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Seven (7) Carbon Fiber Far Infrared HeatersEquipped with 100% high quality Carbon Fiber Far Infrared Heaters.Situated at the back, side and calf areas to maximize heating area.​Canadian WoodMade out of 100% top quality Canadian Hemlock Wood.No chemicals added.T & G ConstructionTongue and Groove construction for stronger structure.Read more ► Dual Wall InsulationDual wall construction for better heat insulation.This also means that you could fit your sauna at tight spaces and not to worry about heat expansion and insulation.See Through DoorDesigned with special safety glass which tolerates higher temperature within the cabin.Provides better insulation.Provides better visibility from within the sauna.Easy Assembly (Patented structure)Unique \"Tools-Free Design\" - simply buckle the panels together and you are all good to go.Easy to break down and to transport to other locations when necessary.​Premium Sound SystemTwo premium speakers along with an amplifier via a 3.5mm auxiliary plug.Includes a volume rocker and on/off switch and works with all portable audio device.​LED LightingEquipped with long lasting interior LED Lights, allowing you to use your sauna for many years to come.50% more cost - efficient than standard light bulbs. Digital Control PanelEquipped with digital control that allows you to control the temperature and the duration of use of your sauna.5 Year Parts warranty on all parts, including audio and speakers. Dimension: 47.3" (w) x 39.5" (d) x 75" (h), Electrical Requirement: 110V ~ 120V / 15 Amps (Standard Household Output)

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**Updated 10/6/2016**We purchased the three person unit direct from the factory since it is not offered here on Amazon. Some of the things I say here may not apply to the two person unit. We were considering the two person unit, but my wife wanted to be able to sit sideways on the bench with her feet up, or lay down on the bench with her knees bent. This required the larger size of the three person unit.It is a very comfortable heat. We love that we can use this in our home without any worries of moisture problems. The unit seems very well built and sturdy. The speakers work great. We purchased a Bluetooth receiver ( Aluratek AIS01F I-Stream DockFree Bluetooth Audio Receiver with RCA Cables Included - Black ) to plug into the speaker port, to make the phone a little more comfortable to use in there.We love this sauna, but there are a few things I wish I had known before I had bought it. Not that it would have changed my mind, I would have just been better prepared.DeliveryThe unit came on a full semi. Luckily, I have a neighbor who has forks on his tractor. Make sure you have an adequate way to receive this thing. It comes in three boxes on one pallet, total weight was 410 lbs.Setup Time.We did run into one snag which required a road trip, I will explain that later, and also had to break for a quick bite to eat. The unit arrived shortly after noon. With the snag and the break, setup was complete at 5PM. According to the directions, there are a few steps to take to “condition” the unit prior to use. You have to heat the unit up for one hour with the door open, and then let it cool down. Then you heat it up for one hour with the door closed, and then let it cool down. So ours was ready to use at around 9PM.Ease of SetupThis thing is very easy to setup, but I do recommend two people. You simply line up the sides with the bottom, and fasten the buckles. The biggest problem I had was figuring out which piece was the left side and which was the right. The seat, heat panels, and the roof will require a Philips screwdriver. I had a couple of problems that were solved with channel lock pliers.Warnings, Problems, DisappointmentsFirst of all, while this list may seem long, nothing I list here was a show stopper for me and I still give the unit 5 stars. Nothing is perfect after all. But I do want you to be aware of these things. **Update: reduced to 4 stars as explained below**The floor had a pretty serious blemish. I may try to sand it out one day. It was a little disappointing that this got past Quality Control.Three of the buckles were bent. Two of them I was able to straighten out with a pair of channel lock pliers. One of them I couldn’t fix, so I just left it unbuckled.One of the heater connectors was crushed flat. I was able to un-squish it with the channel locks. (Make sure you have a set of channel lock pliers when building this!)The roof drops into the almost finished structure, and is then fastened with screws. One of those screws cracked the wood on the inside wall. I removed that screw, and pushed the wood back into place. Hopefully that fix lasts. I do worry that eventually a piece of wood will fall out of that crack.The “snag” I mentioned earlier. I was very surprised to see that my unit came with a 20 amp plug. Luckily, I used to be an electrician. I checked my breaker panel to make sure I was plugging into a 20 amp circuit. Then I had to run to the hardware store for a 20 amp outlet. Also, the cord wouldn’t reach my outlet. The only 20 amp extension cord I could find was 100 feet long. So I ended up buying cord and parts to make my own extension cord. This added about