Best Hot Tubs Deals! Real User Reviews: Solar Lights Indoor, DOMEZAN Portable Outdoor Emergency Light Rechargeable 165 LM Bulb for Hurricane Off-grid Home, Chicken Coop, Shed, Barn

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Specifications This environmentally friendly solar light bulb can minimize the amount of electricity, saves more energy in your daily use. Light your home in an economical and energy efficient way. Type: Ball Bulbs Output Power: 1.5W Luminous Flux: 165LM Total Emitters: 3 CCT/Wavelength: 4000K Voltage(V): DC 5V Lifespan: 5000hrs Available Light Color: Natural White Bulb Size: 137x52mm/5.4x2.0” Solar Panel Size: 112x55mm/4.4x2.2” Approximate Illumination Time: Up to 6-8 hours Approximate Illumination Area; Up to 10' x 10' (3m x 3m) per bulb Indoor Usage: Off-grid Home, Chicken Coop, Barn, Shed, Boat, Pool, Emergency Light, Hurricane Outdoor Usage: Camping, Hiking, FishingSolar Panel High quality 0.8 watt solar panel included. Can be wall or surface mounted. The solar panel dimensions are approx. 4.4" x 2.2" x 0.2" LxWxT.Charge This bulb can be charged by solar panel, power bank, USB device Full charge indication: The color of the bulb light will turn into blue when the full charge is completeBattery 1 pcs of rechargeable battery is included (replaceable) and are housed within the light bulb Installation Easy to install with simply plug & play connection. Solar panel supplied with strong adhesive For internal or external use.What’s in the Box: 1 x DOMEZAN solar light bulb 1 x Solar Panel 1 x 1200mah Built-in 18650 rechargeable battery 1 x 3m Charging Cable

User reviews

The opportunities are endless for use of this light. This light comes packaged in a cardboard box with the contents inside. Light itself comes charged and ready to use. The bulb has a push button switch to turn on, change brightness, and Flash lighting options. The Bulb Has a carabiner on the top two easily attached to wherever you need it it has a USB connector to recharge the light using any traditional USB cord or using the enclosed solar light panel. The cord for the solar light panel is very long and gives you many options for recharging. I purchased this light for a lighting project on my shed. I have a couple of old vintage railroad lanterns that I am using for display on the front of my shed and wanted a non electrical option for lighting and decoration. I love this option to hang the light in the Lantern and turn on for lighting. It gives a nice bright light for my shed entry door. This light could have many other options for youth including camping, lighting small areas, small areas, or just using 4 portable lighting. Great gift idea!
Bought this because my wired light can only go so far plus the hook and backing can get really hot and I've burnt myself from it several times. Not to mention if you don't hook onto something good enough, it'll fall and then you could break the light bulb, even with that metal cage. This on the other hand has a clasp on the hook so once it's on something, it's on there. What really sold me is this thing is solar powered which means I can take this anywhere. Going on a camping trip this weekend and can have this in the tent or camper. Plus the light is really bright. The bonus, this bulb doesn't get hot and burn you if you touch it.
The things that this light can be used for are absolutely amazing. The light can be charged by the solar panel or can be charged by usb. I decided to use this light in my shed where I'm always looking for a flash lite every time I need to go out there, The cord is nice and long so I can hang the light on the inside while mounting the panel on the roof and don't need to have electricity out there. The light has an on and off switch and different brightness levels. This light is gonna be perfect and I already want to order more for other uses.
This little Light does what I bought it for, I bought it to put a little bit of light outside our chicken house. It charges up all day even with just a little bit of sun. It’s not super bright but it’s perfect for what I needed it for! Super light weight so it is easy to install where ever you need it! I just leave it on all the time ( it runs off solar so I’m not wasting money)! Pretty cool light.
We have a "mud" room addition at the back of the house but the light switch is inside the house so this light is perfect for giving enough light to maneuver through the room when coming in from the dark. It is placed in an area that is gets enough solar energy through the day ti help it light up through the night. Works perfectly for what we needed it to do!
I was looking for a nightlight on our detached garage and found this instead. It is so much better and will help us save energy as well. I love that it has different light setting that I can leave as a nightlight or use the brighter one to light up the entire garage. Great buy and totally worth the money for energy efficiency!
Great little light, that can be used for many things. I gave it to my husband. It is great for working under card hoods, or engines with small spaces. the bulb lights up a lot. It is solar charged and lasts a really long time. The light has a caribiner on top, so that you can easily hang it just about anywhere.

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