Best Saunas: Ridgeyard Portable Safe Folding Far FIR Infrared Sauna Spa Tent with Heating Footpad and Chair Slimming Weight Loss +Negative Ion Detox

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Feture: EMC certificate Lightweight and portable. Easily folds up for storage or traveling. Built-in auto shut-off safety feature. Easily adjust power and time by a remote control. Quickly heat up, 5 minutes to reach 60℃, save energy. Durable moisture resistant satin polyester material. Comfortable sports canvas folding chair and heated foot pad includes. FIR sauna has 3 hi-tech of super conductive and ultra thin carbon fiber heating element. 10 minutes of sauna bath corresponds to 30 minutes of jogging for exhaust sweat. With its satisfying design, your head and hands can extend out for reading, watching TV, or listening to music. 3 year Limited Warranty. Specification: Power:600W Time:5-40 minutes Temperature: 25 ℃- 75 ℃ Power Source:110 V, 60 Hz Gross Weight:23.59 pound Heating Material:Mica heating plate Dimension when folding:30 x 3.5x 26.8 inches Dimension when unfolding:39.3 x 26.7x 32.2 inches Package included: 1x FIR sauna with remote controller 1x Folding chair 1x Heated footpad 1x English user manual Kindly Reminder: Installation video can be sent. If there is any question when assembly, please kindly contact us for a professional after-sale support.Thanks a lot ! Note:Please read the user manual carefully before use. Sauna box should not be used under the following conditions: People under 18 yeas old are not suitable to use the sauna box People suffering from heat disease and other cardiovascular diseases People suffering with hypertension , hypotension Pregnant,patients with disordered nerve system.

User reviews

It's really too early to give a complete survey of the unit. I used it today and it took about 10 min for me to start sweating. Once I did it was continuous. GREAT SWEAT!!! The inside did feel kinda small ( I'm 5'5, 125 lbs) but I got use to it once I was totally zipped up. The neck opening is oversized I suggest putting a towel around your neck before entering to catch the SWEAT and keep the heat inside. I did not use the hand holes be it was weird. The zipper pulls are both inside and outside equally. The quality is great I would say. The front pocket for holding the remote control is not snug so it fell out. It fell to the ground after i zipped it up. I just opened the zipper when i wanted to stop and turned it off. I sat a total of 30 min with 10 min of warming up. The foot pad get REALLY hot so be prepared for that. It appears to be easy to wipe down after use, because it's plastic. There were sweat puddles on the floor inside the unit after use.. the biggest thing is the tiny chair look like its for a small child. I am not sure if a larger chair would even fit. Overall for $160 it is well worth it. I was considering a full size sauna for $1200, but my spouse suggested this to see if I would even use it. I think I will take the savings from buying the portable and buy a sturdier chair and a neck pad to hold in the heat. Do buy if u want a good sweat and to save space. Happy sweating!!
Love it! I had read the reviews before ordering so I was aware that the soft sides tend to "fold in" on you. Cheap, simple solution: cafe tension rods! They are a couple bucks. Problem solved! Sauna is simple and quick to set up. You will sweat a river of toxins out! But you'll feel amazing afterward! Love it!
Great price for an excellent product. It arrived a week sooner than I expected. Sets up in a flash and heats up super quickly.
This sauna is AWESOME!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!! My arthritic knees feel soooo much better. Normally, I don't sweat. So, I have to sit in it longer than the usual person. It takes me 20-25 minutes in the sauna to even start sweating, so I'm usually in it for 45-60 minutes. Because I don't sweat easily, I always keep the remote cranked up to setting #4 the whole time I'm in it. I ALWAYS preheat it with the arm holes and head opening closed (I flip that flap hanging down the back over the head opening). I purchased a cheap curtain tension rod to place across the front to keep it from collapsing on my legs, and it works great. Because of arthritis I find it difficult to get up from the short little chair, so I have a small pillow I sit on that raises me up just enough to make it easier to stand up. My doctor recommended joining a place that has a infrared sauna. When I looked into it the cost was ridiculous! So, I looked on Amazon! This sauna is so cost effective and worth every penny!
Has been working for daily use for several months so far. I wish it wasn't covered in chemicals though...should be better washed off the production line.
I love it really makes you sweat. Only problem the remote is not in English.
Great product! Only con is you can't adjust the foot pad independently

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