Best Swimming Pools: Blue Wave Gladon 48 in. Peel and Stick Above Ground Pool Cove

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Placing the Gladon 48 in. Peel and Stick Above Ground Pool Cove around the bottom, inside circumference of the pool wall before installing the liner will help prevent excessive stretching and premature wearing, adding years to the life of the liner. Peel and Stick pool cove has an adhesive backing for quick, easy installation. About SplashNet Xpress SplashNet Xpress is dedicated to providing consumers with safe, high-quality pool products delivered in a fast and friendly manner. While it's adding new product lines all the time, SplashNet Xpress already handles pool maintenance items, toys and games, cleaning and maintenance devices, solar products, and aboveground pools. Prevents excessive stretching and premature wear on above-ground pool liners. Durable foam construction. Peel and stick for easy installation. Available in a variety of sizes.

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Let's get to the punch first, I ordered the correct size pool cove 18x33 I was mailed the number of cove pieces Amazon assigned to that pool size. After we installed the pool cove we were short one piece. Amazon needs to go back to geometry class!Now for the positives! The most obvious positive is it eliminates the need for a sand cove built my hand! The material seems dutiable. The peel and stick made it an easy install.Before installation I spend some time reading the reviews here on amazon. It helps to hear other peoples experiences. I decided to duct tape all joints between each cove piece and the top to the pool wall and the bottom to my happy bottom liner. I did this as I installed each piece with one continuous piece of duct tape. I had three rolls of duct tape. I started with the first piece about two inches from the edge I put down the tape at the top until I reached two inches from the next piece. I set down the roll without tearing or cutting the tape. Then I started another roll of tape at the bottom starting it at the same place stoping about an inch before the top roll of tape so they wouldn't touch. I then put on my next cove piece. I took my third roll of duct tape and cut a piece long enough to cover the joint of the coves. Then I moved the top duct tape within two inches of the end of the new cove I just installed, and moved the bottom duct tape to match. I repeated this process all the way around the pool.If I have any trouble with this product I will update this review.
Great product BUT you need 19 1/2 to go around a 15 x 30 oval pool! We had to run to our local pool store to buy just one extra one. Picture is installed and taped.
These worked perfectly for my project. It was time to replace our aging linen in our above ground pool. When we first installed our liner, we chose to use sand for the cove. Given that it was time to replace our leaking liner, we opted to up our game a little this time around. I'm very pleased with these. They are easy to use, they stuck very well, staying in place until the water level came up. I have no complaints, please purchase they will the highest expectations - you won't be disappointed.
One of the best choice for my Above ground Pool, stick strong to the steel wall....good quality. A must to instal if you have a above the ground pool.The liner will be last longer than expected.Be careful when you make the installation to place it correctly, after it stick is very difficult to take it out.
There's nothing wrong here. I have a 24' round pool. The coving went in easy with the self adhesive on the back. One tip when installing - peel off about 1' of the plastic, place the coving where you want it, then as you press that into place, peel off the rest of the plastic as you work toward the other end. This keeps you from having all the adhesive exposed at once. When I was done installing all the way around I was left with about 18" of extra. So you can be sure that it is enough to make it around.
These peel and stick pool cove were SO EASY to install! After an extremely frustrating experience putting the pool wall up, this was very welcome! They fit perfectly and since the pool has been up, it has really helped to reduce the strain on the bottom of the pool wall and are comfortable to step on if you get close to the edge. These were not too expensive and I would definitely purchase again if necessary!
Permanent cove molding is an excellent product. Make sure when replacing your pool liner that the bottom seam is properly aligned on it. This is much smaller than the standard 6 inch sand cove it replaces. The "professional" I hired messed it up and now my liner is rippled on one side.

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