Best Saunas: 100% Far Infared Portable Sauna (other brands only ~20% FIR)

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Relax Far Infrared Ray Sauna If you are considering getting another sauna for less money, I can assure you that their technology is primitive compared to the technology of the Infrared Relax Sauna. A paneled sauna using a piece of cloth, and a hotplate is probably only about 25% FIR Light versus the 100% FIR light you get with the Relax Sauna. And because it does not have intensity and purity, as does the Infrared Relax Sauna, it generally will not be as effective in terms of aiding healing, and certainly will not feel as incredible as the Infrared Relax Sauna does. Dozens of individuals who own expensive wooden saunas have chosen to purchase the Infrared Relax Sauna seen here – specifically noting that the wooden saunas are very slow to heat up and as a result don’t get much use. Similarly, scores of those who own other brands of portable saunas have purchased the Infrared Relax Sauna here, sighting that not only do their existing models take too long to heat up but also that they don’t get a good sweat, don’t feel as good as they do with the Relax Sauna, and see little improvement in their ailments with these other brands.

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I chose this sauna because of the quality versus the cheaper $200 saunas. The cheaper saunas had lots of reviews showing they didn't get hot enough and couldn't penetrate as deeply as this sauna. Also, most of them didn't have an emf of
This is my 2nd sauna. My first was a Health Mate sauna, with a $5400MSRP, made of canadian redwood cedar and said to not emit any EMF. That said, although it looked pretty, it took up a ton of space in my house, was difficult to install (needed a 20V outlet), and took 45mins to fully heat up. Worst part is that I would get out of it feeling drained of energy like a wet noodle. I did a ton of research in order to find the Relax Sauna. I even joined a FB group titled Sauna Therapy Detox and read the member reviews on diff saunas they'd tried. Ultimately, I chose the Relax Sauna because it was one of the only health focused saunas that used a completely different type of heating element from the typical "slow to heat up" carbon-ceramic model from the last sauna I had. Plus, although I only found a few people that have had one of these , everyone that had one had great things to say. So I took the plunge.This thing turns on blasting full heat instantly and heats up the space to full heat in under 2 minutes. No, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of my last sauna (it had a stereo inside and led light therapy), but I feel energized when I get out of it, and later in the day I feel good too - which was the reason I bought this thing. In short, it doesn't look fancy but it works well. I've had it for about 4 months now and will use it off and on. Ultimately I'm very happy with my purchase.
Really works well. Fast heating; very good
I absolutely love the Relax sauna. I use it for detox protocol twice a week and restful sleep daily. There is no comparison. This is truly a Far infared sauna that is medical grade and blows away all other saunas I've tried. I am most grateful to have this in my home. Health benefits are pricelesss and it just works like it's suppose to. Thank you
I bought my Relax Sauna at the conscious life expo..First of all i work at the Port of LA and the environment is pretty nasty down there and.I am very concerned about keeping my body clean and healthy, I have used infra red saunas at spas so I decided to buy this one and I love it! Its easy for me to move from room to room.I love how fast it warms and how hot it gets...WOW...its helping me be more energetic. I'm not so tired and I sleep better....Rosemary T
I purchased this sauna after being able to test it out first at a convention. It heats up QUICK and boy do I sweat instantly!I have never sweat as much or felt such an even distribution of heat in any other sauna. The infrared component is on the floor and there is no danger of falling and burning your back or sides on the wall (I've read many reviews about that happening in cheaper brands! so sad!)If this source of infrared was pointed at you it would definitely burn you, which makes me think the other brands are not as powerful. In other saunas, like wooden ones, I have to sit 30+ minutes to work up a decent sweat, leaving me feeling sick and weak and my heart rate gets a little too rapid. This one squeezes every drop of sweat out of me before I have the chance to get to that point! I can only do about 15-20 minutes because it is so effective and powerful. Intensity can be adjusted with the flick of a switch. I feel rejuvenated and my skin feels wonderful after.I highly recommend this sauna! Others are insanely cheaper, but you get what you pay for!Most other reviews I've read for the cheaper ones include many that claim it will work a few times and break, and no way to contact the company! Sounds like a scam. This company has integrity and will always get back to you in a timely manner. The electronics are superior and so far it has been working perfectly. Apparently it has superior FIR as well. I cannot verify, but I know that it works for me!
I absolutely love this sauna! I have a chronic illness and part of my protocol is to do the sauna several times a week. I love the convenience of having this in my home. It's very easy to put together and operate.

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