Best Safe Steps for New Parents to Take When Using A Hot Tub Like Shower

Best Safe Steps for New Parents to Take When Using A Hot Tub Like Shower

When you are new to the whole parenting thing, everything might seem scary, especially when it comes to the bath time. You probably will have questions on how to wash the baby, what water temperatures are safe for the baby, and so on. Good news is, there is a way to give your baby a hot tub like shower, and I’ll tell you just how to do it. Here are some practical best safe steps for new parents to take when using a hot tub shower.

Steps for Taking a Safe Hot Tub Shower

You know that feeling that you get after the end of a long day when you get to sit in your bathtub and relax, well here’s how you can give your baby the same kind of treatment. It is essential that you start using the hot tub once the umbilical cord has fallen off. Before that only sponge bathe the child.

  1. First off, when dealing with babies, you need to make sure that the water is not too hot as to scald the baby’s skin or too cold. Temperatures of around 120 degrees Fahrenheit are the most recommended.  If you don’t have a thermometer, you can use your elbow to test the water. The elbow is used because the skin there is soft, and it provides the perfect substitute for a baby’s skin. The water should feel warm to the touch and not hot.
  2. The next step is to bring everything you will require close to you from the soap to the towel to the pad. Everything you will need for the bath has to be within arm’s reach because you do not want to be moving around while the shower is going on.
  3. If the baby is too small/young, place him/her on a pad near a tub or a washbasin. But if the baby can sit on their own, you can place them on the hot tub but make sure you lend them some support to ensure they don’t slip and fall into the water. The water must be 3 inches high for safety.
  4. Start by undressing the baby down to the diaper. Using a clean cloth and clean water only start washing the face and the eyes, note that you should not use soap when washing the baby’s face. Wet the cleaning cloth and wring any excess water out and start by washing the hair the scalp with a soapy washcloth.
  5. When you are through cleaning the face, remove the diaper and clean the bottom and genitals if there are any feces then lower the baby into the tub feet first.
  6. Use a clean sponge or washcloth with very mild detergent and start washing the baby from top to bottom, front, and back. Always give support to the baby while doing this so that they don’t fall. Pour water on the baby from time to time to keep them warm.
  7. Rinse your baby thoroughly with a warm cupful of water and lift them out of the tub. Quickly wrap the baby in a towel and pat them dry to make sure that the baby does not get chilled.
  8. Put the baby in a safe place and clean the bath area. Take everything back to storage and out of children’s reach.
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Tips for Using When Bathing a Newborn


  • Make sure that the umbilical cord has fallen off before starting to use a hot tub
  • Collect everything you might need during the bath to avoid moving around during the bath
  • Always keep one hand on the baby to ensure that he does not slip and drown in the water
  • Water should be 3 inches high
  • Never leave the baby unattended during the bath as it is very easy for a baby to drown. Leave all other activities until bath time is over.
  • The bath should only take a short time so that the baby does not catch a chill
  • Use a mild detergent when washing the baby and use a skin moisturizer on the baby’s skin if it is too dry. Use a moisturizer manufactured explicitly for a baby’s skin because it is too sensitive to use any other kind.


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What to Do After the Bath

Once you are done washing the baby, lift her out of the tub while supporting the head and neck, and ensure to wrap him/her in a warm towel to prevent loss of heat. Dry the baby and dress him/her then gently comb the hair.

The baby might be feeling mellow after a bath so you can put him in a bassinet to help rock them to sleep. We recommend the Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center. It is quite handy if you have twins, but it is also suitable for you even if you don’t since you can detach one of the bassinets and use one. It has a lot of handy features like an electronic music center and vibrations which can send baby right to sleep.



After the baby has slept, move him/her to the bed for maximum comfort. The Dream on Me Violet 7 in 1 Convertible Lifestyle Crib is the most recommended. It is easy to transform into a baby bed, and it has a bonus in that it can grow with your baby so you won’t have to buy different beds as the baby grows bigger. It can be used as a baby crib and can be converted into a toddler bed, twin bed, or even a full bed.

Taking care of your baby like this will leave him/her feeling well-rested and less fussy.


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