Best Sidebar Table for Hot Tub

  • By: Adam
  • Date: January 30, 2022
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Homeowners are prepping their decks for spring and some poolside entertainment as the weather warms up. 

Adding a canopy, stringing lights over trees, or getting a new sidebar table for your hot tub are all fantastic alternatives. Still, there are more manageable (and cost-effective) methods to update your hot tub space.

The Keter Pacific Side with an added Chiller is the fastest and best-selling hot tub bar table on e-commerce sites like Amazon. 

With over 8,000 five-star reviews and positive feedbacks from its customers, we deemed this to be the Best sidebar table for your hot tub.

What Is the Purpose of Purchasing a Sidebar Table?

Simple things may make a tremendous difference at times. In contrast, several extras are available to help you get the most out of your hot tub. 

Practical accessories such as a sidebar table work particularly to enhance your tubbing sessions and render them more convenient and comfortable.

For example, when it comes to storing beverages and keeping them fresh on a hot summer day, The Sidetable makes things a lot less hectic.

In A Hurry?

Check out our quick picks here…

Our Top Patio Table Cooler Bars

Giantex Outdoor Patio Cooler Bar

The three-in-one design is perfect for just any outdoor setting.

It has a 38-liter/ten-gallon beer and wine fridge, a cocktail table, and a side table. It can store approximately 40 12oz cans and keep them cold for a few hours. 

It is composed of a higher-quality Polypropylene polymer that resists bending and fading.

It also has an appealing wood grain, making it a beautiful complement to any room and compatible with any outdoor furniture.

The chillier is simple to assemble. If you read the comprehensive directions that come along with the package, you’ll be good to go in a few minutes. 

The lid is movable, allowing you to modify the elevation of the cooler to suit your needs.

It ranges up to 250mm and is simple to maintain.

Almost similar in many aspects as our number one sidebar cooler, this one misses out on the top spot because of being a tad bit on the costlier side, sitting at around $100.

SereneLife Outdoor Bar Cooler Table

The SereneLife Sidebar Table provides plenty of storage room for your drinks. You can use it as a cocktail table by lifting the lid by 10″.

It is equipped with a 6-gallon drink storage capacity and can hold up to 15, 12 ounces—cans with ice.

The manufacturers have made it with the simplicity of usage in mind. Just raise the lid and turn the latching lever to attach the tabletop. The built-in drainage system saves you time when cleaning. It allows you to drain any leftover water, beverages, or ice.

The flexible sidebar ice cooler is suitable for outdoor and interior hot tub sessions. Through the day, it’s an exquisite coffee table; by evening, it’s a stylish cocktail desk.

However, it falls short of the top rank because it is valued at $120 and lacks a few features compared to our winner.

Top Pick Keter Pacific Bar Table

What Makes the Keter Pacific Stand Out?

The Keter sidebar table resembles a basic-looking sidebar table at first glance. It stands 22 inches tall and is available in 2 standard colors. 

The real magic happens when this “basic-looking” sidebar transforms into a gorgeous drink station after you lift the cover from the rim. 

The table’s foundation doubles as an 8.3-gallon chiller, which you can fill with ice to freeze 15-20 12 oz cans as well as a couple of beer bottles. 

The insulated cooler will keep beverages cold for 11 hours and comes with an internal drainage outlet at the base for easy disposal of melting ice. 

The traditional and old-school-looking side table is built with weather-resistant polymer to protect it from harsh weather conditions.

This sidebar table comes out as the top choice because it is a perfect blend of positive customer reviews, competitive and affordable pricing, and ease of use and functionality.

When it pertains to functionality, it is a versatile device. When raised, it is the right height to be used as a hot tub tabletop, ensuring that you always have a place for your beverage, food, and cellphone. 

Close the lid, and you have an outdoor coffee table. Want it back for partying? No problem! Open the cover, and you have your party table back.


  • The Keter Pacific Cool Bar keeps beverages cool for hours and will be the focal point of any backyard gathering.
  • A beverage cooler bottom with a lifting lid/cocktail tabletop that latches into place is used for entertainment.
  • The rattan wicker design complements any outdoor environment. This chiller also functions as an elegant side table for regular patio usage.
  • Drainage valve for simple cleanup.
  • The freezer base is polyamide resin rattan wicker and has approximately 8.5 gallons of storage.
  • 19.4″ in width x 22″ – 32″ in height (adjustable).
  • The company gives a warranty of two years.


  • Might fade if left out in the sun

How is the Customer Feedback for the Keter Pacific?

The Cool Bar is available for Purchase online at around $90 and comes in two colors: chocolate and dark grey. It has over 12,000 reviews and is rated 4.4 out of five stars.

One customer said that it seemed “fabulous for the price range.” At the same time, another stressed that the chiller was “big enough [to accommodate] a lot of stuff.” 

We can see precisely how lovely and suitable the product appears with any hot tub plan by looking at numerous reviewers’ photos.

You can be sure that this product will be a regular visitor at your outdoor celebrations, especially during hot summers. Because honestly, no one likes warm drinks on a hot day.

Bottom Line

After discussing sidebar tables and their different kinds, it entirely depends on the reader what they would ideally want to purchase the sidebar table for.

The Keter Pacific is an all-around product with positive customer reviews and prices. The honorable mentions are standout products as well.

This guide will hopefully make your purchasing experience a little easier. Happy tubbing, folks!