Best Hot Tubs Deals: Digital PH Meter, 0.01 Resolution Pocket Size Water Quality Tester with ATC 0-14 pH Measurement Range for Household Drinking Water, Aquarium, Swimming Pools, Hydroponics (Black)

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Specification:▲Measuring range: 0.00-14.00PH ▲Resolution: 0.01 pH ▲Accuracy: ± 0.1 pH ▲Operating Temperature: 0-80 ▲Dimension: 153mm x 29mm x 16mm ▲Life expectancy: about 500 hours ▲Relative humidity ▲Digital pH meter with two key: On and off switch + Auto Calibration button ▲Auto- One Touch Automatic Calibration; CAL - Calibration buttonFeature: ▲Large digital display makes it easy to read ▲Pocket sized, handheld pH meter is lightweight, compact, conveniently fits in your pocket or bag and goes anywhere ▲High accuracy ± 0.1 pH ▲With automatic temperature compensation (ATC) feature ▲Easy to set up with the solutions provided,Batteries to power the instrument is included ▲Very uesful tool, necessary for home, aquarium, fishing industry, swimming pool, school laboratory, food and drinks, etcNote: ▲Please do not immerse the meter into the solution over the "warning line", to avoid damage to the circuit board ▲If the "cal'(calibration) button is pressed and electrode exposed to air for a long time,calibration is required Package: ▲1x Digital PH Meter ▲3x PH buffer powder ▲1x Instructions

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This is a very useful ph meter, we need to keep measurements regularly on our hot tub/spa because if the ph gets out of whack we end up with scale all over the tub which is a pita to clean. This is a nice quick and easy solution to keep that from happening. Easy to use.
I'm on a very strict diet because of a condition I was diagnosed with, I have to be very conscious of PH of my water (among other things) this is really helpful and my kids like to use it. They think it's a game to guess the number of the water. lol
Bought this because I suspected something was off with my tap water. It worked nicely and has easy to follow directions. I love that it came in its own case and the digital screen makes it very easy to read. One of the best investments I’ve made!
This is a fantastic and compact little PH meter, and is perfect for those (like me) who have a tropical fish set up at home, as ensuring the correct water quality is paramount to fish health.This arrived well packaged and presented. It comes in a stylish protective box that contains the PH meter itself, a handy plastic protective case, x3 sachets of PH buffer solution, and a user manual. If you aren't familiar with using a PH meter, the instruction manual clearly explains how this operates. The meter is very easy to use once initial calibration has been done (again, this is clearly explained and demonstrated in the user manual) and makes keeping a check on your water quality simple.I have used this once so far to test the water quality in my fishtank and found it straightforward, easy to operate and accurate.I'm very impressed and pleased with this PH meter, and would have no hesitation is recommending it.
This item seems to work extremely well
Simple accurate PH meter this is my first one. I love it so far very accurate i will be using this everyday.
This Ph tester came in very handy for measuring my levels in the hot tub! It accurately measured the ph level and I tested it with the ph strips to see how accurate it was and I was impressed. It is fairly easy to work and is small and compact! I recommend getting one especially if you own a hot tub.

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