Best Guide For Choosing the Best Hot Tub – And Not Regret It!

The hot tub is a fun addition to your home, it provides many hours of relaxation and pleasure. Even though all hot tubs serve the same purpose, there are some differences in functionality and quality you need to pay attention to.

You can buy just about any hot tub if you don’t care about specifications all that much, but if you’d like to own something that perfectly suits your needs, check out these tips, provided by guys over at Aqua Paradise, on what to look out for.


This should be the main selling point of any hot tub. As long as it fulfills that aspect, the rest of the package is only welcoming additions that can enhance the whole experience. It would be very useful if you could test some models, just to learn what type of hot tubs there are and how you would react to them.

You need to find out if you can fit inside and feel comfortable on the seats, and if there is enough room for more people? How water jets feel when you press your back against them? Ask if the seats are ergonomic and fit for various body types. Test how safe entering and exiting the tub is. Try to make yourself feel at home and act as you normally would.

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Different massage modes

People also use hot tubs for therapeutic purposes to treat back pain or sports injuries. When choosing the right one you need to make sure it includes all the massage programs you might need, and see if you can change them on the go.

Jets are really important here, be sure that there’s enough of them and that they are properly laid out. Not all jets provide the same type of treatment, and having different jets with their own modes of operation will just enrich the whole experience and enable more varied massage options.

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Choose energy efficiency

We all know how important it is to keep electricity bills within acceptable limits. You can achieve this by choosing a hot tub with good insulation. The idea is to keep as much heat as possible within the compounds of the tub, in order to achieve that you need a hardcover, energy efficient pumps and thermal shields.

Before you make a final decision you should also inform yourself about the average monthly bill, and whether the model is approved by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation.

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A quick and easy care

It is important to be able to do a regular maintenance without investing too much time and effort. Find a hot tub that wouldn’t take you more than half an hour to filter the water and vacuum the surface.

For an easier disinfection, it is preferable to have an in-line inlet for cleaning agents. If there is access for plumbing on all sides of the tub, then you’d also save time.

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Buy from a reliable seller

It’s important to do a research and see who would be best to buy from. Check how reputable the seller is, how long they’ve been in business, read online comments and people’s experiences.

Find out if you’d be able to test a hot tub beforehand and which retail places with hot tubs provide internal maintenance.

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If you are satisfied with the basic functionality of the hot tub, it’s time to consider additional features to make the whole experience even better. You can add things like stereo or glass holders. Have a listen while it’s running to check the level of loudness.

Some lighting options can also be taken into consideration. See which brands are thought to be the best and which features they promise. Don’t hesitate to customize your hot tub and enjoy it to the fullest.

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