Best Swimming Pools: AG Staypoollizer Premium for Above Ground Pools – Automatic Water Leveler

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The Staypoollizer Was Created For Use With Professional Pool Cleaning Companies In Mind. Tested By Professionals, The Staypoollizer Has Evolved To What We Believe Is The Market's Most Durable And Dependable Solution For Maintaining The Water Level In Your Swimming Pool. Quality And Dependability Have Been Our Goal Since The Inception Of This Product And We Streamlined The Designed Of The Staypoollizer By Eliminating Complicated And Costly Electronics, Adjusting Needle Valve And Auxiliary Basin Systems, With The Mind Set That You Can't Break What's Not There. The Result Is A System That Offers Unmatched Durability And Years Of Dependability. Quite Simply, The Staypoollizer Is Commercial Pool Technology Designed For The Average Homeowner’s Swimming Pool. All It Requires Is A Standard Garden Hose And A Quick And Easy Adjustment To Automate Your Pool Water Level Maintenance.

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I have had this product for 2 weeks and am very satisfied with it. It works and it's simple. Nice to know that i will never have to worry about my pool water level again.
This works really great for our above ground pool.So much easier than to keep filling the pool up with the hose nearly every day and we had no worries of the water getting too low while we were gone for a couple of weeks.
Product evidences high quality materials and construction. Works as described. Customer service is excellent. When I mistakenly ordered the wrong Staypoollizer (AG instead of IG) the staff corrected my mistake in a friendly and speedy manner, with minimum impact on my wallet.
Received and installed it last weekend. Works great!!! Super easy installation, set the level, turn on the water and you're done. This is a great way to keep you water level at it's proper level, and not worry about burning up your pump..AAAA+
I just installed this over the weekend, and it works GREAT!!!!! This is going to save my bacon in the summer by keeping the water level up even when is extremely hot or when I am out of town for a few days. THANKS.
The pool Staypoollizer works perfectly. No more running to get the hose and filling the pool on the hot days.
This is a great product. Works very well and is easy to install.

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