Best Hot Tubs Deals! Real User Reviews: Scum Star Oil Absorbing Sponge- Cyprapid 2018 New Design Perfect for Collecting Oil, Scum, Slime, Grime, Lotion, Pollen & Bugs from Swimming Pool, Spas, Hot Tubs and SPA Tub (Pack of 4 )

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Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; ⭐️Super Absorbent - Cyprapid Scum Star absorbs 40 times of its weight in things like inanimate scum, suntan lotion, body oils, make-up/cosmetics, pollen, etc. without absorbing any water. Helps make water of your swimming pools, hot tubs, jetted tubs and spas crystal clean again!; ⭐️Extend Lifespan of Your Filter System - Cyprapid Scum Stars are completely chemical free and harmless to your skim or your pool. What's more, with their strong absorbing abilities, they will help lighten the load on your filtration system and filter, maximizing their life span and minimizing maintenance costs.; ⭐️Easy to use - You only need to put two sponges in a water filled pool, tub or Jacuzzi, then the sponges can clean the water by themselves without any other difficult set-up at all.; ⭐️Different Design&Better Experience - Their unique star shape provides plenty of surface area for maximum efficiency and ensures that it won't get stuck in your water lines.; ⭐️Environment Friendly - Cyprapid Scum Star sponge is made by straw type cellulose which is natural ingredient. Harmless to the human body and your pool/tub.

User reviews

product was just what i expected and works great!
These little stars are amazing! I can't believe the difference in our pool. Mind you we have a 12ft 30 inch deep pool but it was starting to get very slimy on the lip. Overnight this was cured. They don't absorb water and can be hosed off. I love seeing them change color (I'm weird) as they sucks up the algae. Not actual colors just a lage colored. I will definitely be recommending them.
Wasn't sure how these could possibly work in our pool (18x36) since most of the reviews are for hot tubs - but they do! We have one in each of our two skimmers, and they have kept the "scum " scale" from forming at the water line. Hubby is impressed! Thanks for a great product at a great price!!
We have used these a couple of weeks now and they really do the job. We use two in our small inflatable hot tub and they seem to dissipate the foam as they swirl around in the bubbles as well as collect any dirt, oils etc. We just clean them off with the hose when they need it.
Even when the water looks clean, this sponge seems to soak up lots of gunk floating around. I have another brand as well but this one works better with the beach ball design since there are more edges touching the water and when it floats over the whirlpool in the filter basket it doesnt get sucked in.
I put one of these babies into the spa and the oily scum that had been floating on top of the water was completely gone in 24 hours and it has been crystal clear ever since! It's a miracle! No matter how clean you are when using your spa, getting an accumulation of oily-looking residue on top of the water is inevitable (and gross).
The oil absorbing star spins freely on the surface of the water, bouncing off of the spa walls and cleaning the entire time. I just leave the scum star in the spa all the time, even when it is in use...I assume the agitation from the jets will just allow it to move about the surface even better. I definitely recommend this product and always having some on hand.

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