Best Home Air Purifier To Survive A Global Pandemic

Best Home Air Purifier To Survive A Global Pandemic

Unfortunately, there is little that we can offer to eliminate the virus right now. However, you can improve your situation significantly by investing in a good home air purifier to survive a global pandemic plus a few other appliances for purification around the house.

Even if you are not medically sick or infected with a virus, the quarantined life is already making us go crazy. None of us are used to staying isolated at home under a constant fear of being attacked.  But let’s check out our list of top picks for the home air purifier and other appliances to keep your house clean.

Air Purifiers

Pulmonary problems are by far the most dreaded thing at this time of the year. The COVID-19 is known to attack lungs and weaken the respiratory system. Unfortunately you are already exposed to a lot of allergens if you are confined to your houses.

Air purifiers filter the air in your surrounding and make them free of all kinds of dust, pollen, contaminants and allergens and ensure that you breathe clean and fresh air at all times.

Air purifiers are a must have for people who have asthma, respiratory issues, dust and pollen allergies, and pregnant women. Here is a quick list of a few air purifiers available on Amazon for under $200 right now.

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Water Purifiers

Now that the air you breathe is well taken care of, you also need to consider the water supply to your home.  Unfortunately, the water coming into the house in most cases is hard water.  This usually means that the water contains hard minerals and salts which can  make the water unfit for human consumption.

Bottled water is one possible alternative but the plastic bottles end up in the landfills.  This leaves behind a huge carbon footprint causing yet another problem down the road. Water purifiers take care of the problem by ensuring that you get a running supply of safe and healthy drinking water at your disposal. Here is a quick list of available water purifiers available right now on Amazon.

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Vacuum Cleaners

With all members of the family at home, and kids going bonkers, expect a lot of mess. If you have pets at home, the hair shedding will be an additional source of nuisance for you.

Just because you are working from home, does not mean that you can be bombard someone to work all day long. It is impossible to sweep the floors after every few hours, but sweeping is important in order to keep dangerous conditions at bay.

Vacuum cleaners are a blessing in disguise under such situations. They can suck away even the tiniest of dust particles, pet hair and any other contaminants that can pose a health risk to your family.

If you live in a small space, you may also consider cordless and handheld vacuum cleaners.  Here is a shortlist for some top picks on Amazon right now.

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Steam Mops

Once the sweeping bit is taken care of, mopping the floors or carpet is the the most hectic job to pull off. Especially when kids are home and other members are having a staycation too!  You can expect to have more juice spills, messy paints and dining accidents.

Steam mops is by far the most revolutionary product in the home appliances. They make cleaning a breeze for you by doing a perfect job without giving you back pain.

Some mops even give you an option to add your own cleaning agents to make a more efficient cleaning job.  Here is a quick list of steam mops available now on Amazon.

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Final Words

Keep your home in the quarantine time clean with these home appliances.  Hopefully these tips will help you and your family  have a healthy and safe home. Those are the most needed cleaning tools for you to use in this time to keep yourself safe also. Hope everything goes well and God save you.