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A therapeutic sauna session can help purge the pores, detox the body, speed up weight loss and promote faster healing among those who frequently experience muscle fatigue. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a sauna room in their own home. Looking for an affordable solution? If so, you'll love our new portable sauna machine! To enhance your quick sauna sessions, our portable sauna tent has been outfitted with small remote that features an automatic heat setting and a timer, allowing you to customize the heat according to your preference. The portable infrared sauna can be programmed for sessions up to 60 minutes and temps reach a max of 140 degrees (Fahrenheit), And supported with energy-efficient low EMF carbon fiber heating panels We have even upgraded the energy-efficient one person sauna with a zippered easy access openings that let you flip through books or magazines, shuffle music and text while you sweat! No other portable sauna room is as easy to use as ours. When packed up, the portable sauna weighs only 20 lbs, so you'll have no problem carrying it around. Use it to treat clients of your mobile spa, use it to aid in weight loss or use it to detox the body. A portable sauna can change your life. But this deal won't last forever. Hurry up and place your order now! Power Output: 1050 Watt Max Temperature: 140°FPower: 120V Total Weight: 20 lbs. Time Setting: Up to 1 hour (60 minutes) Dimensions When Assembled: 27.6’’ long x 31.5’’ wide x 37.8’’ deep

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It arrived fast and is exactly what I was looking for to detox. It's easy to set up and helps us sweat out our toxins like CRAZY!!! Expect to be soaking wet after 2O minutes. I love it!!!
So worth it Bought for Detox from Lyme disease treatment. So worth it. Heats up to temp quickly and makes me sweat! Still working perfectly after 50 uses! If I would have known, I would have purchased one years ago
We purchased this item after I had a treatment at the Holistic Dr.'s office. My severe pain has ruled my life for over six years. The is only my third treatment and I cannot believe how different I feel when I get out of the Infrared Home Spa. I would recommend it to anyone with chronic pain. Thank you so much!
My health practitioner recommended for me to use a sauna 3-4 times a week, bought this and im very satisfied, its the perfect size and even the chair is very strong quality, it will reach the temperature within a few minutes and it will stay there as long its in use.
The sauna heats up nicely, is compact and lightweight, and matches the photographs. I do wish the foot pad could be removed as it is often in the way when I do not want it on. I also wish the inside was lined with a material that is easier to clean. Another issue - the description states it is an infrared sauna, but after asking question on the product page and not receiving an answer, I doubt that it is actually infrared. No light is emitted from the inside of the sauna. Also, there was a very intense off-gassing smell.
Trying to find time to head to the spa to use their infrared sauna became harder and harder. When I saw this SereneLife Portable Infrared I knew I would get my money's worth in just 1 treatment.Incredible and it makes a huge difference with my fibromyalgia.
The product arrived very fast. When I opened it looked nice. The outer material feels good. It does get very hot, make sure you're hydrated. For a dry heat sauna it is really good. Easy to use and set up. One Velcro strap, unfold it, and two bars that goes across the front. Plug it in and turn it on. The small folding chair that comes with it, its great size for it, and comfortable, thanks for throwing it in with the purchase. Great product.

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