Best Hot Tubs Deals: Led Pool Lights,iTobest 35w 120v E26 Base Swimming Pool Led Light Bulb Daylight White,500w Traditional Bulb Replacement For Most Pentair Hayward Light Fixture

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iTobest 35w White Swimming Pool LED Light Bulb, it's a high output pool led Light bulb,6000k daylight white color, Will replace 300-500w traditional light bulbs.As bright as a 500w halogen bulb but only uses 35w.The bright white of the LED's actually make your water a bright blue at night which is a miracle.It is able to lit up 24000 gallon pool,and as a bonus burns up a lot less electricity.

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This Led light is bright. Comparing to my old light bulb, this one is brighter. I used about a week, and am still comparing to the energy to my old light bulb
Much better than expected! Easy to install. we've had no issues with water getting inside.
Ah, what a difference it makes having a light in your pool. Not only from a safety aspect (being able to see if a child falls in), but also from an ambience point of view too. Lights up our entire pool and sometimes it is the only light we have on in the backyard during late summer evenings.
Very bright. Good price
LOVE the color this light gives off to really bring out the blue in our pool! But now I need to buy another and a smaller one for the spa so my lights match!
Great would be better if it was cheaper, but hey should save money on electric bill.
I purchased this for my brothers pool as his light burned out. He said it was easy to get installed and gives off a really nice and bright irredecsent glow. Almost a light bluish tint to it in his pool. No issues thus far with water leaking in to it. These lights can be very expressive not only to buy but to operate. This is a nicely made quality light that operatez at a more efficient level without having to give up any effects of brightness. His pool is party ready and it lights up the entire pool.

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