Best Ways To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal – 16 Steps You Can Do Now!

Can your house use an additional curb appeal? The exterior of the house is like a book cover, laying the groundwork for interior design. Whether you want to sell a house or improve your home, increasing the curb appeal is often easy and economical. In this post, you will find top ideas and tips to help add value to your home. Let’s begin our look at the best ways to improve your home’s curb appeal with these 16 steps that you can do now.

Do you ever find yourself walking down the street and see a really attractive house with tons of curb appeal? Beautifully landscaped yard with the perfect shrubs, exterior paint color combo and even that perfect driveway that is curved or has those little brick pavers lining the sides?



Go Green

One of the most apparent (and influential) ways to increase curb appeal is to add fresh green plants and flowers. In the modern era, we do not have enough time to spend in the garden. Do not worry! You can outsource this work to individual firms like “Granny flat builders Sydney.” They can add the flower beds and window frames to increase the curb appeal. Plants meant to highlight and frame vital visual points, such as windows and entrances. If you do not have enough space for a standing planter, you can go for a handing one. Even proper plant management can dramatically improve the look of your home.

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Take Intense Care of Your Lawn

Along with good green plantation, it is essential to remember that lawn care is an integral part of maintaining attractive edges. Cut the grass and the leaves in an organized way. Continue to water your lawn correctly to avoid brown spots. As long as you continue doing it, you will not consider lawn care as a hectic task. Do you live in a house which has dense and dry grass? Consider using lawn substitutes, such as shrubs beds or artificial turf.

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Make Your Door Pop

Improve your curb appeal by making your front door look smart and alluring. The front door paint can only cost around $ 75, and it is effortless to do, even for beginners. Choose bright colours to highlight the entrance. Do not focus much on contrasting colors. Do not be afraid to go excessive bright, but be sure to take samples before painting. Ensure that the finished product meets your needs.

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Increase The Inflow Of Light

The dark entrance is often not a welcoming approach to your home. If your entrance door already has a wall or a pendant, replace it with something more exciting and fresh. Clean all debris and spider webs around the light equipment, which will give the area a new look. If other sources of lights are needed, hang the porch lights or use sunlight to illuminate the sidewalk.

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Embrace Symmetry

Symmetric patterns create a focal point and instantly clean your home, giving an appealing look. Look for the things, such as, by installing appropriate doors or wall floors on both sides of the main gate. If there is no space at your entrance, you can also do it around the garage door.

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Remodel Your Mailbox

Break an old-fashioned mailbox for something more modern. It is an easy project that allows you to make slight but notable changes in your curb appeal. It all depends on the type of mailbox you need. For example, a fixed mailbox or a wall-mounted mailbox will cost you around $ 50 and $ 200 to replace it.

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Keep Your Gutters Cleaned

Clean the inside and outside of the drain. Remove debris and clean the outside until they look new (or as close as possible to keep a fresh clean, new look).

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Add Decoration To Your Front Door

Wreaths are not just for Christmas. You will find that garlands add beauty to your front door throughout the year. Look for wreaths of flowers or pickles. Or you can simply make your life easy by buying artificial plants. Avoid seasonal factors that can make the wreath obsolete and look dull. Instead, add something simple that adds elegance to the entire season.

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Update Your House Numbers

Eliminating old numbers and replacing them with more attractive numbers can quickly update the look of your home. Choose a font that suits the architectural style of your home, but ensure that it is appealing. Even if it is not very practical, changing the number is a simple task and can be done in half an hour or less.

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Try To Keep Your Electric Fixtures Hidden

The electrical box in front of the house may not work correctly. Fortunately, painting can do the camouflage effect and decrease the highlighting of the electric box. Use the same colour as the exterior wall of the house.

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Power Wash It Off

There is nothing more rewarding than cleaning dirt and grime from sidewalks, hallways, driveways. If you are not an owner of a power washer, you can rent it at a large hardware store like Lowe’s.

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Give Your Garage Door A New Color

New garage doors are expensive. However, those can sometimes be economical if you paint them with fresh paint. Vigorously clean the door and then complete the cleaning of the surface before applying the paint.

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Focus On Repairs

Perform minor repairs on the outdoor of the house. For example, ripped screen chipped paint or burned-out light bulbs. Even small imperfections can be highlighted instantly from their beautiful original appearance. So it is worth fixing them all day. Get out of the house, find everything you need to install quickly, and then get the equipment you need and get started.

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Design For A Clear Path

Well-defined opportunities make your home more attractive and more social. You can add creativity by making something from a bold stone, brick or use visual cues, such as lights and plants. It will create a clear path to the main gate around the grass or concrete sidewalks.

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Use Your Outdoor Furniture Vigorously

Excessive outdoor furniture can spoil your house, and too small furniture can restrict or neglect them. Think about a sufficient balance of the furniture and ensure all your outdoor furniture is clean and in good condition. For smaller houses, you can consider placing a simple ceramic chair. You can add additional charm by placing a small table and a pretty flower box on top.

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Renovate Your Front Door

Replace your existing exterior door hardware with new products for a quick alluring look. Choose a colour different from the color of your room doors. For example a black door with black hardware or a black brass door. Welcome the guests by adding a new door knocker when they arrive.

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When people see homes with stunning curb appeal, they usually say, “Wow, I wish this was my home.”  Except now they will be saying this about your house.

By doing just a few of the items in the list above you can increase the attractiveness of your home and improve it’s curb appeal. Most likely, your home already has many excellent features, and you just have to make some changes to make it work. Take your time and most importantly have fun!