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A therapeutic sauna session can help purge the pores, detox the body, speed up weight loss and promote faster healing among those who frequently experience muscle fatigue. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a sauna room in their own home. Looking for an affordable solution? If so, you'll love our new portable sauna machine! To enhance your quick sauna sessions, our portable sauna tent has been outfitted with small remote that features an automatic heat setting and a timer, allowing you to customize the heat according to your preference. The portable infrared sauna can be programmed for sessions up to 60 minutes and temps reach a max of 140 degrees (Fahrenheit), And supported with energy-efficient low EMF carbon fiber heating panels We have even upgraded the energy-efficient one person sauna with a zippered easy access openings that let you flip through books or magazines, shuffle music and text while you sweat! No other portable sauna room is as easy to use as ours. When packed up, the portable sauna weighs only 20 lbs, so you'll have no problem carrying it around. Use it to treat clients of your mobile spa, use it to aid in weight loss or use it to detox the body. A portable sauna can change your life. But this deal won't last forever. Hurry up and place your order now! Power Output: 1050 Watt Max Temperature: 140°FPower: 120V Total Weight: 20 lbs. Time Setting: Up to 1 hour (60 minutes) Dimensions When Assembled: 27.6’’ long x 31.5’’ wide x 37.8’’ deep

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So worth it Bought for Detox from Lyme disease treatment. So worth it. Heats up to temp quickly and makes me sweat! Still working perfectly after 50 uses! If I would have known, I would have purchased one years ago
So far it’s ok, I was expecting it to get extremely hot. I will use a thermometer to get an actual temperature reading. Set up was easy, foot pad gets way too hot! I have yet to sweat and I’ve used it 3xs for 30mins.I let it warm up,and followed the instructions. Next time I will try sitting inside the sauna and closing the neck part to try to sweat. I will update in a few days 12/12/17.12/21/17I returned the sauna. I gave it a few more tries, it did not get as hot only warm. I did not produce a sweat even while wearing a sauna suit.
Seemed to have a faulty controller or heating components. Temperature display would jump from the 90's to suddenly 140 and then the heaters would click off even though the controller still showed the device as on. Never broke a sweat. Was able to return through Amazon, but not sure if I'll try to reorder - I may go with a different brand.
Worth every penny! Detox, reduce inflammation without driving to the gym!
Gets to max temperature fairly quickly. Prepare to sweat! As others have mentioned, the chair is uncomfortable. Good buy for the money.
Great- heats up quickly. easy to assemble and break down. Love!
Love this item! It's easy to assemble and easy to store away.

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