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Package Includes1x Leaf Simmer Net Feature 1. Aluminum Frame Leaf Catchers Are Slightly Heavier Than Plastic 2. Triple Stitched Netting 3. Pivoting Lip Edge - To Enhance Scooping And Make It More Durable 4. 30 Days Free Money Back Guarantee 5. Fine Mesh Pool Leaf Bags Grab Tiny Debris From The Swimming Pool Bottom & Surface

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Throw you old school net away. Use this instead. You can even run this along the bottom of your pool like a vacuum and it scoops up every single leaf. I honestly don't even vacuum the pool that often anymore because this is much easier. You don't even have to empty it until you are completely finished because everything stays inside.
I don't know what I did without this pool leaf skimmer! I used to use the flat nets, but items would just fall off of it and back into the water. This long bag on this net keeps leaves and other debris safely tucked inside so that everything is removed from the pool in a speedy fashion.
couldn't wait to get this leaf bag after hurricane irma came thru. our pool was a mess!!! the bag attached to our retractable pole and I was able to scoop up all the leaves and sticks. works well.
Great heavy duty net for your pool! I've tried your more traditional nets and this one beats them all! I can skim my whole pool without having to continously shake off my net. Great value and delivery was fast!!
If I can compare the price and thw product of this seller sold to me, i would say its so worth it and I had make the right decision when I purchased this! Great and reasonable,price!
Perfect for our little pool. I can sit inside and scoop the grass out if I want to. The s probably wouldn't be great for a big pool but perfect for our 2 foot pool. Big bag.
Much smaller than shown. Net opening is too large for small grass cutting. The net is not deep and mouth opening is very small. Made my cleaning twice as long.

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