an hour and a half to the setup time. I have cautioned my wife not to have the A/C or ceiling fan running while using the unit. Someday I would like to get a meter and find out what the actual current draw is. If you opt for the three or four person unit, make sure you have a 20 amp circuit readily available. The two person unit uses a standard 15 amp plug.I ordered the 2 pack of backrests from Dynamic Saunas. Dynamic Canadian Hemlock Sauna Backrest 2-pack 100% Natural Hemlock Wood Construction, S-Shape, No Stains, All Natural Finish When used against the back (of course) they fit absolutely perfectly. However, my wife wanted to be able to use it sideways. Well, the side heater is placed too close to the back, and the backrest won’t fit there. That kind of defeats the whole purpose of us buying the three person unit, so I may try to modify that.We put this in our bedroom. In the middle of the night I noticed the control panel has a green light that is always on. Why do manufacturers always do this? I’ll need to find a way to cover up that light, I don’t really want to unplug the unit every night. This probably won’t be an issue for most people though. **Update: based on a comment I got on this review, I wired the outlet up to a switch. Saves electricity as well because now the transformer is not running constantly. Works perfectly. **The control panel shows you what temperature you have it set to, but it does not show you what the temperature is. I put a suction-cup thermometer on the glass. At 104, the thermometer got up to 96. I realize there is probably quite a bit of heat loss right at the glass. I plan on getting a wall mount thermometer to put inside. **Update: I bought an Indoor/Outdoor thermometer, and suspended the "outdoor" receiver from the cieling near the back. This should be the warmest part of the sauna. The temperature maxed out at 128 degrees after 1 1/2 hours. Took off 1 star because of this. I hope to contact the manufacturer soon to question them on this. **When fastening the seat top to the seat front, I recommend pushing the top back as far as you can, and pulling the front forward as far as you can. This may require two people. If you don’t do this, the seat will be able to slide back and forth ever so slightly. I wanted to make sure the seat was solid.ConclusionSo there is my list of need-to-knows. I figure if I built my own unit from scratch, I probably would have twice as many problems, and most likely would spend twice as much money. For what I paid for this thing, I am 100% pleased with it. **Update: I recommend using a thermometer setup like I did or, I know someone who simply put an oven thermometer in his. Runs on the low side, so you're probably going to want to know the actual temperature you are running at. I'd be interested in knowing if anyone had a different experience.**
 Tim G.from St.LouisJNH Joyous 2 person Sauna review:
Oh Wow I just got my Sauna and put it together right away. I have used it several times now. I have to hand it to this company, the quality of the engineering of this thing is perfect, the parts fit perfectly and it was put together (alone) in about 30 minutes, though I recommend two people working on it, because lifting the heavy parts are a little much for a single person. Plugged it in and as soon as it had "burned in" I tried it out. Everything worked perfect~! Used it several times sense. I have started off with 30 minutes at 110 degrees will increase time and temperature as soon as I know what is comfortable. The heating elements never get so hot that touching them would give you a burn, though I have a bad habit of putting my feet against the lower ones. It heats up in less than 15 minutes.Good part. Excellent quality, engineering and planning for the price.Bad part: Well they really need to work on the instructions. Much can be done to improve this. Though common sense tells you how to put together a box. First trying to get all on one page while leaving the back unused is a mistake on their part. Darker larger pictures would be an improvement. They need to say more about the electrics such as the speakers music attachment and mood light etc. After all this is about the only thing I had a question on. One last thing is that they tell you to unplug the unit after each use. Now if you are pulling that plug out each time you use it, soon you will have a problem. A master switch to turn off the transformer would be much more practical. If you have not special switch wired for it, I would suggest a small switched power strip such as is used with computer equipment.A couple of other hints. In attaching the heating units. Put the bottom screw in first so you can tilt the unit to see the hole, then you can see the top one just looking down. I learned this the hard way, stabbing a hole I could not see was a problem. Also leave the two elements toward the front off until you have placed the seat front in. If you are like me and do this backwards, no worry, just unlatch the front latches of bottom sides and slightly splay the sides out gently to make room for sliding this in. No scratches, No problem. I will be sending pictures when the project is complete as I am making a special place for the unit.

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