The Best Hot Tub Handrail for Safety?

  • By: Adam
  • Date: July 1, 2022
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Hot tubs can be therapeutic in many ways, however, many users can experience challenges when it comes to getting in and out of the tub.

This is where a handrail comes in handy and finding the right option can ensure that all users remain safe while preventing any accidents.

When selecting the right hot tub handrail it is important to consider a range of different factors.

The handrail must be robustly designed to offer the necessary support.

Preferably it should also be easy to install as this will help to avoid any difficulties.

To take the hard work out of the process, we have browsed the market and reviewed our top five picks of the best options available. ​

For more guidance, we have also provided a buyer’s guide containing our top tips for selecting the best handrail for your hot tub.

Best Hot Tub Handrail


FibroPool Easy Mount Handrail

With raving reviews and an excellent star rating, the FibroPool Easy Mount Handrail is a worthy contender.

In terms of size, this rail measures 22” in height and is a total of 30” in length. The diameter of the tube measures 1 ⅔” providing sufficient space for you to hold onto the rail.

As for construction, this handrail has been made from stainless steel. Thanks to the use of this durable material you can be sure that this rail is going to last throughout the seasons.

This tough material also ensures that it offers the stable support that you require as you get in and out of the tub.

Installing the handrail is a relatively straightforward process. The only tools that you are going to require when installing this rail are a hammer drill, wrench, and measuring tape.

The package also provides you with the base plate, screws, lead anchors, and masonry drill bit so you aren’t going to need to invest in a lot of additional hardware.


  • It isn’t bulkily designed so it isn’t going to consume a lot of space.
  • Constructed from stainless steel this is a robust handrail that offers stable support.
  • Installing the handrail is a straightforward process.
  • The package provides you with all that you require to install the rail.
  • It is nicely designed and isn’t going to be an obtrusive addition to your hot tub.


  • Unfortunately, this rail is prone to rusting after a few weeks and so the quality could be improved.


Saftron Polymer Handrail

The Saftron Polymer Handrail has been specifically designed to be used with in-ground pools and spas. Offering dependable support you are going to be able to get in and out of your hot tub safely.

Durably constructed, this handrail has been designed to withstand a range of weather conditions and environments.

The base has been made from polymer which is resistant to damage caused by chemicals, salt, and sun.

This means that you can install this rail to your hot tub without having to worry about exposure to potential damage that can cause potential deteriorations in the quality.

A great feature of this handrail is the lift and turn base. As such this allows you to rotate the handle to an angle that makes it easier for you to get in and out of the tub.

It isn’t bulky either so you don’t need to worry about the rail consuming a lot of space.


  • The coating is resistant to chipping and flaking which helps to preserve the quality.
  • It is available in a range of colors so you can select your preferred option for your hot tub.
  • The lift and turn base allows you to position the rail to a convenient angle that makes it easy to enter and exit the hot tub.
  • This handrail is pretty easy to install.
  • The material doesn’t heat up when exposed to the sun.


  • Some may find the handle to be a little too small for their needs.


CoverMate Spa Side Handrail

Uniquely designed, the CoverMate Spa Side Handrail doesn’t require any tricky installation to be secured to your hot tub.

It is equipped with a base that slides under the base of your spa. The locking feature then allows you to secure the handrail into place so you can be confident in the safety.

Just like our previous pick, this handrail can be rotated up to 360 degrees which allows you to alter the angle of the rail to the most convenient position that makes it easier to enter and exit your hot tub.

Durably designed, the construction of this handrail ensures that it is resistant to rust which will help to maintain the quality.

The handle has also been designed with user comfort in mind and allows you to maintain a secure grip with ease.

As for compatibility, this rail can be used with hot tubs that are up to 40” in height.


  • It is easy to install and can simply be secured under the base of your hot tub.
  • It is robustly designed to offer excellent support.
  • As a rotating handrail, it can be moved to be positioned at the angle that you require.
  • It is a good height and can be used with hot tubs up to 40”.
  • It is strongly constructed to withstand any potential damage.


  • The handle lacks protective padding which can make it hard to handle during colder weather.


SmartRail Spa Safety Rail

SmartRail Spa Safety Rail

Sleekly designed, the SmartRail Spa Safety Rail is the perfect addition to your hot tub.

The textured black handle makes this an unobtrusive option and the coating is also very durable.

As a coated aluminum handrail it is going to refrain from rusting so you can be confident in the quality.

Installing this handrail to your hot tub will ensure that you can enter and exit safely.

The bracket is rotatable and as such provides greater flexibility regarding the ways that the rail can be mounted.

It can either be directly installed onto the side cabinet of your hot tub or on the deck that surrounds your hot tub.

