Best Steps to Keep the AC Compressor Clean

Best Steps to Keep the AC Compressor Clean

Did it ever occur to you if you keep your air conditioner clean and maintained you can save lots of money? Moreover, if your air conditioner is well maintained it will also extend the life span of the unit. A/C unites need routine maintenance so that they can run at their highest efficiency.

In this post, are some simple easy to follow steps on how to clean the A/C condenser in (the outer unit) and the evaporator (the inner unit). These steps are mostly universal for any home and they should only take a few hours to clean both units depending on how often this is done.

Cleaning the Outdoor Unit

Step 1. Turn off the power supply

It is dangerous working around the electricity so you should turn off the breaker or power supply to the outdoor condenser unit. Air conditioners have moving parts so it is necessary to completely turn off the unit as it will be impossible to work when it is on.

Step 2. Vacuum away debris

Using a hand or with a vacuum cleaner clean the leaves and other the debris from the exterior fins. Cut all the bushes, weeds and grass within 2 feet of the exterior condenser.

Step 3. Straighten any bent fins

Bent fins can reduce the flow of air through the fins which in return will cause the efficiency of the AC condenser to be reduced. Carefully straighten all the bent fins of the condenser using an available straightening tool.

Step 4. Pull out the fan

Use the screw to remove the top grille of the condenser and lift out the fan carefully without stressing the electrical wires. Then clean the interior with the help of damp cloth and remove the leaves and debris inside the condenser.

Step 5. Clean the fins

The primary job of the fan is to suck air through fins due to which dead leaves, dead grass, and many other the debris block the air intake and reduce the efficiency of the cooling unit.

Step 6. Restart the A/C condenser and confirm proper cooling

After cleaning the condenser turn the power supply back on to check whether it’s working properly. A licensed HVAC pro may be called if condenser isn’t working properly.

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Cleaning the Indoor Unit 

Step 1. Check the furnace filter

Switch off the main power supply to the furnace. Locate and pull out the Furnace filter and check if there is any kind of dirt build up and if necessary replace it.

Step 2. Vacuum and lubricate

Vacuum up the dust from the blower compartment first and then check the lubrication parts of the motor. If required to squeeze a few drops of lubricating oil into each part.

Step 3. Clean the drain port and drain tube

Pull out the drain tube from the drain port and check it for algae growth. Moreover, if necessary, you can replace the tube or clean it by pouring hot water or bleach through the tube.

With the help of these steps you can keep your AC system in top shape, but be aware that there is some maintenance work that can be only done by a trained HVAC technician. Moreover, if you are looking for a quality AC repair company then you should consider Ambrose air.