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This thermistor probe is designed to use with Pentair MiniMax NT STD, NT LN, NT TSI pool and spa heater models 200, 250, 300, 400 and also compatible with UltraTemp and ThermalFlo pool and spa heat pumps. Measures 1-inch length by 2-inch height by 1-inch width.

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My 20 something year old pool heater kept shutting off with a trouble code that was due to the origonal sensor failing. This replacement fit and works perfect with no more system shut down or trouble code issues. I have found that Amazon has quite a good selection of pool and spa equipment related parts available which has saved me time and money. In most cases pool supply companies charge about twice what Amazon sells the same item for "if" you are lucky enough to find what you need when you need it.
My Ulta Temp Pentair Heat Pump was giving me a a wrong reading on the water temperature and wouldn't run. After looking through my manual, it said it would be one of two things, a bad control board or a bad probe thermistor. At $17 and some change, I figured I'd at least try this option before looking into a $250+ control board. I looked in my manual to see "where" the part was and located it in my unit. I took the old one out (power completely shut off at the breaker, of course). Replaced it with this unit and BOOM! Problem solved. I would recommend to try this option first if you're getting an incorrect water temperature reading in your Pentair Heat Pump and it will not turn on.
I was unsure what was wrong with my heater. I bought this along with a new igniter since amazon said people bought it along with the igniter.My igniter looked pretty burned up after almost 20 years. Well I put in the igniter and my heater still would not fire up. The fan would off and on but the heater would not fire up. I searched online and when the thermistor (which is really a water heat sensor) goes bad it tells the computer boardthe water is at max temp. which is 141 degrees which means the heater will never fire up. So I put this part In and connected it to the circuit board and it fired right up. Worked for me.Hope this helps.
My pentair heater gave me an error message "ERR". Using the troubleshooting guidelines I found on the web I narrowed the problem down to the thermistor and the control circuit board. I replaced the circuit board and still got the ERR message, I then installed the new Thermistor and the problem was solved. Next time I will replace the thermistor first.
Pentair MiniMax NT diagnosis steps. Turning the heater to Pool gave a green Pressure light so there was water flow and the pressure sensor was working. No other lights on the front or back of the control board. No voltage from the High Temp sensors, but bypassing them with jumpers did not do anything. Next was to check the resistance of the thermistor, which read zero, so decided to take a chance on a $30 part. Like the others said, replacing the thermistor took 5 minutes to unscrew and reinstall with some plumber's tape. FYI, to remove the top, unscrew the two middle screws in the vent gate and then pry up the corners of the cover which is held down by four pins (they are just held in place by friction and some springy metal sides). The heater was back up and running! Bought from SOSpools and received in 2 days (but I live just a two hour drive from the company so your delivery times may vary).
I had the dreaded "ERR" AND "Sevice" leds lit on my pentair nt200, wouldn't heat. Just replaced old part with this, and it fired right up! Hooray! Arrived in two days on a Sunday nonetheless. Awesome! Posting pic of 15 year old piece.
Right part the first time. Quick shipping easy repair, heater up and running. This is the second one I've ordered, the first one lasted about 2 1/2 years.Hopefully I'm able to get a little more time out of it. Great service from a great company.

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