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We’ve reviewed some top rated of the best-selling hot tubs, spas & pools cleaners, cleansers and accessories. Compare quality hot tubs cleansers and their features. Here you can find and compare specifications of the best water care products with the highest rated customer reviews.

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Important Hot Tub, Spa and Pool Cleaners

You have a hot tub, spa, whirlpool bath, Jacuzzi tub, a pool, or any combination of these should be used properly and within the specifications. You might want to save the water for later use and keep the tub wet with minimal dry periods. Doing this can lead to issues when not handled properly.

All owners of the said water feature know that proper maintenance and love. Maintenance can be a costly thing especially if the tub is not taken care of good enough. Oils, chemicals, and dirt can build up and cause problems to occur if not fixed or cleaned early on. I have here a simple guide to help you with your hot tub, spa, whirlpool, Jacuzzi tub, and/or pool maintenance.

Things needed

Pool/Tub skimmer net – this handy tool is to fish out impurities from the tub. Impurities include leaves, bugs, snakes, and anything else that fell on the water. This is one of those thing that cleaners find very versatile.

Water test strips – you also need to check the tub’s water condition before you jump in. there are pool and tub test strips that are multipurpose for pH, chlorine, bromine, hardness, and other water based factors. You should test the water a minimum of once a week and adjust the chemicals in the water accordingly. Once a day is recommended for those who always use their tubs.

TDS test – Total Dissolved Solids test. This will tell you when the water should be replaced. Do not let the water get anything above 1500 particles per metric cube of water. This is important for those with water jet and fountain features.

Water filters – if your tub has a built-in filter, then, congratulations it will keep your water longer. Clean it every 2 weeks and replace it when needed as per instruction manuals. If the tub has no built-in filter then it is right to buy this accessory with the other important accessories and equipment.

Chlorine or bromine – you can put both if you want. These two keeps the pool sanitized against biological threats like algae, bacteria, and viruses. There are hot tubs, whirlpools, and Jacuzzi specific chlorine and bromine salts being sold in the market which is friendly to the techie things in your tub.

Ozoniser or ozone generator – if you do not want to use plenty of water conditioners and just stick to the basic chemicals then use this. An ozone generator will work the same as chlorine but without the harsh chemicals. An example would be the copper ion system.

Oil-absorbing sponge – like the name says, it is a sponge that absorbs oils and keep that water oil free, some might even absorb make-up. This is needed if you use oils or lotions when taking that soak.

Pool cleaners – they are the cleaning accessories or equipment for the pool and tub. There are manual vacuums and automatic high-tech ones. Some smaller models of the automatic variety can be used for tubs as long as it’s water jet friendly.

Clarifiers – this chemical coagulates particles in the water making filtration easier.

Stain remover – there are many things that can stain your tub and pool so a stain remover is good to have.

Flush product – it is a chemical that will help you clean the water jets in your tub. Before you drain the water, put this product in and activate the jets or as instructed on the product.

Tips to cleaning and maintaining the tub, spa and pool

Aside from the above-mentioned cleaning practices, the moulds and mildew on and around the area especially the covers. It is important to cry out the tub or pool every now and then so that you can get all the nasty things out and minimize algae and mould growth.

If you have a hot tub and it’s getting colder and colder and you use it more and more, it is better to leave it on but at a lower temperature instead of waiting every time to have the water heat up. This is effective in places with harsh winter and the tub is outdoors or in a place where the heater cannot reach.

Conditioning the cover will also prolong its life especially when summer hits and the tub or pool is exposed to the harmful rays of the sun.

If you came from outside and is quite dirty, you might want to keep the tub and pool water clean by taking a shower first. This is important if you have a tub with plenty of water jets.

Water shock the pools and tubs that are used frequently by plenty of people. It keeps your water clean and clear a bit longer saving you some money. Do this at least once a week or as needed.

If you are replacing the water with tap water, like most homes, it is better to have it run through a filters and minimize the impurities that might accumulate and damage the water jets and other accessories. Especially in places with their tap water high in minerals like lime, calcium, and fluoride and any other heavy metal particles.

You should have a professional cleaners or a maintenance team come and clean every now and then depending on how much you use your hot tub, spa, whirlpool, Jacuzzi tub, and/or pool. They should be able to spot technology related issues especially with your high-tech tub.

With that done, enjoy your time in the clean and safe water.

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