Best Hot Tub Booster Seat Cushions

  • By: Paul
  • Date: January 7, 2022
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Hot tub booster seat cushions are a godsend for shorter people who cannot enjoy their time in the spa without feeling like drowning. Besides adding height to enjoy your hot tub experience fully, booster seat cushions also add much-needed stability and comfort to spa seating. 

Moreover, booster seat cushions are not only for shorter individuals and children. Even for taller people, staying submerged in water up to your chest for extended periods can put unwanted stress on your heart, making it difficult to breathe. 

If you are looking for booster seats that stay put even when hot tub jets are turned on, you have landed in the right place. Read on as we list our top choices for the best hot tub booster seat cushions that genuinely enhance your overall spa experience.

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5 Hot Tub Booster Seat Cushions That Are Worth The Money!

Hot tub booster seats are available in various materials, filling options, and styles. Therefore, finding one that best fits your needs can be difficult. But don’t worry, we have done the hard work for you. Based on our extensive reviews, here are 5 of the best hot tub booster seats available.

1. Blue Wave Soft Comfort Spa Seat Cushion

Our first pick is Blue Wave Deluxe Soft Comfort Spa Seat Cushion. This weighted cushion is a durable option made from high-quality PVC and polyester, which stays put even as the hot tub jets are turned on. At 9 pounds, you can easily enjoy this plush seating which provides just the right boost to enjoy your leisure spa time without the fear of floating away. 

Another bonus point is the quick-drying feature of this spa seat, which ensures minimal water retention, resulting in mildew prevention. However, the product claims to add 5 inches of height to the spa user, but based on multiple reviews and our testing, the seat falls a little short on the claim, adding a little over 3 inches. Nonetheless, it is a plush cushion, with the material and weight making it stay firmly in place. 


  • Durable material 
  • The weighted design does not float away 
  • Mildew resistant 
  • Quick-drying material 


  • Not as high as the product description claims 
  • Non-removable cover 

2. Kenley Hot Tub Booster Seat 

Blue Wave Deluxe Spa Seat Cushion

The Kenley Hot Tub Booster Seat is not only an excellent fit for your hot tub, but you can use it just as easily in your bathtub. With its washer-friendly cover, you can easily machine wash it for quick cleaning. Moreover, this booster seat comes with a side handle strap, which allows you to adjust it by pulling it in place. The side strap also adds to the portability, making it easy to carry along while traveling. 

This booster seat is weighted with 2 pounds of marble beads, ensuring firm placement even with increased movement. Despite the marble filling, the booster seat is not too heavy. However, it does not have any underside sticking option for added stability. 


  • Weighted with 2 lbs. marble beads to prevent buoyancy 
  • Removable, machine-washable cover 
  • 5-inch boot, perfect for kids and shorter individuals 
  • It can also be used in bathtubs as back support 
  • Comparatively lightweight 
  • The side handle strap makes it easy to carry and hang to dry 


  • It does not come with a non-slip underside 
  • Side handle stitching comes undone 

3. Belize Hot Tub Booster Seat Cushion

The Belize Hot Tub Booster Seat Cushion is the perfect solution for shorter individuals looking to stay put in hot tubs with its thick cushion core. The booster seat adds just enough height for an enjoyable spa experience without worrying about keeping your head above water. This seat also works well in soft tubs with floor seating or wooden hot tubs. 

The washer-friendly cover comes with side straps that make it easy to carry around anywhere you want. Add some weight in the side compartment to prevent the seat from moving up as you move. The cushion fills up with water, making it heavy enough to keep underwater. However, when drained, the core is pretty lightweight.

However, it can take up to a day to ultimately become waterlogged, so ensure you give it ample time to become fully submerged and stay underwater.


  • Excellent to add height, especially to soft hot tubs’ floor seating, and wooden counterparts  
  • Washer friendly, removable cover
  • Side strap for easy carrying and lifting when needed 
  • Designated side compartment to add weight to keep in place when not in use 


  • It takes a very long time for the sponge to dry 

4. Merkisa Spa Cushion

Suppose you are looking for a budget-friendly option for a spa cushion. In that case, nothing comes close to the Merkisa Spa Cushion. This inflatable hot tub booster seat may not be as comfortable as other mentions on our list. However, it does its job well. Complete with suction cups at the base, you can fill this booster seat with water for it to stay submerged and provide added height to hot tub users.

This spa cushion is made from heat-resistant durable PVC material, which can be quickly filled using hot tub jets or standard hose nozzles. When completely inflated, it boosts user height by over 5 inches. However, you can control its firmness by adjusting the water levels.

However, some users complain that the suction cups do not work well. Keep in mind that the manufacturers advise using this in a chemically balanced hot tub for optimal stability.


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Suction cups to keep the seat in place 
  • Can adjust the firmness by changing water level 
  • Heat-resistant PVC material


  • Some users experience difficulty in making the seat stay put

5. STAR SPLASH Hot Tub Booster Seat

The STAR SPLASH Hot Tub Booster Seat is the ultimate solution to float-free dipping in hot tubs. This durable 3D mesh fabric seat cover comes with a microdot non-slip underside, which prevents it from scooting under you as you spend time relaxing in the spa. 

It has a 6-section evenly distributed weighting system, making it the most comfortable and ergonomic choice in all the booster seat cushions we tested. Moreover, it can be easily cleaned with its removable cover that you throw in the washer. At the same time, the side strap makes it easy to hang dry. 


  • Non-slip bottom eliminates the need for constant adjustments 
  • 6-section even weighting system 
  • Removable washer friendly cover 
  • Does not retain water to prevent mildew build-up 


  • Bright color may not be aesthetically pleasing

Final Verdict 

All the hot tub booster seat options on our list are worth the money and excellent to provide height when needed in the spa. However, if we had to pick, we would have to go with the STAR SPLASH Hot Tub Booster Seat, simply because of its non-slip underside, eliminating the most significant problem, aka floating, that comes with most booster cushions.