Best Filters & Filter Media: Sta-Rite S7M120 System 3 Pool Filter Inner & Outer Modular Media Cartridge Set

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The Sta-Rite S7M120 Small and Large Replacement Cartridges incorporate the latest in filtration technology, balanced flow with an integral manifold design to create clean, care-free operation. Combo pack includes one Small S7M120 Cartridge Model: 25021-0200S and one Large S7M120 Cartridge Model: 25022-0201S.

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Amazing, fits great, filters great and at a fraction of the cost the pool guy quoted to me! After one year(approximately) it still works great.
These filters were the best buy!! They fit my Sta-Rite filtration system perfectly and were easy to install. Too bad they aren't this light once they get used! Unfortunately replacing the old filters became a necessity after years of good service.
I was afraid that this wouldn't fit my pool because of the shipping weight I noticed. Then it hit me, once the filters are wet, they weigh much more. I was having all sorts of trouble keeping my pool water regulated. The pump didn't seem to operate correctly any more and I knew that the pump was only 6 months old. The original filters were 10 years old. Once I installed and turned on the pool, it ran like day 1. I ran it for about 6 hours and my water was back to normal.
My old filters got clogged by constant dust storms, and the hard rubber ends cracked and blew out. These filters have more durable ends and should hold up better. The price was the best I could find online, so I was very happy to find that the quality was better than the old ones.This purchase is a no-brainer. Cheap and good.
Initially I was only shipped one of the two filters so had to contact the company and wait another week for the second filter to arrive. Once that was solved, the filters were a perfect replacement for the old set. Anyone who has this type of filter knows how to do the installation from previously filter cleaning experience so it's a no brainer. The biggest benefit was the cost to replace. My local Leslie's pool supply was charging a higher price so I decided to try Amazon. Saved a lot of money so I'm a happy dude!
Like a lot of other reviewers I was worried these filters weren't going to fit but I was wrong. They are exactly what I've been buying over the counter for years. Great pricing and super speedy shipping too.
After 9 years it was time to replace my filter elements--actually past time but I had held off given the cost. But the old filters just would not clean up properly any more and they were just saturated with silt that couldn't be hosed off no matter how powerful the pressure setting. And the pool wasn't as clean as I was used to so I finally knew it was time to bite the bullet and do what was needed. These are genuine Sta-Rite products and fit perfectly as you would expect. Pricey, yes, but still $100 cheaper than my local dealer would quote me. Oh, and the water is back to like when the system was new--crystal clear.

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