Regarding construction, this handrail has been made with a stainless steel finish which possesses tough and robust qualities.

The handrail also incorporates protective padding that allows you to hold onto the rail for greater comfort.


  • It is sturdily constructed to offer reliable support.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing and isn’t going to look out of place when secured to your hot tub.
  • Retailing within a relatively affordable price it is a great choice for those on a budget.
  • The padded handle allows you to maintain a secure and comfortable grip.
  • There are two ways that this handrail can be installed so you can choose the best option depending on the style of your hot tub.


  • It lacks detailed instructions regarding the installation.


Aluminum Handrail for Hot Tubs

Suitable for use in marine environments, docks, boats, pools, and hot tubs, this aluminum handrail is very versatile and ensures that you can get in and out of your hot tub safely.

Additionally, it can also be used in freshwater and saltwater applications.

This handrail measures 36” in height and is 13” wide which ensures that there is sufficient space for you to maintain a secure grip.

The circular design of this handrail is great in allowing you to hold onto the rail regardless of the angle at which you are entering or exiting the hot tub.

In regards to construction, this handrail has been made from aluminum for enhanced durability.

Even when exposed to different weather conditions it is going to resist deterioration in quality.

It can also be secured using screws or bolts depending on which you would find easier.


  • It retails at an affordable price and is great value for money.
  • As it has been made in the USA you can be confident in the source of your purchase.
  • Impressively, this handrail can be used in a range of different settings.
  • This handrail can be installed with ease.
  • Constructed from aluminum it is sturdily built for longevity.


  • Some customers have reported that the finish of this handrail is a little unappealing.

Best Hot Tub Handrail Buying Guide

There are several factors that you will need to consider before investing in your hot tub handrail.

Although it may appear tempting to invest in your handrail without conducting thorough research beforehand, it is important to do so to ensure that it is suitable for the particular model of your hot tub.

Along with some important characteristics of the handrail, we have also detailed our top tips for selecting the best product for your needs.

The Type of Hot Tub

First and foremost it is important to assess the type of hot tub to ensure that your chosen handrail is compatible with the model.

Failing to consider this factor is likely to lead to challenges when it comes to installation. It is also likely to mean that the handrail is ineffective in fulfilling its purpose.

The Size of the Handrail

Hot tub handrails are often available in a range of sizes and this allows you to select the option that is compatible with your hot tub.

Choosing a handrail that is insufficiently sized is likely to become problematic when attempting to install the handrail.

If the handrail is too small it is also likely to be ineffective in serving its purpose of aiding the hot tub users as they get in and out of the hot tub.


Preferably your handrail should be easy to install to your hot tub. The installation that is required is going to differ depending on the style of handrail that you select.

While some may need to be screwed into your hot tub via the side or the top of the hot tub, others will be a little designed to slide under the base of your hot tub.

It is important to adhere to the specifications of your hot tub to ensure that you comply with the correct installation guidance for easy assembly.

The Safety of the Handrail

It is important to ensure that your handrail fulfills its purpose and is safe so that you can get in and out of the hot tub with ease.

You must ensure that it is safely installed otherwise it is going to be ineffective in providing you with the support that you require.

A handrail is particularly important for those that are older and children as they are likely to be faced with the most challenges when getting in and out of the hot tub.

The Durability

Your handrail should be durably constructed to ensure that it can withstand different weather without deteriorating in quality.

If the rail is going to be left on the hot tub in between uses rather than removed, it needs to be made using high-quality materials as this will ensure that it can withstand different weather conditions without becoming damaged.

The Material

The handrail that you select should be made from a tough and robust material. The material needs to be tough enough to withstand the weight applied from different users without weakening.

The majority of handrails tend to be made from stainless steel, aluminum, or hard plastic.

Each tends to be effective, however stainless steel tends to be the preferred option because it is tough and robust and less likely to deteriorate.

Additionally, this material offers excellent quality too.

The Price

Hot tub handrails retail at varying prices with some affordable options and others that are slightly more expensive.

However, on the whole, they tend to be a pretty affordable and valuable addition to your hot tub set up.

When selecting your hot tub you must ensure that it is compatible with the model of your spa otherwise this is going to result in a wasted purchase.

You may find that some styles are more expensive than others too.

Ensure that you don’t compromise on the quality of the handrail by seeking an option that appears more affordable because it may prove ineffective in fulfilling its purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a hot tub handrail?

A handrail is an important safety feature that can prevent you from falling when getting in and out of your hot tub.

By holding onto the handrail you can use your hot tub with confidence that you aren’t going to become injured in the process.

Of course, the surface of hot tubs can be slippery and so a handrail is a beneficial addition.