pool just so we could easily reuse it each year. I will be attempting to empty it and store it soon, and I will try to remember to update this review next year after seeing how well it holds up.(During the summer, my two kids were 5yo and 2yo. They did play with other kids in the pool, ages 5-7, with no problem. They had tons of fun!!)
 This pool is very easy to set up and is a great size. I have a pet sitting business so this pool is basically a doggie pool. However my daughter does like to tan in it. It fits two floats nicely. I just add pool shock to keep the pool clean and skim out the dirt. I also bought a cheap tarp to cover it with. I do not use a filtering system.
Giving it a 3 stars mainly because of the instructions it comes with. Very difficult to read first of all, tiny print. And all of the different pool sizes are in the same instructions which makes it confusing. We finally threw away the booklet and figured it out on our own. And once we got it put together after an hour it was actually pretty nice. But I wouldn't order it again if I had a choice unless they update their instruction manual
When I first bought this I was very skeptical of how difficult it would be to put up. It took my husband 20 minutes and after looking at it, I can see we can take it down in that amount of time as well, which was one of the main reasons I bought it. It has been easy to maintain once we bought the filter to go with it and my son has enjoyed this immensely.
We had a blast with our pool this summer! I was nervous because some reviews claimed it leaked. We had no leakage all summer. Fantastic fun and it fits 3 adults and a toddler perfectly for a nice cool down. My 36" soon walked around in shoulder deep water and built his confidence to explore more freely in the water.
Easy to put together, perfect size for our 2yr old and fits mommy & daddy! We love this pool! We were looking for a pool that we could take down fully after the hot season is over and one that we could reuse next year as well. This fit the bill perfectly as it so far is very durable, constructed well and easy to maintain!
Great value.After going through few inflatable pools in one season, we decided to try something more durable.Assembly is easy but does take more than a few minutes.If you are planning to take apart and store after every use, this may not be the product for you.

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