Best Jacuzzi Hot Tub for Your Backyard Makeover

Jacuzzi is the oldest name in hot tubs. The Jacuzzi Hot Tub brand has been around since 1956 and this brand is still going strong today.  In this post you will discover why the Jacuzzi hot tub for your backyard makeover is a good choice.

The Jacuzzi brothers invented the very first pump for use in hydrotherapy. The company still leads the industry in areas of hydro-technology making innovative products to fit your needs.

The Jacuzzi company is known for their excellent customer service and designs.  A Jacuzzi Hot Tub is the way to go if you need to soak soreness out of your body.

You might just want some relaxation, and that is fine you will be able to relax in the comfort of your own home. It is also good for a romantic moment with your significant other.

Your family can make many wonderful memories spending time enjoying a soak together in your hot tub. This tub can also be a great place to have outdoor parties. What a better way to have a party? You just need to have some food, drink, conversation and the warm water of the hot tub.

outdoor hot tubsJacuzzi is constantly striving to improve the experience one of their hot tubs can provide you.

The J-400 collection includes some brand new technology and features which have patents pending on them.

You will find such things as the new J-1000 system for your audio pleasure or the PowerPro PX jets which also are new.

Both of these along with other new innovations are to enhance your hot tub experience.


This company offers various models of hot tubs for you to choose from.

This means you can find one that is right for your lifestyle, and income level.

With any of them, you can become relaxed and get your soreness relieved through your hydrotherapy experience.

Let’s look into these models and learn more about them.

The J-200 Collection is a very affordable group of hot tubs by Jacuzzi. An example of this group is listed below:

J-280 is a spacious hot tub that can seat six to seven adults with no crowding. Some of its options you would only expect to find in the higher-priced spas not one that is as affordable as the J-280.

This model comes with 44 jets, which help to provide the ideal massage experience. Other standard features include four pillows, easy-to-access controls and five cup holders.

This affordable Jacuzzi Hot Tub is far above many other brands out there in its offerings.

The Dimensions for this model are 91 by 91 inches, and it is 37 inches deep. It holds 539 gallons of water.

J-300 Signature Collection is a group of portable hot tubs offered by Jacuzzi. This company actually invented the first of the portable models. Who better to buy one from then this company? An example of this group is the following:

The J-375 model will seat six adults and has thirty-four PowerPro Jets along with twelve PowerPro BX Jets to help you get the most in relaxation from your spa experience.

The dimensions of this model are 91 by 91 inches, and the depth is 38 inches.

It holds 530 gallons of water. Some other features that are included are such things as Rainbow Waterfall, PowerPro Therapy Seats, FX 10 Therapy Seat and enhanced lighting.

J-400 Designer Collection is a group of Jacuzzi Hot Tubs that include some innovative designing to give you a unique spa experience. To read about an example of this collection, check out the following information.

The J-465 stands out over many other outdoor models, and it seats five adults. It comes with the ProAir Lounge Seat.

There are jets installed in this seat in a way to massage your calves, hamstrings, feet and back.

Very few hot tubs offer you side-by-seating along with a lounge seat, but this model has both.

The dimensions of this model are 88 by 88 inches with 39 inches for the depth. It holds a total of 480 gallons of water and has 37 jets.

J-LX Luxury Collection is a group of luxury spas by Jacuzzi.

These Jacuzzi Hot Tubs are highly-energy efficient.

An example of this group is listed below:

The J-LXL model seats 5 adults and has 38 jets.

This and the J-XL, which is the other model in this group, lead the list for all the hot tubs in their class for energy efficiency.

Other features included are such things as more natural pillow design, filtered LED lighting, larger number of jets positioned ideally for hydrotherapy and FX jets aimed at the calf muscles and hamstrings.

The dimensions of this model are 84 by 84 inches, and it has a depth of 36 inches. It holds 370 gallons of water.

It is easy to see by the information offered above why a Jacuzzi Hot Tub is such an ideal choice for you.

Not only is it built by the company the invented the hot tubs, but it also includes the latest in spa technology. Check out the full line of this brand either online or at a local dealer near you.

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